Saturday, October 31, 2009

freaking w'ends...

ok, so i lied.

i can't get away from my blog, no matter what. well, most prob coz i'm not feeling down now.. thanx to Dear, muaahhhhs!! altho he wont be around tomorrow and when i start my 1st paper on monday, i hope i wont freak out. i think i'm used to babbling to him to calm my nerve a bit before going to the exam hall. jeles plak dier lg frequent merendek ngan pokok2 je dr merendek with me...

here's the schedule for my 'action-packed' 7 days..

2/11 Mon - Advance Power Electronics
<= hate this class
3/11 Tue - Mixed Signal Design

6/11 Fri - Engineering Econs
9/11 Mon - uElectronics Dsgn & Tech

bad news is, i'm not really done on the 9th. i still have a technical paper due on the 19th. sheeshhh, thanx to the Prof for not deciding what our project should be earlier.

ok la.. wish me the best and not tension2 je kejenyer... (my only ubat is him..)

**dear, now that u've read my letter.. do u know how much i miss u? kangen... i wish i could just go back like in this song..

Thursday, October 29, 2009

i miss laughing with u..
i miss me...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i'm here to tell that i wont probably be updating my blog for awhile due to my final exams coming up next week..

after i'm finished, i'm not sure when i'll start writing back.. i'm troubled, my mind is occupied and i don't have the mood to write....

c u all when i c u..

Monday, October 26, 2009

shoot! i'm DEAD. period.
i absolutely hate materialistic people..
why is everything got to be about
money money money?!?!?


pg td bgn, rase sejuk.. pas mandi, rase panas plak. siap bdiri dpn kipas lg.. pastu kuor pegi uni, mak aih... kuat giler angin.. ujan lak tu.. org2 dlm kete tpi jln ni mesti gelak lam ati tgk aku ber'battle' dgn angin bersenjatakn payung yg dh melengkung.. bengong.

td balik2 bilik je trus bukak heater.. pastu turun bwh letak susu dlm fridge.. naik bilik rse panas lak.. bukak kipas (heater td ON lg).. tp pas 5 min, sejuk plak smp meremang2 bulu kt tgn.. OFF kipas.. pastu nengung tpi tingkap, rase lg sejuk.. bukak plak heater satu lg... ahhh bestnyer..

cik matahari, bile saudari nk kuor??? buah ati sy ckp dier asyik dgr sy komplen sejuk dan ujan je spjg masa sjak sy dtg sini (march '09).. hehehe cptla kuor ea..


i used to eat really fast when i was in high school..
then it started to slow down in college..
but i picked up again in Purdue due to the fact that i only had 20 mins to eat before starting my shifts.

after graduation, i guess it slowed down to normal speed.
but it got slower when i started working.. maybe coz i usually had full hour to finish a plate. so what's the rush rite??

here, i tend to eat slowly. coz i'm used to eat alone and i like watching people around me..

the thing is, i know my eating speed is common, or so i thought. then i realized that i'm a slow eater when..
~ i went for meals with frens and they cleaned their plates b4 me
~ went for trips and others had time to went 'jln2' and i'm stil not done when they came back
~ had meals with dear and yes, he had to wait for me as well...

apart from that, i also had this peculiar remark about the way i eat... few people said i eat orderly. 'mkn kemas', they said.. is it because i always eat (western food) fries first, then the meats, then only others like salads? easily said, i eat portion by portion..

is that weird??

Sunday, October 25, 2009

i dunno why.. but i'm feeling down again..

where r u?....


a week left before my 1st paper..

Friday, October 23, 2009


"ilham tersebut diperoleh semasa mengadakan lampias minda bersama empat lagi rakan2"..

sape tau apekah itu yg dimksdkn dgn "lampias minda".. brain-storming ker???

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


after the whole night of feeling down and pouring out everything to him, i woke up feeling so much better today.

and after helping a lady carrying her son's stroller down the stairs, i felt much more better..

it's true kindness does boost up ur spirit eh?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ceritera ari ini

lupe nk tulis..

i got another shocking news this afternoon..
i think i'm officially a shock-absorber la..
byk sgt news ni...

nothing much i could say..
Congrats to all..


at time goes by, i noticed how apart we've been. hard to say whose fault it is, maybe it's all mine for leaving.

since then, we've been living the separate life we've been having, altho i used to try not to notice. in my days now, i sometimes think of u but there's nothing i could do so that we wont drift.

everybody says the bond that we have could never be broken even if we die. i don't know whether it's true.

we're different, way too different...

Monday, October 19, 2009


kdg-kala aku terfikir, betapa sebenar miskinnye aku..
aku xpunyai seberapa..

aku miskin ilmu.. aku miskin harta..
aku miskin rakan2.. aku miskin dlm kehidupan aku...

tp aku harap,
aku xmiskin dgn kasih-syg....

round, round and round....

routine for this week:-

morning - go to comp lab, go to class
afternoon - more classes or comp lab
evening - classes or comp lab
night - more lab..

lab == projects..

this is my 9am to 9pm schedule for these 5 days...
= no life. period.

i'm sinking............
only 1 word that could describe what i feel now..


what should i do???

i'm not regretting this, but these are making it harder to not to.
Grad schools is 100% opposite of Undergrad life.

Suck it up liyana.
U can't change anything now.
Make the best of it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


in FarmVille (a game in Facebook)--->
" this animal is busy".

what? ngan aku (tuan punyer farm) pn dier leh busy??


if ure a so-called "frequent reader" of my blog, u'd know that i'm now a residence in Malaysia Hall Sydney. Coincidentally, my roommate is also 'liyana'.

at first, i was a bit scared. Coz the idea of needing to make new friends again is not so appealing to me. But when i first met her, i know we could get a long well.

She's from KL and obviously the talkative type (which lawyer dont, rite?). But she's from Uni of Sydney and will only be here for 2 semesters. What makes it awkward (early stage) is when i wanna call her..

"yana, u nk ikut i pegi Randwick tak?".. sounds like ME talking to ME! she also said the same thing hahaha!

well, that's one pal for now.. will write more later.. this couple of weeks is a crazy one for me... wish me the best!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


it's officially week 12 of semester. another 2 weeks of classes, then it's finals!

shoot! i now realize i have tonnes of things to do. am starting to freak out!!! no more time to play2 or poye2. ggrrrrrr~

before that, i miss my dear.....

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


sahur: 0030 hours
iftar: 1910 hour - glup! glup! mineral water..

1930 hr- prof still talking.. since 1800 hour... extreme hunger~~~
1945 hr- stil talking.. huu~ i want chocolate.. chocolate...
2015 hr- finally a break. had rice & popcorn chicken in 10 mins.
2030 hr- class resume.. cpt laa abes... chocolate.. chocolate....
2120 hr- finished! but got 15 mins before the shuttle comes..
2125 hr- choc!! here i come!!!!
2210 hr- reached Hall. eat more rice, fries & popcorn chic..
2245 hr- choc yeay!!!!!
2305 hr- stil eating choc hee~

2315 hour - zZzzzZzzz....
i've been searching for places to go to study. u know, places with bright white light and the correct mood. i've tried computer labs, libraries, lounges and others. but no matter where it is, seems like the library is the best place. of coz, that'll only work if u don't bring ur lappy or use excessice net surfing on ur cell LOL!

for me, i dont really prefer going to library, coz i had to go out and walk to Uni and i can't sit in any position i want or eat at anytime i want. i need to find a spot in Hall. but i guess i do need to go to Uni coz normally if i go to Uni, that'll be like solid 4-6 hours of studying. that's the correct way of studying right?

i'll figure it out soon...

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

just around the corner ~

it's already Oct 6th. there are less than 3 weeks of classes left, which also means i only have more or less about 2 weeks to finish up all of my projects and papers before they are due on the 23rd. i felt a bit worried but not to the state of absolute chaos yet. hope i wont reach the helplessness.. then come the thought of my finals, a week after that.. 7 days to wrap up the whole semester..

but owh, u shouldnt worry about that yet liyana. u still hv ur projects to do. cepat! cepat!

wak... cmne ni wak?? cm ag teruk dr last sem je ni..... wak ganti sy bley???

Sunday, October 04, 2009

it's been raining the whole day..

starting from today, it's an hour earlier for Australia. it's the beginning of Daylight Savings, so Sydney will be 3 hours ahead of Malaysia (compared to 2).. an hour sounds like a big difference for me.....

it's 0003 hour of Sunday. today is another day full of eating. i had (instant) Cappuccino and Cornflakes +Milo cereal for b'fast. then it's sushi for lunch. finally open house for dinner, where i ate tomato rice, curry mee, pulut kuning and beef rendang.. but that was around 6pm. and yes, i'm hungry now!!! i just finished another bowl of cereal and i'm running out of food to eat.. so i'm going to bed.

i wanna hv a pleasant dream tonight, as it's been such a great day for me (u know why my dear). Nite-nite dear, nite-nite everybody...

Thursday, October 01, 2009

too many to absorb at once....

as of today, i'm done with all quizzes for this semester. it's now left with 1 lab, 2 projects and 2 technical reports... everything need to be done in 3 weeks.. then it's final exam time.. which also means it's less than 2 months before semester 2 of 2009 ends...

i got a shocking news just now.. suddenly almost all of my Kulim frens are getting married. tonight i know 3 of them. tekejut..... only 3 of my close frens left, but it's no surprise now if later i'll know it's their turn too.. i'm soon to be out of their league............. somehow i felt rejected...