Wednesday, September 29, 2010



i got the shock of my life when i saw my finals schedule.. out of the previous 3 sems, i usually finished ALL of my papers within at most 10 days.. and within the first 2 weeks of the exam period. but this sem....

everything is within the last week! and even the last day. arrggghhhh!!!

Exam period is 29 Oct to 16 Nov and my papers are:

- Thurs 11/11 for MEMS
- Mon 15/11 for Power Systems
- Tues 16/11 for Microwave

what sucks more is all of them starts at 8.45AM!

whyyyy??? why is the final sem like thiss :(

ever the same...

You may need me there
To carry all your weight
But you're no burden I assure

You tide me over
With a warmth I'll not forget
But I can only give you love
Fall on me tell me everything you want me to be
Forever with you
Forever in me
Ever the same
Call on me
I'll be there for you and you'll be there for me

Forever it's you
Forever in me
Ever the same..

weather.. weather...

bru je tringin nk pkai kasut baru esok.. tpi cancel ble tgk weather forecast yg esoknyer temp range is 19-14 degrees. memandangkn esok kelas abes at 6pm and 6pm tu dh gelap, 14 degrees tu not suitable la jwbnyer utk pkai kasut 'lubang-lubang' tu....

nmpknyer arini je sempat pkai slipar g uni.. esok back to shoes..

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sydney weather forecast

Forecast for Monday

Partly cloudy. Patchy fog in the west early in the morning. Winds north to northwesterly averaging up to 25 km/h tending westerly up to 30 km/h around midday. Chance local sea breezes along the coastal fringe during the afternoon.
Min 14, Max 27
Chance of any rainfall: 5%, Chance of no rainfall: 95%
How I interpret this is == 
when i walk to uni tmrw morning around 10.30am, the weather will be warm and i only need a layer of shirt with a thong. but on my way back after class at 9.00pm, i would need an additional sweater and a fleece. and wearing shoes would be an advantage.
tipu btul ah cmni....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

no matter

no matter how i think of it,
the end of my life story is
nothing but sorrow...

no matter which end it is,

Drinking Water at the Correct Time

Another little tidbit that's news to me. Always knew to drink a lot of water, but who knew the timing affected things.

Drinking water at the correct time maximizes its effectiveness on the Human body:

2 glasses of water after waking up helps activate internal organs -> i usually drink about a glass. need to increase the intake.
1 glass of water 30 minutes before a meal - - helps digestion
1 glass of water before taking a bath - -helps lower blood pressure
1 glass of water before going to bed - avoids stroke or heart attack -> milk and cookies anyone??

* all these are referring to WARM water. not the ICY COLD or carbonated one k. especially for digestion.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

still yet to find..

99% of the time, things around me are the reason why i feel depressed.. i don't know since when i let them bothers me..

i guess i'm still clinging to that 1% that i too know has no hope..

so what am i dong...
if i don't lie to myself, i no longer hv the will.. to live...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


i came across 2 type of people who came and sit at the pc next to me..
one, those who came right after their smoking regime..
and another, who came with the strong smell of the perfume..
both are on the opposite side of the smell scale, but both are bad for me coz it's stinging my nose and hurting my smelling buds. 

get away people!
this is like being harassed...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

otak dh beku, sesejuk weather kt luor..
jd update later2 je....

bile laa nk panas ni....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

mm.. rase nk ngemas.. tpi td dh kemas bj2. simpn mne xptut, susun smula yg dlm gobok.

ni xtau nk kemas ape dh.....

Saturday, September 18, 2010

mlm ini..

mlm ni, aku rase kosong.. dan sedih...
masih mncari sebab utk ape aku ade..

aku tau ape aku nk, tpi impossible nk dpt. xgune ckp 'miracle could happen' sbb there is no such thing. aku pn xde arah tuju sbb mane aku pegi pn i get nothing... 

aku seorg hipokrit.. tpi bknnye org kisah pn aku sape.
if i'm gone, the world won't stop. i'm merely a dust..

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

meal arini..

memula ingt nk stat pose 6.. but then pk postpone dlu afterr exam baru stat. so what i eat whole day today were:

bfast/lunch: 4 kpg toast + secwn susu
tea: 4 kpg toast (again) + secwn nescafe
(late) dinner: maggi goreng sebgkus

huhuhu. tpi skang rse cm nk muntah jek...

Monday, September 13, 2010

another graduation~

this is long due. 
congrats guys!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

open house

today will be the 1st day i have to listen to lagu raya and more. why? coz i hv to be at duty during the M'sia Open House at Hall the whole day. altho it's the 2nd day, i still hv no mood to listen to any *sigh*....

Friday, September 10, 2010

I wanna kiss you every minute, every hour, every day~

Thursday, September 09, 2010

dear readers

Happy Eid Mubarak to all celebrating, 
Selamat Hari Raya..
May u forgive me for all my wrong doings,
intention or un-intentionally..
May the Ramadhan has brought peace to u and 
the coming Shawal brings joy...

* slamat ari raye liyana....

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

arini best sbb dpt dgr sore der lelamer. wlpn sejam lebey tu xckup, tpi lepas ah uddani kt ioh..
melokkak encik ingek loppo! 

huu xsuke rayer...

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

arini sama cm smlm.. cuba bg space, wlpn ati rasa cm diabaikn.. bkn salah dier pn.. tgk muka pn tau dia serabut byk keje. semua bnde yg ckp pn, aku yg tnya.. dier xde tnjuk minat pn kt ape yg aku buat.. aku nk buat cmne ble ditnye, jwbnye sepatah2.. agaknya dier xnk pn ckp ngan aku, aku yg beriya2...

xpe ah.. org xsudi..
aku xnk tmbah beban..
aku simpn sdiri...

Monday, September 06, 2010

honestly.. i feel surreal to wish others "selamat ari raya" coz i hardly feel anything. not even celebrating. this yr has got to be the heart-less ever. 

4 days to go, i never even heard 1 raya song. i don't even hv 1 in my laptop. 

never yet read all those e-raya greetings or whatever that people tag me.

strange enough, i feel like secluding myself from everythg instead.. so whichever day it is, forgive me is all i ask for..

Sunday, September 05, 2010

sy mau...

sy mau ayam percik!
sy mau encik bulat juger~
npe kn...kalo 'cuti' jek, mesti asyik nk mkn. even dh mkn pn, xknyg2 lg? dh mkn ns smgkuk, kacang, biskut.. ni pai xtau nk mkn ape dh... stil perut rse kosong.

nk ngunyah!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

perihal jeans 2

lupe nk update..

so last sunday, i went out with my sis. went to Birkenhead Point, the latest factory outlet in Sydney; where the only Levi's boutique in NSW; then to Chatswood Chase, where the only Crocs boutique in NSW. truk btul kn?? even KL pn ader multiple places for both boutique.

anyway, target in Birkenhead Point was to get a pair of Jeans with the constraint of AUD100.I dont really know what to expect of the pricing, so 1 pair = AUD100 as i saw at other online jeans shop for Levis. 

target in Chatswood was to survey my size for Crocs before proceeding my order online.

mmg rezki la kot, Levi's was having Buy1 Get 1 Free sale (for almost all item) and it was the LAST DAY!!  lucky for us also, we arrived quite early so the store was empty. we snatched a pile of jeans to try on (both of us size 11 k). rsenyer abes smer jeans size 11 kot kitorg amek, very limited pn yg tggl. well, my sis bought 4 for her. the others r due to low funds actually not flattering for my body huhuhu.soo... i got 2 pairs of Ladies jeans and a pair of Mens jeans for Dear. anyway, very satisfied! i definitely have to come again to shop b4 going back to M'sia for good. no tops shopping, definitely just jeans!

as for Crocs, turned out they're having the exact same sale online AND the store. so, of coz i grabbed few. the one i originally wanted was out of size, so i got a different one.  even the one not-available online was available at the store. hence, the 2 pairs. i was really tempted to get more, but doing so will burn the hole in my pocket and i hv to eat roti everyday. i just got to do with 2 pairs of Crocs.

in conclusion, these are my most worthy spend, ever! AUD100 for 3 pairs of Levi's and AUD48 for 2 pairs of Crocs! good bargain ey?!

xsangka beli Hanalei Green tu. sukkkeee! dear pn kate lawooo!!

Friday, September 03, 2010


despite the fact that today has been a good day, even he said he hvn't seen me laugh much lately until today; when it comes to nights.. i surrender.. my emotions just went straight to the drain.. i miss him dearly....

cintailah aku
spenuh hati
sesungguhnya aku
x ingin kau pergi
xkn mampu ku hdapi
dunia ini
tiada erti semua bila kau pergi...

genggamlah tgn ku
dan peluklah diriku
saat ku jatuh nnt
meraih sepi...

cintailah aku
spenuh hati...

: )

hehehe thanks dear for that sengal video. baby baby~ stil sakit pp smpai skang :p

today started by feeling lousy coz i had to go to uni, on friday mind u. then it was raining as i reached to uni. when i started working on the assgment, the network was down in the lab! 
no network =  no server access for datas = no licensing for the simulation
worst, it's lunch time. so the person in charge was out for lunch and the server was in his room. had to wait for an hour until the network was up again.

anyway, the assignmt is done. so just loafing around before starting my pending MEMS assigmt. dear is out for Jumaat prayers, and i just finished writing raya postcard for Anis. what's next... stil hv no mood to start doing my assgmt......

Thursday, September 02, 2010


nape esok dh jumaat....
npe cpt sgt......

i felt ignored..
i guess it's my fault
that i really am not wanted anymore,
shame to me..

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Eid.. what is, what isn't..

8 ari lg nk raya.. (sbnornyer xkire pn pose ke bape, kne bukak ym tgk kt list friends carik sorg mmbr yg ari2 update status dier bpe ramadhan). this yr, 6th time raye xde kt mesia. prasaan?? thn ni lg xde rse nk raya compared to before. thn lepas ader la sket2 sbb dok kt Hall, jd kecoh kne hias hall and organize duty. thn ni... dgn h'mates yg xtau pn kewujudan raya or the fact that skang ni bln pose, lg la xde mood. nk bkak lagu raya pn xde prasaan.

kpale hanye pk that one week after raye. the week yg dear maybe xde. wlpn xcnfirm lg.. but.. cm most likely jek : ( cmne nk survive?.. dh la ade exam time tu.. supporter and org yg kne dgr luahan tension xleh jwb exam xde.. cmner??

ape yg kunonnyer best raye kt sini:

  • xyah bg org duit raya sbb status tanam anggur yg legal. org xkutuk.
  • xyah sibuk nk amek cuti sbb mmg cuti, selaku student yg xde kelas
  • traffc jem blk kg xwujud. traffc jem balik keje je ade
  • xyah pk psl bj raya. (bj raya tahun ni pinjm shaira)
  • ari raye adalah same spt ari2 len
yg xbestnyer:

  • xleh raye ngn dear
  • xdpt nk mkn sedap2 tnpa limit, or tnpa kne bratur
  • rse cm malas nk g M'sia open house tpi tpkse sbb kne duty (again)
kesimpulannyer? ntah....


i miss u badly...