Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cat matter...

My name is "Atam" (black). I like to lay around the house, anywhere. I'm an attention-getter. My fav place is wherever there are people concentrating to do something.

You see here. My 'sister' is sorting her certificates for a scholarship form. So I don't like it coz she ignores me. So I decided to lay there. See what I mean?

I'm just feeling lazy..

Ahh.. if she kicked me out, I'll go to the newspaper that papa is reading..

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Celcom just called. "Kami ingin mengucapkn terima kasih kerana menggunakan servis SMS, MMS dan GPS. Oleh itu, kami akan memberi rebate kepada anda sbyk RM10 (10 jek ker?? huhuh). Rebate akan ditolak daripada statement April nanti. Number telefon cik ialah xXx. Terima kasih ya." ("We would like to express our gratitude to u for using our SMS, MMS and GPS by giving a rebate of RM10. The rebate will be automatically redeemed in ur April bill. Your cell number is xXx. Thank you."). My response was, "Owh, ok. Thanks".

Same response to the statement by my manager, "You did a very well job for focal 2007 thus u've been awarded xXx (of course ok la kn)". from the look on his face, i think he's expecting a more emotional response..


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

mascot & football..

i read the Exponent (Purdue's Newspaper) this morning. A post in the Sports section caught my eyes.

Student section vulgarity on the rise " (click for link) during football games.. chanting and stuff.. Congrats to Purdue Crew for behaving, but what the heck with "Over the past few seasons, the Purdue football student section's first down chant has become controversial."???? but luckily for the coming remark, "According to Purdue assistant athletic director Tom Schott, there have been no offseason talks to change any policies or take any actions caused by the chant that he is aware of." Man, what is a football game if there is no chant ehh?? FIRRSTTTT DOOWNNNN!!!! ahaha stil early for football, it's still basketball season now..

Monday, March 17, 2008


i just realized that i tend to write long post. due to the fact that i dont update my blog everyday. this is bad. people wouldn't want to read loonnnnggggg blabbering *sigh*. i'll try to make my post short from now on..

now blog-talking.. since i do not have heavy workloads for the past few weeks, i read blogs everyday. i have this blog folder in my Favorite and it's auto-organized alphebatically. which means any blog with letters other than english will be listed last. anything starts with special characters are on top of the list. so i like Wu Chun from Fahrenheit. and i bookmarked his blog and his blog is the last link in the folder.

here's the thing, he always post his blog (link) with pictures. so whenever u clicked the link, u'd see his face 1st. *droll* so sweet!! his face is flawless mann!! i mean literally flawless. no make up or whatever..but.. i have to stop that since i'll start dreaming and imagining HanaKimi (taiwan) everytime i see that. ahahahaha! so what do i do? i remember his latest post title, and everytime the page loads i'll wait til the title is up. if it's the same one, i'll quickly click on another blog link in my Fav. LOL!!

* a chat with my pal, Ameer, last night makes me wanna go to Nepal!! i need $$$$$$

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

here's the story..

updates.. updates..

i went back last week to vote. my first ever. no excitement there. rase cm biaser jek. of course i took the bus home, lazy to drive. lucky me it was a wise choice. there were a lot of accidents Northbound on the h'way. the worst is of a bus Southbound which has a break malfunction. the bus end up in the Northbound and blocking both lanes. traffic movement was nil for the next 3 hours. the passangers were really lucky as this happened on a bridge near Sg. Perak. imagine it plunged down the river, in the darkness. So, my 4 hours ride back turned out to be a 7 hours journey. at least i got to sleep most of the time LOL!

next is work. it's been a bit slow this past weeks. we're still waiting for customer requirement document to start our project, so all i did was study study study on the design reference documents. totally SECRET. hehee

yup, it's already Wednesday. mid of workweek. now what should i do this w'ends... something indoor as it's been raining daily now *sigh*

owh! JaabaWockeeZ!! i read about this at Farhan's blog. it's from a dance competition currently held in the States. here's a quote from them. "We wear masks to force the audiences to watch us as a team, not as individuals". aha! so i suggest u to search for them in YouTube. satisfaction and awe guarenteed.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I had a conversation with my sis (in Oz) this morning. She's supposed to come back for good somewhere this month before she starts her orientation in Maxis Grad Trainee program. she was asking me on tips to persuade my parents to allow her to rent an apartment with frens in Kerinchi instead of staying in PutraJ.. well, i wasn't much of a help coz i never had to persuade my parents for anything. being the first born, i have all the trust i need from my parents. pity u sis! heheee

halfway thru the conversation, i kinda get heat-up coz she's giving all this excuses she has. malas nk naik tren la, kene tukar tren byk kali la (for God sake, 1 kali jek!!), malas nk bgn awal la, penat la. huhuuu mcm2..

above all, i know her main reason ==> F.R.E.E.D.O.M. See, ure used to licing independently, out of ur parents 'radar' while studying overseas for 4 years rite? (have to admit, that's what i feel now, yeay!) of course la by now, u prefer not to stay in the same house as ur parents kan? that's like no freedom, kan? okla sis. whatever it is. Gudluck in ur persuation. awak kn cakap cm politician..

Whoop to another story. Talking about KL. I've been giving thoughts about going to work in KL. Not that I hate being in Kulim, I don't. (Nape laa Intel tader engineering dpt kt KL, kn? area Putrajaya lg bagus). It's just that Penang is out of the question. I hate traffics. I want to have no worries about what time I'm leaving for work, and going back. No need to rush to avoid traffic, ever (I come to work early every morning to get the best parking spot, hehee). But living in Kulim, means I have to sacrifice my energy and money among others whenever I want to go back to PutraJ. All bussiness in Malaysia seems to have their HQ in KL. *sigh* I don't really mind driving the trips, it's just the money constrains. Recently, I took busses home, and it's a pain coz then I have to take the tren from KL to PutraJ after I reached KL around 10pm. Dashed to reach Bdr Tasek Selatan before midnite coz last erl leaves KL Sentral at at time. Of course, it costs u only 1/4 of ur trip if u take busses. That's a freaking RM150 save! (tapi.. xbalik pon duit abis jugak, idak gitu??) OKla, enough babbling, I'm only complaning this coz I've made frequent trips home for the past 3 months. More than once-a-month plan.. huhuu

For side notes.. things i miss not being a KL-ites/PutraJaya-ns..
  • theaters, orchestra shows, concerts
  • gym (hehehee)
  • my cats
  • Astro LOL!