Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year 2007

Well, this will be my last post for the year 2006. Starting from tomorrow, i'm on my Annual leave until Jan 2nd, 2007. Wacaa! that means this year, i have the chance to celebrate new year in KL with my family and frens! but mm, have to think that again coz 31st is the Raya Hajj and i think my family is having a qurban.. so may need tonnes of help for the kenduri.. but nvm, all that can be arranged. plus, most of my frens wil be returning to their hometown, so i may end up not going anywhere. maybe hanging out at my aunt's to meet my granny. Owh! forgot to mention, i'm flying to Macau this Sunday and will be spending time in Macau & HK for a week. Finally! a vacation is what i need!

In addition to that, Congratulation to Class of Winter 2006 from Purdue University, IN US. U guys did it! Now, welcome to the real world. heheh : )

To All,
Merry Xmas and happy New Year Guys!!

Some thing will nvr be forgotten..

Life in Kulim is not that dull most of the times. if u have a great bunch of friends, you will always have sth to. normally it's impromptu, and stupid. Like yesterday, 4 of us decided to go to pasar malam at Kilang Lama. but at the junction, we decided to catch a movie at Megamall, BM. so we ended up watching "Haunted Apartment", which is not haunted at all and eating McD drive thru.

Yet, there is this one particular incident that i dont think i will ever forget. Boiler's already know this event, and the asked me, how do Kulim pep call 'telur bungkus'??

This incident happened on Monday, Dec 18th. ==>

My h'mates & our fren went out for dinner. Adoii kelako btul aa.. aku order nasi putih + telur bungkus.. then tunggu punyer la lamer until food org lain smer dh smp.. bukannyer susah n lame pon nk buat telur bungkus tu.. nasik mmg dh ader.. musykil btul! sib baik hmate aku beli yong tau foo gk. Aku balun jek aa.. disebbkn aku stil lapo (whole day makan roti canai sekeping jek time bfast), aku pggl la sorg adik ni.. ckp aku order nasi putih ngn telur bungkus td.. tk dapat2 lagi.. so not long after that, dier pon dtg.. guess what he brought??? Nasi putih and telur bungkus.. LITERALLY! DALAM BEKAS POLISTERIN!! Huwwaaa!!! Kalo setakat nk nasik putih ngn telur goreng DAN dibungkus, baik aku tayah mkn kt luar! Adik tu punyer la blurr!!! Hmate aku pon bantai gelak jek smbl dok xplain.. kitorg nak nasik putih dan telur bungkus.. yg dlm telur tu ader sayur & ayam smer tuh. Bukan telur yg dibungkus tapau bawak blk… mann.. ader gk ke org jenis ni???