Thursday, April 29, 2010

perihal earphone

mm.. right after i have finally ordered my new earphone (tq Hui - i nk PUTIH jugak), my current Ipod earphone trus xleh dgr seblah (kiri).. merajuk trus ke dier???? cmner dier leh tau??

hee.. cant wait to get the new one. i originally hv 3 earphone>> white earphone for my Ipod, black & red - mobile 1 & grey - mobile 2. i'm now only left with my SonyE earphone 1 for my phone that's working 100%. this is the earphone that i bought separately in Alamanda for like RM40. i bought the Ipod earphone in Jusco for like RM20 and Mobile 2 at Queensbay for freaking RM50 (tu pn sbb beli leather casing for another RM50). hehehe among 3, only the mobile ones are the original.

the reason i wanted to get new earphone was coz my mobile earphone1 (that i normally use sbb de remote controller) had a problem. the cable has been exposed due to a lot of bending, so only one side is working. and now, same goes with my Ipod's.. i dont really like using my Ipod's earphone coz the it sounds like" dlm gua".. stil can hear the music, but that's why i usually listen to my hp.

aaa.. can't wait to get my hands on the new Sennheiser earphone!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

aa satu lg... i lost my thumbdrive yg Dear bg.. isk.. isk... i think i left it in the lab last week.... :(


aku cukup x paham la.. nape kn, slalu sgt computer lab ni xde aircond?? every week pn mesti ader 2-3 ari aircond x befungsi.

name je dlm engineering building, saje je nk wat or panas ati.

Indo Logo

Indo Logo ( Trio Daz & Dian Ekawaty)

Dua bulu samanna mattettongeng Indo Logo 2x
Kegasi Samanna rionroi alla rionroi
Pallettu sengereng

Dinda, kenangan dan Rindu itu selalu seiring sejalan x2
Kemanakah, kemanakah keduanya dilabuhkan

Sengeremmu samanna pada bulu Ambo Logo 2x
Adammu samanna silappae alla silappae
Ruttungem manengngi

Daeng, kenanganmu, teguh bagaikan gunung x2
Cukuplah suaramu yang datang, runtuhkan semuanya

Bulue samanna maruttut tona Indo logo 2x
Tanete samanna leppa tona alla leppa tona
Nataro uddani

(mendengar suaramu)
Dinda, rindu ini telah terobati
Dinda, renangan itu telah terbasuh
Ibarat hamparan Bumi yang berhenti berputar

Muddanikki samanna appasekki Ambo logo 2x
Lettugi samanna tellettugi alla tellettugi
Ko mappasemmuki

Kalalulah Daeng Rindu, titip pesan saja x2
Sampai atau tidak, namun terasa dalam hati

Monday, April 26, 2010

not a good day..

i miss dear badly..

bcoz of that, i curled up and cried. but today was not like before coz i was up to the point i'm literally out of breath.. my chest hurt and i couldn't take long breath. even after i sort of calm down, i still breathed heavily. and it got worst after i had my meal. felt like smthing was blocking my diaphragm, and i couldn't get enough air.. it was painful.

smewhere around there, i was a bit scared thinking if i might get asthma coz of that. i was reminded that papa was even admitted to the hospital due to asthma...

well.. even til now, i couldn't breath well.. the fact that winter is finally here is not helping either.. just helping me to get runny nose.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Guitar Hero

got my 1st taste of Guitar Hero (GH) today at PPMS Game Mania 2010. since the tournament for GH finished early, we just started playing for fun. this Wii game was played in a band with 4 members- vocalist, drum, guitar and bass guitar.

first instrument i played was the bass guitar (sbb tgk cm senang kn. name pn xreti nk men gitar). hoo.. after 3 songs, my fingers were aching but that doesn't stop me. i switched to the vocalist for about 10 songs?? (hehehe. seriously tringat kt Dear ilang suara pas berkaroq kt kongsi bile i myself started to feel cm nk ilang suara) before went for the guitar. not bad actually.. finally i tried the drum. sakit tgn lagi..

but all in all, it was really fun. playing with Hui and few unknown fellas. blasah je kn. but i had to say, guitar was the most fun part.

dgn ini, nk blajo gitar ke x???

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


i want
Dear the most....
and my tummy feel heated,
so i also want
cendol Kulim...
apart from that, it's almost 10pm
and hvn't had my dinner yet..
so i want
Ais Limau, Sambal Ikan, Sambal Telur, Ulam Raja & Kicap
for meal..

surat dr tuan badan utk badan..

Dear My Body,

I know u know I'm supposed to be your owner. But yet, seems like ure being much more stubborn than ever. Why don't u just go to sleep when i want u to?Why don't u simply comply even after I've forced myself to do a lot of tiring things during the day, and never even slept for a second? Why? Can't u just fall asleep easier??

i want to sleep,
-ur owner.

i think i need drug...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


tonight, i feel 'slightly' under the weather...

i dunno.. maybe my body cant take the toll anymore.. i've spent 3days weekly (~8hours daily, mind u) for 2weeks in front of pc trying to do my assignment.. (and fb-ing, no doubt).. after today, my eyes feel really tired. i could hardly focus and see what's being written in class. i started feeling headache everytime i tried to read the board. even my whole body is aching.. (i wish dear's here to massage).. and by 9pm, i can barely open my eyes.. i just wanna get back and maybe sleep.

but of coz, being me (with trouble falling asleep) how can i be sleeping when it's only 930 pm??? so i had my supper watching CSI and now at 12.35am updating my blog; in pain.. my housemate even asked if i'm that cold (wearing shirt and sweater, long pants and socks).. errrkk? actually.. kinda..

stil thinking whether i should telan Panadol or not... maybe i'll just let it be and see tomorrow what'll happen.. i should get better if my body works well like before..

Saturday, April 17, 2010

post arini dlm bhsa melayu.

satu bende yg sucks giler duduk kt Oz ni is TV dier. ok la.. aku ni bknnyer kaya sgt nk beli cable TV (cm ASTRO kt Mesia) tu tpi dulu idup almost 3 tahun kt Kulim ngan tv free, ok je.. bley je.. mane x nyer.. kt cni asal w'ends je x abes2 ngan sports.. lumba kuda la.. footy la.. kriket la..

ok ok. fine. sports tu xsalah. tpi jd masalah bile SEMUA CHANNEL sports je memjg.. cube la bagi MOVIE ke, DOKUMENTARI ke.. satu pn cukup la. budak2 pn kesian gak (aku tmsuk golongan ni ke??). ke anak-anak mat salleh kt cni mmg reti tgk sports je bile ari cuti???

ke... aku ni yg LOSER giler sbb org w'end g poye, aku teperap kt umah???

dh dh. g baca buku la liyana.
tpi.. aku dh bc buku dh td...
tu ha.. bc blik buku citer ko tu..

giler ah. big L on my forehead..


one question i find it easier to answer being in Sydney is "where r u from?". the answer is only one, "Malaysia".

u see, back in my country, i used to find it rather difficult to answer that question. i was born in kl and raised in multiple places- kl, seremban, subang, terengganu, and kelantan.

i dont really like referring myself as KL-ites coz the place where i call home now - putrajaya - is not that near to KL.

sometimes, i envy those who only stay at one place since they're born and maybe left only coz of work or studies. i frequently see those people hv a lot of close connections with people where they came from. simply bcoz they spend more time together..



for always making u feel bad every week before u went in there.. i know it's not smthg that u want to do, but it's a must. it's work. but i can't help myself to not feel down. time always feel shorter on fridays and the coming w'ends will leave me unknown on how u r.. that 3 days of not knowing and thinking of u more.....

iko... melokkak iko... : (

Friday, April 16, 2010

drunk people..

today is friday night == party night for the people here. and i dont know why, tonight is a noisy night. there's a bunch of people, i think drunk people, just laughing, screaming and clapping hands beside the road..


aside from that, i really wonder why i am very prone to bruises... slight bang and smtimes hardly nothing, suddenly they appear... whyyy??

Thursday, April 15, 2010

i wonder when...

...i can wear my shoes again...

due to the wound behind my ankle on sunday, i still hv to use band-aid when i want to wear my sandals (since i hv no slippers). tried to wear shoes yesterday but it's still painful. even the traction of the wound with my jeans is a pain, think about the shoes... so with the temperature ranges btwn 13-15 degrees at night, i'm left with cold feet everynight during class....

i wish i hv an unlimited supply of chocolates for the rest of my life....

i think my body is screwed up. i dont know what's wrong, maybe it's the hormones.

i cant sleep last night. i was really sleepy and tired by the time i returned from class at 9pm. went to bed early but after tossing and turning, felt asleep around 12.30am.. but i woke up after less than hour, and later find myself unable to sleep back.. finally passed out at 5am and woke up at 9 smthg...

even now, i feel lethargic.. my whole body is aching and my brain can barely do nothing. spent the day reading on project mgmt (PM) tutorial.. managed to read only up to 32 pages of textbooks (God! til now i really hate reading ALL TEXT). stil hv 3 more to go and still need to deduce all the stuff that i read to gv MY OPINION in the tutorial...... haiishhh....

tmrw i need to go to uni early to settle the stupid bank stuff, finish reading PM and do my RF assignment.. which also means, for this week.. i went to uni early morning everyday of my class.... spending 10-11 hours at uni is no fun thing..

i feel so exhausted..
i forgot what i want to write....

Monday, April 12, 2010


sakit lengan..
sakit bahu....
sakit belikat...
-dh lame x angkat bende berat.. and i think bcoz of the heavy lifting last night, i may hv caused my shoulder pain to come back... i think i should hv reported that to OHS people kt kilang dlu.. all this sbb ingt kuat sgt nk angkat server yg cm guni beras tu...

sakit lutut..
- i thought luka kt kaki je.. rupenyer lebam kt lutut ngan peha skali....


for some reason... stil rse xbest.. and xsedap ati....

why??? ......

Sunday, April 11, 2010


iko makelong ruang rindu.. iyak mo ungkalingai....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

quack! quack!

my house mate forgot to switch off her alarm before she went to work.. and her room is locked.. i guess tonite i'll be sleeping with the sound of duck's quacking... kinda weird, i thought after awhile it'll stop but it's been quacking for 20 mins already..


owh, it stopped after half an hour...

Friday, April 09, 2010


i miss dear.. badly.... i don't know why earlier i felt like he's leaving me when he said he gotta hang up to drive for his weekly-w'ends-away routine.. i don't know why my voice just stuck in my throat when he asked whether i'm ok or not.. i want to tell him that i love him and miss him.. yet, the only word that came out was me calling out for him... i'm really glad that he stayed on the line even after he said he has to go, just bcoz i wasn't feeling good...


i dunno what's wrong with me today.. out of the blue, i felt really down.. suddenly i'm sensitive and been pessimist to almost everythg..

i feel like i'm a burden.
with my unpredictable mood, feels like i've caused a lot of trouble to the one that i love. maybe up to the point that he doesn't know what to do with me any more (?).. i try to think positive and keep rationalizing everything, but sometimes (most of the times) i know i'm not..

i feel like i'm unwanted.
believe me or not, no one seems to take notice of my existence here. feels like people who were once in my life don't talk to me, don't miss me and don't care for me anymore. they just move on.. this maybe partly coz i dont really know what to talk with them.

i feel ashamed.
i got nothing to give to the people who i want to be close with. dear said it's not about the materials, but i think it's all about that; altho not to him. i feel inferior coz i see how their faces lit up or how excited there're when there're gifts or anytime there're open table (belanja). being in my situation, i can't gv all of that. and if i do, it's hardly nothing compared to what others give. bcoz of that, i feel that i'm drifting away from everybody..


i'm not having my PMS since my period is stil far away, so what's happening?? i guess i'm having this monthly thing today... how i wish ure here right now.. i need ur hug...

Thursday, April 08, 2010


nape la kamu ni bodoh sgt x bwk sweater?? kn dh sejuk. kamu ingt kamu puyer lemak tu cukup tebal nk jd penebat ke???

==> kate liyana pd dirinyer... huuu~

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


today's topic is advertisement a.k.a Ad. more specific, SMOKING AD. In Australia. i've been here for more than a year, and honestly am quite impressed with the effort the gov here gv to discourage their residents to quit smoking.


first, the ad on the cigarette pack itself. i think m'sia's packs also have this, but i dont think it's as big as it is here.

see? the ad covers the whole package.

and also their TV ad. it's so graphic. the full ad in TV combines multiple 'diseases' due to smoking. altho that ad has this weird song, it does make its' point. and a warning here, if ure not the type that can watch CSI while eating, DO NOT WATCH. this is just an excerpt (only 1).

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


ioh eburöng iyak chabiru naiya ioh maköda “iyak machöning”..


Monday, April 05, 2010


Accidently listened to a song which..
immediately crashed my mood...

: (

Sunday, April 04, 2010

what's wrong??

Episode 1 : Thursday - the door

I was in rush to go to uni to do my assignmt. In rush coz my friends was almost there yet I'm not even on my way yet. As i stormed down the stairs I realized that I didnt bring the adaptop for my laptop so I climbed back up. I got the shock when I put my key in and the key hole didnt budge. shoot! something's wrong with my keys! and i'm not sure if my house mate was in. and i'm late.

few minutes of struggling, i realized that I GOT THE WRONG UNIT!!! my unit is another floor up!!! argghh luckily no one was home so my effort of knocking like crazy person didn't caused anyone to come to the door and embarrassed me. i thought i've climbed enough stairs.. guess I didnt huh?

Episode 2: Saturday - the car

We're having so cooking at my place and we're running behind the schedule. and everybody cant wait to get to the beach to eat. All 8 of us brought the food to one of our friend's car parked across the road. when we're there, she cant get the door to open. she even had us tried to open it for us. still failed.

one of the guys even asked jokingly her whether she had the right car. after almost 10 minutes stumbling on the keys.. and yeah, he WAS RIGHT! that car had the same model like hers, but slightly different color hehehehe. kinda funny coz all 8 of us just stand there surrounding the cars with a lot of stuffs in hand.

so, what can i say? it's all about the rush..

life.. still......

somebody said that my life now is so easy. i dont hv to think of things other than my studies.

how i wish that someone could be me for just 1 day. feel what i've been feeling and know what're on my mind..

then only, he/she would know how messy my life is, how worried and unfortunate i am....

Saturday, April 03, 2010

nothing i can say

my life is a jigsaw puzzle..
but it's a mess..
and unfortunately, some pieces are missing..

which means..
i would never have the complete picture.....

Friday, April 02, 2010


just finished watching Ketika Cinta Bertasbih. surprisingly i understand the whole story even without the subtitle (all Indonesian language). but.. tension sbb ending dier is to the 2nd Movie!!!

Honestly, i felt that she is so lucky to have the choices. altho whether she has made the right choice or not, that's up to her...