Wednesday, November 28, 2007

on a boring-and-nothing-to-do day, i would drop at my frens' and not frens' blog to read. if everybody updates, it'll be a 30-minute read, if not it'll be just a 5 mins stop. normally i would read and didnt really give a deep thought. just reading through.

a particular fren of mine updates her blog weekly. today, it so happened that i scrolled down her whole page. she normally writes about what she thinks of stuff going on now e.g frens, r'ships, work etc etc.

after reading one of her post, my mind stopped. am i the person she's referring to in her post (it's anonymous)? i checked the date, Nov 12th and it's right after the Deepavali w'end. high chances that it's me due to some stuff i wrote in her bday card..

if u read this; NO, we're not drifting apart. life catches up with us. and we have more responsibilities. it's not anyone fault that we get "outstretched" and "far-fetched". regardless of anything, ure still my bestfren okay?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

a song to remember

This is the translation of Track 5 from Jay's 8th album.. The song currently playing in this blog. enjoy..

周杰伦 - 蒲公英的约定Jay Chou- The Promise of Dandelion

Xiao xie li ba bang de pu gong ying
The dandelions at a bamboo fence of the primary school

Shi ji ying li you wei dao de feng jing
Several miles of a beautiful landscape

wu Shui cao chang chuan lai ta de shen yin
The fogged watery grass place passed on her voice

Duo shao nian hou ye kai shi hen hao ding
Many years later it still started to be good to hear

Jiang yuan wang zhe zhi fei ji ji chu xin
Just wish the folded aeroplane paper will put out the truth

Ying wei wo men deng bu dao na liu xing
It is because we can’t wait for that meteor

Deng chen dou zhui li ming yun de yin li
Waiting the pillow to fall by the gravitation of destiny

Que bu zhi dao dao di neng qu na li
Yet don’t know where it is able to go

Yi jing zhang da de yue ding na yang qing xi
A grown up promise, that much clear

Na guo dao de wo xiang xin
Holding it through until I believe

Shuo hao yao yi qi lu xing
Agreed to travel together

Shi ni ru jin wei yi jian chi de ren xing
Now it is you solely, who strong headedly insist
Zai zou lang xiang ba zhan da shou xin
wanted to seize her palm at the passage

Wo men que zhu yi chuang bian de qing di
Yet we paid attention to the love rival at the window side

Wo qu dao na li ni dou gen hen jing
Wherever I go, you are so close with me

heng ge er meng zai deng dai zhe jing xi
Humming songs and dreams, while waiting for surprise

Yi jing zhang da de yue ding na yang qing xi
A grown up promise, so clear

Na guo dao de wo xiang xin
Holding it through until I believe

Shuo hao yao yi qi lu xing
Agreed to travel together

Shi ni ru jin wei yi jian chi de ren xing
Now it is you solely, who strong headedly insist

Yi jing zhang da de yue ding na yang zhen xi
A grown up promise, that much valueable

Yu ni liao bu wan de ceng jing
something to do with the incomplete talk you said that moment

Er wo yi jing fen bu qing ni shi you qing
Yet I already can’t differ, are you a friend?

Hai shi cuo guo de ai qing
Or a love that has passed by


inspiring song.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

menyelongkar pics, i decided to post some.

this is me & Nisa during the International Women Walk 2007 @ Queensbay Mall, Penang.

What i miss in the picture is the Starbucks! heheh.. of course Hicks and Purdue. time ni tgh study ape aa.. EE382 Control System, i think. taking the pic was Bibi. i just noticed that i tend to study with people who is taking different class than me. LOL!

Purple girls. Sib baik different color tones.
from left: Eqin, Me, Nisa & Farah. Straight from work to dinner @ Perda.

updates updates...

what to write after a loonnnggggg break from writing... hurrmmmm.. a lot actually.. lemme filter and give the headlines.. ; )

1- Nisa won INTEL Ergo(nomics) Cup and will be representing Intel Malaysia to Orlando FL next March. tgh cuak tu.. Congrasts!

2- Raya was OK. Turned out everybody was wearing PURPLE this year! ahaha what a coincidence!

3- Know a no-no place to eat at Umbai Baru, Malacca. Eating ikan bakar at the old place was waayyyy better than the new Ikan Bakar Village. Disastorous service.

4- My Raya Open House was attended by those people who can't make it last year due to stil in US and such. Totally new people! (minus Aya and Niha).

5- I know Tariq is afraid of my CAT! ahaha Atam is BIG. huhuuu. Of course, he weights 6kg! what do u expect??? =p

6- Nov and Dec 2007 == school holiday with tonnes of wedding invitation. I have 2 this week (Eqin & Emilia), next week is Diana's, then 2 the following week (engagement Chue & Along, wed Ezy). Giler ahh!! That is like 5!!

Now, next 'small' holiday plan.. where to go with small amount of money?... with whom...

Monday, November 05, 2007

oh my! i just realized i havent update my blog for almost 2 months!

just a quick one: raya, had a bachelorette party for ikin, bday party for nisa, and now preparing for KSM dinner. my money is flying away.. *sigh*

well, full update willl have to hold until i go back to Putrajaya and get some photos..

Friday, September 21, 2007


Thursday, September 20, 2007

had a weird dream last night.. i dreamt of being way too lazy to get up and go to work. what does that mean??

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

5th - ikan pekasam, ikan masak kicap, kerabu mangga, kobis msk lemak
6th - (plan) honey-baked chicken, vege... might be salad or brocolli

well, we talk about food most of the time during Ramadhan.. then i remember Krispy Kreme!!! oh gosh.. i went to their website and found out that Melbourne got them, i would definitely ask my parents and my sis to 'borong' those yummy glazing doughnuts!!!

maybe i could just ask whoever going to Jakarta to bought them for me.. i wonder why it's not here in M'sia.. i know it's very pricey but wth, it's delicous! KLIA should at least have it..

Monday, September 17, 2007

I think i will mostly write about food this month. huhuu. so this is what i've had for bukak pose so far..

1st - chicken curry, fried green beans
2nd - sardine, potato & beef bedeil, sup sawi
3rd - nasi dagang
4th - sambal sotong, kobis masak lemak, kacang botol

Friday, September 14, 2007

today is 2nd Ramadhan.. azam for this year is to reduce eating out and more cooking at home. so far it's good. menu for yesterday was chicken curry, friend green beans and kicap (soy-sauce). yummy! after a while of not cooking, simple meal is really appreciated. of course, i was the cook.

so today, i have a menu in my mind. tak sabo nk blk masak ni... bosan dok kt office tader keje. so plan of the day, is to go back at 4.30pm. hehe.. menu for today is :- Sardine (heheh), potate & beef bergedil and sup sawi. aaaa.. menarik nyer! (cm poyo plak)..

food... food... food...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

As Ramadhan approaching, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone whom I might have hurt and done wrong. May this Ramadhan brings barakah to all.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

On a note on Purdue’s Football this season, we scored 7 touchdowns against Eastern Illinois on Saturday. As mentioned on today’s Exponent, Boilermakers have the opportunity to shop on Purdue’s apparel on discount at University Bookstore. As 1 touchdown == 5% discount, we earned 35% discount.

Man, I do miss this. Although I am not a fan of going to the Bookstore during discount time, I did occasionally go to shop. Part of the reason, I had class at either Krannert or Rawls. Among of the collections were Purdue sweatshirt, t-shirt, pennants and some decorative stuff. If I were in Purdue this time around, I would definitely stock up. Go Boilers! Defeat more powerful teams!!

Monday, September 03, 2007

goshh!! i'm so bored! this job really is located at the extreme edge of workload. either u (suddenly) have tonnes of work or none at all. can someone constantly give me a work to do? i think i'm going to leave early today. planning to watch some movies.. and yes, alone. planning to watch The Invasion @7.30pm and Ratatouille @ 9.30pm (pity me, everybody has watched this).

Anyway, last Friday was Malaysia's 50th Independence Day. Being lazy, i only went to Intel's 35th Annivessary (same day).. and saw this leng cai.. who else other than Vince! but.. he's not as tall as i expected.. hmm the TV is lying...

anyway, managed to chat with Aida this morning. We're planning for Xmas. uhuh my parents will be in Aussie for 3 weeks. so I'm free to go for a trip! 1st plan was to go to Tioman, but it's cancel due tot he fact that it's 'tengkujuh' time in the East Coast. so we settled for Gua Tempurung for now. or maybe a BBQ. preferrebly a day trip. the rest of the hols?? round KL.. so, holla me if anybody wanna join!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Can somebody buy me a house??

Yesterday, I watched a slot of "Money & You" over in 8TV. Topic of the day was LOAN. Then, the host and some bankers talked about leveraging your assets. Honestly, I dont really get the concept of leveraging and re-financing your assets. It sounds to me that you are multiplying your loans (another word for "debt"). And my, the only asset I have is my car, which is the ONLY LOAN I have for now. Paying it monthly is ok, but sometimes it's a pain to have almost half of your salary is gone (should I say the 1st half of your pay??).

To think about it, I really wanna buy a house. Property is the best asset you could have (after land, of course). This is the ultimate dream to have a place of my own which I design myself.. layouts.. layouts.. but to do so, I need land. Nowadays, most Malaysians buy houses that are build by the developers. So we dont really have a say on the layout. Cant change much on that. Either you like it or not. Take it or leave it.

Wanna know y i longed for my own house right now? right at this moment?? Coz I'm thinking of all the cutleries, plates etc etc that i have at home. When will i ever be using it? When I am married? LOL! that would be ages from now!! By that time, I would be buying new ones. hehee I think I am becoming like my mum.. crazy about all those kitchenettes.. but I am too afraid to use at the place I'm living now. I dont think I can stand see other people using it the WRONG way. If u dont understand what I am saying, think about these.
1 -Why do u use a knife to open a can when u have the can opener? Thus u're damaging the sharp edge of the knife. The knifes that I BOUGHT?? Actually I bought all the KNIVES in the house. I'm not mengungkit ok, i bought it for everybody to use.

2-Why do u use (cheap undurable) plastic container to heat your food in the microwave when u know it could melt anytime? There are a lot of glass container in the kitchen that u could use.. Havent u heard that a lot of bad chemicals from plastic container react with your food when they're heated??

So readers, do u understand why I am afraid? I want my own house! *sigh*
the lack of updates are due to:

1-i'm too busy with work and training for the past & current months
2-i know no one read my blog, so what's the point??
3-nothing interesting happens to me

Friday, July 27, 2007

i'm starting to think about my decision of working away from home. sometimes i regret it, but sometimes i'm relieved. seems like i am always making a bad choice first, later after the bad consequences i took the right choice. why is bad opt is my 'fav' one? and is this time really a bad one?

seems like being here means being away from everything (well, except for my job). away from most of my frens, away from my family and away from life itself. i'm feeling that i'm walking towards.. cant say depression. a better word would be loneliness.

u see, i cant say for sure that i love my work 100% and i for sure dont hate it. at least i only hate it when i have nothing to do. i think i'm stil searching for a job that i really love. so when i am not occupied, i read blogs and surf the net. anything la. upon reading, i realized. i dont have anything that other people talk about.

i cant hang-out with my crazy frens on last minute call. and whenever i meet them, they talked about stuff that i have no idea about. i'm so out-dated! either my news radar has lo-coverage or their transmission is of limited bandwidth. weddings, engagements, who-with-who, who-going-where, who-doing-what. i have to admit i lost. whenever i go home to putraJ, it's always a rush. somewhere to go, things to be done. i really wish i could just go home and dont step out of the house until it's day to drive back to Kulim. but that also means, no communication with frens, rite?

i cant find a clique. although it's nice working here, there is an invisible boundry among all. they're frens at work. they dont have the effort to ask me to join their xtvt, and i think who am i to bother them. plus, if i join, it'll be like bfast or lunch. language barrier is huge. other frens i have cant hang out during w'ends coz they're studying. w'ends are for their classes, so they normally hang out during w'days which i cant and they could coz they work in shifts. so what's the point? sometime my mind screamed why didnt i just work in all-Malay environment! more frens! BUT then, people will talk more than work. and i cant stand that.

being away doesnt seems to be the reason why people should call u. if u dont believe me, i rarely receive a phone call from someone to say hello. this includes text msg. i'm getting tired of people who expect me to contact them. i dont want to loose any frens. but cant they think of the same thing? i'm tired! tired!

thus, i guess i am alone after all.

Monday, July 02, 2007


well, i decided to sepnd some money on a haircut last w'end.. normally i will only get it done at a cheap kedai when i go back to putraJ. it's only RM10.. but last Saturday, i just felt i need i real good one. so i drop by a hair salon Extreme Concept Hair Specialist in Queensbay Mall. my intention was to get the cheapest (hahaha) haircut which costs RM45. but turned out the (artistic) stylist was off so they gave me to a 'higher level' stylist instead.. cant remember what they called it.. well, he basically cut the most expensive one RM65. hohooo. so being lazy and the fact that i wear a scarf at work, i didnt really bother to have regular haircut trip. my last cut was in December '06 before i went to HK.

so this hairdresser (a very leng-chai named Edmond) said my wavy hair is neat and my people want to have a style like that (2nd time i heard that.. 1st time was M when she saw my HK pic. she actually went to a hairdresser in Japan to do so). he was wondering if it's ok for me to have a 'messy' hair style. explaining that my wavy hair is easy to style and have tonnes of options. haaa?? i cant really imagine how will i look like. at the moment, my concern was i would really be underdress if i have that style.. i'm wearing a casual kemeja+jeans.. anyway, he did do the messy style and for a moment, it looked like those people in the Taiwan series.. those singers with funky hair.. it looks cool but i do feel weird. maybe i wont if i'm in KL. LOL! anyway, i requested him to un-mess it.. so he made this straight-like hair (not rebonding).. honestly, it's nice and i do look different. hehee

to make it short, it's worth it.. come on, i kept the hair long for 7 months! my hair is stil long, but not that out-of-line anymore. so having to pay RM50 is not a biggie this time.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

today i felt cam depressed jek.. coming in the morning, i got a headache but it soothed out later. came to work with this weird feeling. i dont want to meet people. i dont want any civilization around me. i want to be alone. alto that wouldnt help me much to be un-depressed. i just need a break. it'd really be nice if i'm alone laying somewhere enjoying the serene atmosphere. maybe at a waterfall or some isolated beach. that would be awesome to fix my messy mind.

it's not a good thing when i have too much thing running around my mind. if it's bad, i'd keep it to myself. my wall of ego-ism is way too thick and i've lost the key to open the gate to talk about it.

but to think again, i would enjoy a company.. no conversation is need. just being there is enough..

Friday, June 22, 2007


i have no idea what to write. tomorrow i have my primary school gath at the Curve.. it's a mini one so we'll see how many poeple show up..

goshh.. i felt dreadful.. dunno why.. just is.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

i saw a death today ( well yesterday).
me and nisa went for dinner after work.
it's drizzling and after some dinner, it's already 9.30pm.
so i ran to the car.
upon opening the door, i saw a frog hopping towards the road.
of course, i greet it (LOL! i used to talk with frogs while i was in K. Trg).
but being a frog, it hopped away towards the road.
suddenly a motorbike speed off pass it and the froggie stopped.
i gasped and thought it should just continue hopping across instead.
then suddenly, a SUV drove off and crushed it. Errkkk?! Ewwwwww!!
i was speechless but felt sorry for it..
it's a weird feeling..

Monday, June 11, 2007

What Do U Do When..

- Someone say her life is miserable?
- Someone say she is fine but u know she is lying?
- Someone dear to u is avoiding u?
- You saw someone close to u is in pain?
- You know ur fren is hiding something from u?
- You like someone, but that person dont like u?
- You are miserable.
- You feel like a loser and the world is against u.
- You are in pain.

I Would..
+ Ask her why is that so.. and just listen..
+ Ask again and assure her that i am here for her.. people lie for a reason.
+ Ask her why and ask for forgiveness even if it isnt my fault.
+ As before. be a good listener.
+ Dont push her to tell. she will when she's ready.
+ Be sad for a while. Suck it up and move on.
+ Be alone and think y.
+ refer above. normally this is only a short term thing.
+ Nothing. Think about it for awhile. then the pain just gradually dissapear.

*i'm this 'species' that dont open up to people easily. frens r for fun. i dont feel like a good thing to burden frens with ur trouble. it's mine to deal with. enuff said, my EGO is high.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just finished loafing around the house for the 3-day break.. so what i did? sleep, eat, watch Japan series, sleep eat, watch japan series.. i've been sleeping after Subuh for the past 3 days.. hehee..y? coz Streamyx is way better btwn the time 2-6am. uhuhuh no buffering to watch series online ; )

So tomorrow is back to work! and the starting of WLE (work late everynight) *sigh*

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Public vs. Private

Reading Dayang's blog, i started thinking of the differences of working in public (government) and private sectors in Malaysia. Somewhere in the newspaper i read, Malaysia has a statistically higher number of private sector employee nowadays. which is kinda surprising to me. But then, it's logical considering that i am a "minah kilang" (factory-girl) and counting MSes (Manufactoring Staff a.k.a Operator) per shift proves it all. here are some major differences i could think about..

1- Salary (& allowances) -
obviously, private sector won basic salary wise. but if u add the allowances up, the amount would be about the same. however, it's a horrible ordeal to try to get loans from a bank if ure working privately since they think that ur job security is very very low (wth??). if u dont believe me, try going to Bank Rakyat or even Public Bank. u will surely charged a higher interest in your loan even u r an engineer (vs. a teacher). sometimes, it came to a point i'm kinda disgusted to watch Bank Rakyat ad on tv. *sigh* and now, all public sector salary will be raised. what about us??? living cost is increasing yet seems like our salary isn't.

2- Workload -
This depends on what is ur job scope. i cant say one sector is less burden (thus less stress) but it all came to how much ure being paid. of course, being a trainee is much more leisure than being a permanent worker, rite? actually, it's nice to be a teacher where u hv a special day to be appreciated.

3- Office Hours -
Most of gov. working hours are either 8-5 or 9-6. like my parents, their hours r 8-5. normally my mum returns at 6 and my dad somewhere around 6.15. as for me.. official hour is 8-5.30 but working time really starts at 9 after b'fast. lol! but as i know, gov have official b'fast, brunch and lunch time where i only have b'fast n lunch time. another common thing wil be us working til late night. the latest i returned home was at 9pm. i'm grateful that i didnt have to stay overnight in the production floor like some others did. but yeah, here only handful of people leave the office at 5.30pm. most will start leaving at 6pm. not that we're rushing for traffic or so, it's just a norm.

4- Holidays -
Aha! Public sectors have way too many leave. "Sudden" leave like Agong's Coronation is granted for Public. since i am supporting manufacturing, we cant take leave since it's incovenient for factory to shutdown.

5- Training a.k.a Kursus -

Gov like to held their training in the hotels or tourism spot. which is a nice break from usual environment. hotels mean nicely fed (5 meals a day), a room to stay. Us? hmm we do have training center. but all meals on ur own expense. the only nice thing is that we can claim mileage. hehee. but here's the thing, i experienced the fun holiday when i was a kid, so i am not really complaining about this.


when i just graduated and got a job in Intel, people ask me why i didnt apply a job in public sector. for now, the main reason would be the environment. i dont think i can work in the environment that is slow-paced or evryone is 'goyang-kaki'. i'll get bored easily if i have nothing to do. another thing is i dont like to work with people who know my dad! lol ; )

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Couple of weeks ago, Malaysia was shocked with the news of missing 5-yrs-old boy, Yin. Of course, being me, I can’t really understand how it feels coz I don’t have a child of my own. But I was thinking about how Yin actually ran away. Doctors said he’s a hyperactive kid, which I believe what 50% of young children are. Weren’t u?

Anyway, I myself once went missing as well. Hahaha. Unbelievable? I was 4. On my way to Tokyo with my mum to meet with my dad. Along came to the airport (Subang at that time) was my aunt. Me & my mum were at the immigration counter, where our passports were stamped before we walked to the terminal. All the way, I was hold by my hand and of course, at the moment my mum let go (to take our our passport). I seized the moment running away. Heheee.

Luckily, the plane was postponed for an hour due to some supplies shortage. Hence, the search party began. After almost an hour (I think), I was found, by a security guard. Wanna know where? Hahaha! In front of a toy shop we walked pass by before. I was pasted to the window of the store. Earlier, I was insisting of getting a toy but my mum refused to buy it for me, saying I will get a lot of toys when we meet my dad later.

Interestingly, since we were both late, our seats were taken by some illegal immigrants boarding the plane (they’re sent back to their home country by the government). So we ended up staying in the Business Class in the upper deck. Right behind the cockpit! And there came my 1st experience walking into the room with ‘thousand of buttons’.

Hmm.. that was really nice.. naughty but nice..

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cochlear implant

A professor's perspective
For 30 years he could hear normally. Then antibiotics made his world silent.

Physics professor Ian Shipsey lost his hearing after taking strong antibiotics while undergoing chemotherapy. After becoming deaf, Shipsey spent years conducting research at Purdue until he was finally offered a teaching position.

"Teaching while being deaf really brings you down from the pedestal," said Shipsey. "I had to find new ways to interact with students."

In 2002, Shipsey decided to get a cochlear implant. He went through eight unpleasant weeks of healing before doctors could activate his implant. During the activation, Shipsey began to ask, "Have you turned on this device yet?" Before he finished the sentence, he heard his own voice for the first time in 12 years. Soon he was able to hear the voices of his wife and daughter.

"It was amazing," he said. "I had my daughter read me stories as soon as I got home."

Prof Shipsey was my Physic's prof. one of the reason i got A for the class :) actually i liked his English ascent and stories about his Italian wife and of course, his way of conducting the class. Sometimes, it's the daily demo forced me to way up and go to class. huhuh

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

if only i might..

i have this feeling that today is going to be one hell of a long day..

it's kinda weird to see your calendar is empty for 2 days in a row.. means u dont need to attend any meeting, no rushing to other building to meet people. ure free to do as u like. and free is of course, should be ur work.

well, i'm done with my b'fast.. it's merely 9am.. what's next? go to lab?? i've just finished moving my bench and hooking up my PC back in lab yesterday. sounds simple, but i actually took 3 hours to do so. stupid USB ports! it only works AFTER my teammate shake the whole PC. what a way to solve problems..

anyway, i dont really like sitting there. it's kinda crowded. no personla space. even thought it's supposed to be MY WORKBENCH, only 1/3 of the whole space is occupied by MY stuff. how can i don any work like that????

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Graduation (Friends Forever)"
And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives
Where we're gonna be when we turn 25
I keep thinking times will never change
Keep on thinking things will always be the same
But when we leave this year we won't be coming back
No more hanging out cause we're on a different track
And if you got something that you need to say
You better say it right now cause you don't have another day
Cause we're moving on and we can't slow down
These memories are playing like a film without sound
And I keep thinking of that night in June
I didn't know much of love
But it came too soon
And there was me and you
And then we got real blue
Stay at home talking on the telephone
We would get so excited and we'd get so scared
Laughing at ourselves thinking life's not fair
And this is how it feels
As we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
Come Whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever
So if we get the big jobs
And we make the big money
When we look back now
Will our jokes still be funny?
Will we still remember everything we learned in school?
Still be trying to break every single rule
Will little brainy Bobby be the stockbroker man?
Can Heather find a job that won't interfere with her tan?
I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's a time to fly
And this is how it feels
Will we think about tomorrow like we think about now?
Can we survive it out there?
Can we make it somehow?
I guess I thought that this would never end
And suddenly it's like we're women and men
Will the past be a shadow that will follow us 'round?
Will these memories fade when I leave this town
I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's a time to fly
*for some reason, this song means a lot for my college life. the feelings are different from graduating in high school. it's different crowd, different memories.. let the memories cherish us all..*

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Niha.. u better read this aaa :p

1. Are you in a complicated relationship?- nope.
2. Do you hate more than 3 people?- i could think only 1.
3. How often do you go shopping?- rarely.
4. How many houses have you lived in?- lemme count. maybe arnd 6.
5. Favorite candy bar?- any cadbury's
6. Do you call it Soda or Pop?- call it by the brand
7. Least favorite subject?- reading related

8. How many pairs of shoes do you own?- wow. hard to say. 15??
9. Would you shave your head, BritneySpears bald?- hell no.
10. Have you ever thrown up in public?- nope
11. Name one thing that is on yourmind right now:- bile la nk abis training ni..
12. Favorite genre of music?- depends.
13. What's your zodiac sign?- stubborn capri goat.
14. What time were you born?-2.33pm (-> mari gabungkn Niha 4.55pm)
15. What's your favorite ice cream?- vanilla
16. Have you rejected a date?- yup
17. What is the most embarrassing CDyou own?- now= BsB

18. Are you sarcastic?- not really
19. What are your favorite color(s)?- blue
20. How many watches do you own?- 4

21. Irritating or Annoying?- ...
22. Spring or Fall?- Fall
23. Favorite color to wear?- dark
24. Sierra Mist or Sprite?- sierra mist
25. Chocolate or Vanilla?- vanilla
26. Where is your second home?- kulim!
27. Have you ever slapped someone?- nope
28. Have you ever danced in front ofyour mirror?- hmm..
29. How many lamps are in your bedroom?- 2.
30. How many video games do you own?- none

31. First pet you owned?- kucing, Pak Tam.
32. Ever have braces?- nope.
33. Do you want a new piercing or two?- yup yup!
34. Do you use chOpstick?- yup

35. Name 3 teachers from high school:- cikgu marsuria, ms chan, sir kamil
36. American Eagle or Abercrombie?- AE
37. Are you too forgiving?- i think so
38. How many children do you want?- 3 hehee

39. Do you own something from HotTopic?- nope.
40. Favorite breakfast meal?- popiah pedas
41. Do you own a gun?- nope

42. Heinz or Hunts ketchup?- Hunts
43. When was the last time you cried?- long long time ago
44. What did you do last night?- Boy - vidoe call

45. What do u wish for now?- got an instant schlarship to go to Aussie for my Masters

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


There is only one word to explain the experience = ADRENALINE-PUMPING.

I went for white water rafting last Saturday with a bunch of fren. Of course, this would be my 2nd time going for a raft (1st time in malaysia). My 1st time was in US, which is 3 years ago lol! So I was a bit scared. Hehee

We arrived at Sedim at 9.45am and start with the briefing. At 10, we had our water confidence training. Basically, u just jumped from a high point into the river, and practiced how u’ll be saved in case u were flipped over and carried by the current. The hardest part was the moment right before u jumped. I even thought in my mind that I am crazy for doing this. But anyway, I did. So at 10+, we started our journey. 11 of us were separated into 3 rafts (4-4-3) with a skipper (guide) in each boat. Mine was the 2nd boat. Sedim river is not as it seems from the road. From a glance, u could see the stream and think, “ah! It’s just a small river”. But once ure in, u’ll see the rapids and the flow. Wahh! Most of the rapids were class 3 and 4. But there was one class 5 rapid. It’s more like a waterfall, about 5-7 meters high. So, believe it or not, we did ride thru the fall in our boat! Another unbelievingly experience that I don’t think I will ever do.

The river was a bit different then the one we went in Kentucky, US. That river was wide and the water is on the higher level, so we were more on navigating. In Sedim, the river is small, and there were a lot of big rocks (and human picnicking in some parts of the river).

All in all, I couldn’t explain more about it. What is better than experiencing it on your own?!


Next trip: Caving in Gua Tempurung on March 31st, 07.

Monday, March 19, 2007


today... well, my intention to write supposed to start by "today.." but i dont really meant by today. today is a couple of days back.. huhuu although i would like to write as much as i like, the only things i could let teh readers know is..

today, i learnt a lot of surprising things about someone..
and i learnt about the boundry of hope and possibility.
i have long passed the boundry of hope,
and realized i have came acrossed the boundry of possibility too, months ago..
aii.. apela aku merepek nih..
i'm having a hard time understanding this email... *sigh*

Your action required to clean up shared drive before this week. The old data will be removed start next week. The name shown as below please delete/clean up and micro manage your old data from \\xxxxFILE1\server1

Starts next week file1 server will remain and keep data for 2006 till 2007 date. Recommended DO NOT has duplication files at xxxxFILE1\server1, xxxxFILE1\server2 and xxxxFILE1\server3. Please ensure clean up old data because end up the system will not allow you to save any new file.

Thanks for your cooperation to support IS project "project A" which is every user will have limited disk space to xxxxFILE1.

haaa??? i get the point about house-keeping your files.. the rest????

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bumping into someone for the first time is chance
seeing each other for the second is coincidence
meeting for the third time is fate

But if nothing happens after that;
It's just pure coincidence and not

Friday, March 09, 2007

HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHO TO MARRY? (written by kids)

i found this on one of the bulletin board post in friendster. found it funny, and TRUE!!

You got to find somebody who likes the
same stuff. Like, if you like sports,
she should like it that you like
sports, and she should keep the chips
and dip coming.
-- Alan, age 10

No person really decides before they
grow up who they're going to marry.
God decides it all way before, and you
get to find out later who you're stuck
-- Kristen, age 10

Twenty-three is the best age because
you know the person FOREVER by then.
-- Camille, age 10

You might have to guess, based on
whether they seem to be yelling at the
same kids.
-- Derrick, age 8

Both don't want any more kids.
-- Lori, age 8

Dates are for having fun, and people
should use them to get to know each
other. Even boys have something to say
if you listen long enough.
-- Lynnette, age 8 (isn't she a

On the first date, they just tell each
other lies and that Usually gets them
interested enough to go for a second
-- Martin, age 10

I'd run home and play dead. The next
day I would call all the newspapers
and make sure they wrote about me in
all the dead columns.
-- Craig, age 9

When they're rich.
-- Pam, age 7

The law says you have to be eighteen,
so I wouldn't want to mess with that.
- - Curt, age 7

The rule goes like this: If you kiss
someone, then you should marry them
and have kids with them. It's the
right thing to do.
-- Howard, age 8

It's better for girls to be single but
not for boys. Boys need someone to
clean up after them.
-- Anita, age 9 (bless you child)

There sure would be a lot of kids to
explain, wouldn't there?
-- Kelvin, age 8

And the #1 Favorite is........
Tell your wife that she looks pretty,
even if she looks like a truck.
-- Ricky, age 10

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What a W'end!

a lot of stuffs happened last w'end.. since i am lazy to write, lemme just summarize.

1 - went for a ride on Eyes on Malaysia.

2 - went to Echah wedding on Sunday (the theme color was purple.. nice).. previous wedding was Ami's = pink.. hehehe

3 - got to see my FAT LAZY cat yg mengada-ngada - si Atam & another smaller one - Kolek ek-ek.

4 -my car was rammed at Ipoh's toll. stil hvn't get it fixed. pending to communication with the rammer *sigh* 1st car 1st accident.

Friday, February 23, 2007

OK. c how contrast my hands and my legs are! man.. this is the result of spending whole day in a waterpark + another day in the river. then, tonite i'm going to Damai laut. so tomorrow, +1 day of swimming in the sea & swimming pool!! huwaaaa!!!! sun-burn is bad, but it sure is fun! thank God it doesn't sting. hehee

Thursday, February 22, 2007

who am i??

"Think that I might back down, but I won't
Think that I might have doubts, but I don't
No insecurities
Won't you just let me, let me be
Think that you know me now, but you don't
Think that I, I can't stand on my own
Ain't my philosophy
Won't you just let me, let me be"
i am who i am..

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Family Gath updates

so.. i'm back to work wherelse others r stil in their break. so.. muahhaa i'm leavingafter lunch.. lepak2 kt umah.. basuh baju.. ape2 yg patut aa.. here r some pics from the gathering. tehre were 19 of us and we went to the Carnivall, Sg Petani and TopTree Walk, Sedim Kulim. both locations r in Kedah. we stayed in Harvard Hotel and Golf Club. the place was nice. a lot fo stuff to do like swimming archery and table-tennis. we actually cook our own food (illegally brought our rice cooker in) LOL! Carnivall was quite small but having a lot of young relatives was awesome. hehe we actually won a quiz held on that day!

we then spent the nite at my place and went to Sedim where the longest roof top walk in the world. then, it's time to dive in!!

Guys & Jumping.. hurmmm....

Friday, February 16, 2007

Best Wishes for All..

May U Hv a Prosperious Year 2007!!
Hongbao Nalai

Thursday, February 15, 2007

FaV DisH

suddently i am thinking of food.. how i havent had any rice for 3 days already.. it's not bad, i'm used to not having rice everyday while i was in the States.. well food. i'm talking about the main dish - rice, noodles, pastas etc etc etc. in particular, the CURRY MEE. yummmyy!!!

i have always like curry mee. although i only ate them occasionally before my study in US, i now realize that i've practically eat it every week! so far, the best mee curry has been the one from the cafe (Intel Kulim). yeah yeah.. unbelievable. but it's TRUE. for only RM2.50 (-RM1 subsidy from Intel), the curry mee is more than enough. for those who didnt know what curry mee is, it's a noodle dish cooked with the coconut milk and curry ( of course, where the name came from). i ate it with the yellow mee, tofu, green beans, fish cake, fish ball and egg. it doesnt have prawns or chicken or anything (based on ur preferences). but i think it's just nice for me. well, i hvnt got the chance to actually take a picture of it, but the curry me looks almost the same like this. same with size and stuff thrown into it. heheeee

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

those old days..

Boilers.. do u remember these days??
this pic was taken during the Senior Send Off for
Class of 2006.. isk isk iskk..
dunno when i will have the same vibe again...

B-day Wishes ; )

Actually can't decide which birthday cake to upload...
Anyways, sorry to be forgetful
To My x-R'mate;
Happy 24th BirthDay!!!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

does anyone read my blog??

i wonder if my blog does have any readers... hmmm..

heckk.. it's lunch time and i am stucked in the lab. i hv a goal today and it seems that my plan to leave early wont come true. wth am i doing? i'm trying to save an image from my board's hard disk(hdd). for those out there who knows about this, u know that there are hundreds ways to save the image. i've tried one using some test module which is suggested by my mentor and some SE (senior engineer). but i guess there r some error hiding somewhere in my disk. i've checked the Windows portion and it was a OK. have no idea how to check in DOS and Linux (way complicated command). and being that it's lunch time, i AM ALONE in the lab.

ok so another SE suggest me to use another hdd. restore the image i hv in server, update and save it before sending it to the ODM. but here's the thing. i am supposed to send to ODM's server by TODAY. if i restore that image, i need to verify. IF and ONLY IF there are no error, the whole verifying thing will take 30 mins. hahaha.. 20 mins has passed since i started the restoration on the new hdd. and guess what, i'm only at 3.3%! i will just die if there are some error midways. *sigh*

i guess i will only leave at 7 today. reached lumut at prob 9. had to ask my dad to pick me up from lumut, then drive to Damai Laut. this sucks!! argghhh!!!!

here i am babbling about my job... for those not understanding this. forget about it.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy Bday Papa!

Yosh.. so today is the last day in January.
means less than 11 months to go before i am 25 ( shoot!)
means today is 31st
Means it's my dad B-day!!!!
(oh ya, also means tomorrow is a public holiday for Thaipusam)

HaPpy 49th B-DaY!!
Wow! U didn't look that old!! hehehe

Friday, January 19, 2007


it's 2.35pm on one friday evening. i am waiting for kimberly to appear from her 1:1 with our boss, CH. realizing i hv no idea what to tell him, i have these wild butterflies flying around in my stomach. the purpose of this 1:1 is to discuss the Individual Development Plan (IDP) for 2007. also for Focal review for those permanent employee ( not for Graduate Trainees). honestly, i dont know where my direction is. seems like my knowledge is almost near to zero in this computer area. everything is new and one of the way to learn is by reading, which i suck at. *sigh*. i stil have the fear of damaging the system everytime i want to try something. the most recent, i broke one of the dimm connectors on one of my boards. due to that, i lost some connections on my memory test. wah lao! i know each board coz like hundreds of dollars.. (i got two). so i wonder how much will the rework cost. CH might be angry coz when i first receive it, he told everyone to be careful with their product coz they're all EXPENSIVE! but CS is sooo cool, saying it's normal. he broke a lot of the connectors before.

now.. what will i say when Ch ask me, " So what kind of development do u think u need? how well do u think ur knowledge in this area is? Do u think u can manage the projects fro this year?" Dang!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Relationship arouNd Me

Hahaha yeah. This topic again! But this entry is a view from another aspect of relationship. I’ve spent some time on analyzing the relationship of people around me. Not of my family that is. I found that it’s rather ‘complicated’. I’m not sure whether the relationship itself IS complicated or the people involved in the relationship MADE IT complicated.

I’ve known this couple. I wont say their relationship is shaky or whatsoever. But the bf is now off for training for this long period of time. Everything was heaven when they are close, but seems like there is this ‘crack’ in their wall when they’re apart. I guess it’s because they have never been separated. Yet, I couldn’t identify weather it’s the girl or guy’s fault. Looks like both did something wrong. The guy kept repeating this particular BAD event, which the girl has warned him before. And since then, the girl has reluctantly to communicate with him. Be it via phone, SMS or face-to-face. But the girl also did some things wrong (Maybe from my perspective, not hers). It’s NOT a fling, I have to stress. It’s more like ‘passing the time’. Sometimes, she spent some times with her bf’s best friend. Anything fishy going on? I have this question in my mind. Since he’s always hanging out with this girl, will the guy ever have a girlfriend? (who am I to ‘jaga tepi kain org??’)

Then this girl, all her meeting with this guy is hidden from her bf’s knowledge. Either she turned off her phone to avoid the call, or just refused to answer. If the calls are answered, the excuse will be hanging out with the girls.. What’s wrong with telling the bf? He already knows sometimes u hang out with his friends. It’s not a sin IF you tell him.

Another couple I know. Another long distance relationship. They’re lovey-dovey and all. Everything done will be told to each other. The surface, at least. Like the first couple, same scenario happened. The lying.. plus, this girl also have been hanging out with this guy. It’s sort of, ‘melayan’. The guy does know that this girl is in another relationship, but hmm…

I don’t understand. I know when u r married. As a wife, u need to tell ur husband where, with whom and how long ure going. Of course, that is ur duty when ure married. But ure not even officially attached yet (in terms of the religion). If u want to lie, might as well don’t start reporting each and everything u do in ur life, for God sake! I thought trust is the main element here. If you trust each other, u won’t be doing anything suspicious and the ‘white lies’ wont happen. U won’t do anything that u don’t want ur partner to do to u. What u give is what u get. Everybody knows that.

Well.. I am unwillingly dragged into the situation as well. Then again, who am I to say anything?? I’m not even in a single relationship as they are… I guess that is what pro-s do.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Computer labs microcosm of our species' most irritating habits

I found this post in today's Purdue Exponent. it's so true even i wasnt an avid computer lab user towards the end of my college life.. it's worth reading and agreeable.. :)

"My computer came down with Ibreakbecauseicaneitis, a real computer virus, a few weeks ago during the pinnacle of my semester workload. Despite stroking, pleading, and as a last resort, cinnamon toast with chamomile tea, my computer's health did not improve so I was forced to eat the toast myself and think of an alternate plan to get my papers done. Angry and already sleep deprived, I stormed to a computer lab on campus and set up camp for the long haul.

Little did I know that Purdue's computer labs were a perfect microcosm of our species' most irritating habits. Talking, wheezing, spying, you name it, it's there. Why computer labs, I cannot truthfully answer you; my only theory is that my computer's virus had mutated, traveled with me to the lab, and infected everyone else with something that made them as annoying as George Bush is when he tries to make a speech but can't pronounce the words. Maybe it was the combination of desperation plus sleep deprivation, but suddenly every annoyance I'd found in computer labs magnified to an obsession that can only be released by warning you, my fellow comrades in computer lab suffering, of the most common grievances that I have with the computer lab users.

First of all, it is just the No. 1 law of Doom (half brother to Fate) that you sit next to the only mouth breather in the entire room. Huffing and puffing like he just ran a marathon, his rattling breath will be audible even if your Ipod is turned on. If you are already having a bad day, said mouth breather will have bad breath, and because of the basic law of computer lab physics, their bacteria infested panting will somehow bounce off of their screen, hit the desk, spring up to the ceiling, jet back down into your computer area, gain strength by the laser censor on the mouse, and then angle up to your nose. He will stay the entire you are there, too, because he is playing online video games and has nothing more important to do than rot in front of the computer screen, playing fellow rotting mouth breathers.

Although I've never actually seen a huge sign in the labs that says "NO TALKING- this means you!" with an angry Uncle Sam pointing simultaneously at all of us, it seems like it is an unspoken courtesy to not talk, or to at least talk very quietly, while in the computer lab. There is always, however, at least one person in attendance that missed this memo on etiquette and talks so loudly you wonder if he has earplugs in. This person will, without fail, see someone he knows and pose a conversation with them that is so absurd that the harder you try to ignore it, the louder and more absurd the conversation becomes.

Speaking of loud, obnoxious people, did you just hear Kelly Clarkson blast through the room? Don't worry, she's not singing live in the computer lab, thank god, it's just a cell phone ring, but the worst is yet to come. I'll save you the trouble of turning around and glaring at the perpetrator answering the call by telling you it's a lost cause. The pink shirted girl who answered it will be too busy rehashing into her pink cell phone about her latest episode of partying and getting "wasted" to her friend (presumably also wearing pink), who - unlike everyone else in the room - is incredibly curious what her experience of getting "wasted" was like, because surely she's never experienced anything like it. She will slap pink fingernail-painted hands on the desk in mirth while everyone else turns pink in the face, trying to control their desire to shove her pink phone up her Pink (by Victoria Secret) sweatpants.

After Pink hangs up, you will almost certainly hear two small, weedy guys across the way, giggling with their noses pressed in univariate calculus books and loudly talking in Italian or Chinese or !Kung. Being a nosy person, this is exceptionally irritating to me because, not understanding those languages, I cannot unwittingly spy on their conversation.
After I finished all my papers on that fateful weekend, I sighed in relief knowing that I would finally stop pulling my hair out, strand by strand. I clicked Print, gathered my stuff and headed to the printer, hoping to leave, only to find that Loud Talker, Pink Cell Phone Girl, Mouth Breather, and Weedy Foreign Guys were all in line in front of me at the printer, were all printing a semester's worth of PowerPoint notes, and were all printing with just one slide to a page instead of six. I sighed, sat back down to wait and pulled out my cell phone to call someone and loudly tell them all about my weekend."

By Anne Reznicek. Sophomore in the College of Liberal Arts. Publication Date: 12/08/06

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Just waiting for the clock to hit 5.30pm. so here are some random pictures..

this bank note was taken in Macau Museum of Maritime. Actually it goes under the Hungry Ghost Festival. The Chinese wil burn food, money and some other stuff for the spirits. See the marking "HELL BANK NOTE". Does this imply that the hungry ghosts r all bad ghost that have the opportunity to 'roam' the earth during this month?? wohoo!! see the currency as well! who doesnt want it?? $50 millions!

Is this possible??

Friday, January 05, 2007


Just got off from phone with my mum. 33 minutes and 33 secs. Half of the time is about 'relationship' stuff. huhuhu man.. i'm not really in favor of such b-day lecture. am i ready enough to think of it? of course, at this age, it is appropriate to have a relationship (some people hv kids at this age) but entah la.. i dont think i am ready for such big committment like marriage. lol i can commit for relationship, but for marriage, i have to think first. get real, i am not even in a single relationship! so i never thought of marriage seriously.

Had some conversation last night with Niha. I felt kind of weird to discuss about this topic with others (about MY non-existance r'ship). But to think of it, if i calculated right, among all of my girlfriends, maybe only 4-5 of us is not in a raltionship. of course i dunno if they do but didnt disclose it to others. So i assume, 4-5 of us really have some huge pressure on us. can we handle it? i think we could but i wonder for how long..

so, to not make things worst, i better stop here. To Hayrenn and other who were born at Jan 5th, HapPy BDay All!!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

GooD bYe My DeskTop

The IT people came today to collect my desktop since i was given a laptop last month. no more big screen and faster CPU.. mMmmMMmm plus the internet is really slow due to the earthquake in Taiwan.

oh yeah, talked to Bryan just now. he'll be leaving for Thailand tonight. Have fun and be safe, Bryan. Make sure u come back healthy and bouncing! :)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Me and one of my teammates were talking about buildings in HK in the lab. HOw pretty they are at night. Then somehow, came out the topic of Intel buildings. mmm.. the most non-interesting building of all.. plus, it's the same square white building with blue Intel logo all around the world. haiyaa! so boringggg.. i mean, u could have the white and blue color, cant u just have different shape??

i mean, i understand about the standardization. but well, now i hv to streotype that Intel = square white building. *sigh* what do u think??

Back to Work

Wow! After almost 2 weeks of holidays, I am back at work.

“ Kelly, have fun at work! “. Yeah, thanks Bryan. Just what I need. I am afraid, THAT will be kind of hard. Ure enjoying ur break in Thailand now, for God sake!

Anyway, I successfully drove my way back to Kulim. It was raining half the way. While driving, I realize how lucky I actually was to live in Kulim! Haha might sound weird. But, I have to admit I do have a lo-stress life ( the stress still exist. But not that much ).

Think about it:-
1. No need to think of traffic jams. Work time or holiday time! I am always opposite of huge traffic to and fro KL!
2. Can wake up 20 mins before work, but can still make it on time.
3. Can live for a week with only RM10!
4. Total freedom hehe.

Of course, there are cons:-
1. Not much of social life.
2. No close distance entertainments.

Oh ya! Pic above is taken during my trip down to Hk to visit Bryan.