Friday, September 26, 2008

Eid 1429H

To my gentle readers,
I wish U all
Eid Mubarak!
May U hv a Blessed Syawal..

p/s: Updates.. I'm pretty much fixed on going to UNSW for my Masters.. now is time to persuade my sis to take MCommerce instead of MBusiness.. so she would go to UNSW or USydney instead with me.. hehee

Next blog update is after Eid..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

School & Work

whoa! i've rest from my blog for more than 2 weeks! Pardon me! Well, honestly not many stuff happens for the past 16 days.. but I hv good news to share. Hmm maybe it's good yet end up confusing me..

As most of people know, I'll be pursuing my Masters next year in Oz. I've applied for entrance to multiple Uni - RMIT, MelbourneU and Uni of New South Wales (UNSW). I will submit my app for Aust National Uni (ANU) tomorrow. SO far, I got accepted to all 3 Uni I applied except for UNSW which I have to take IELTS to convert the offer letter to Unconditional. Now, 1 things that's been playing in my mind now is WHERE TO GO. Problem rises due to 2 main facts - MelbU only offers Telecomm Eng for Masters by COursework while all other 3 offer me u-electronics which I opt for; and of course, Uni preference conflict with my sis who's taking MBA.

Some people might ask, what's the prob rite? Just choose what i want. But what i want is not that simple. U see, I like Melbourne and I'm in love-hate (more to hate, i guess) r'ship with Sydney and dont really mind of Canberra. Of course, I would enjoy it more if my sis were there. Then, comes to my sis. The rank of our Uni clashes. Best Eng Uni (MelbU) doesnt offer MBA for students w/o business b'gnd, but she has the opt to go to RMT. 2nd in rank for Eng is UNSW, followed by ANU. And guess what, the best in rank for Business is ANU. I'm not sure if UNSW offers her. So my sis is 'quite firm' with her choice of either RMIT or ANU (higher preference is ANU). But ANU is on the lowest rank of my Uni!!!! Argghhh!!

Next update in line is the fact that I might need to go back to Putrajaya late then expected for Raya break due to work urgency. Might be bck on Sunday instead of Friday.. unless i can finish things up this w'end and next week.. Man.. talk about my lack of motivation to work nowdays.. huhuuu

Those are pretty much it for now. I shall go to IDP and have some chat on the decisions i should make for my Uni tomorrow. After that, off to work. Now i need to get some sleep.. zZzzZzzzz...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

1st Impression.. of Intel. Back in 2006

i think it's too late to write this topic but a recent blog triggers me.. this topic is kinda interesting..

dress code - my 1st day in intel - July 17th, '06. The 1st person I saw back then was my hiring manager, CH Kok. He looked sporting and nice but the thing I realized the most was his attire. He was wearing a windbreaker, a collared-T, light blue jeans and sneakers! I felt seriously overdressed with my shirt, tailored pants and handbag. huhuu. But i quickly embraced this casual dress code here on my 2nd day and it's fun. I dont need to think of what to wear and what to buy. Simply b'coz i can recycle my college wardrobe (not that i brought back a lot from the States!) and there is no need to spend gizzilion of $$ to buy new work stuff. Some people stil cant believe that an engineer wears T, jeans and sneakers to work LOL!

parking - Since i met him outside of intel campus, i have to drive to KM2. Unfortunately for me, it's past 9am and i hv to park at 'the end of the world'. Gosh! there is a designated parking for new hires?? Of course there was none, but i vowed not to come late to office to avoid having to walk long distance to the office. Now i roughly arrived at the office arnd 7.40am to get the best spot! hehee. Frm observation, I feel grateful that our carpark is directly in front of the building entrance. I saw a lot of factories have carparks away and behind the buildings..

Cubicle - simply known as 'cube'. It's designed to be shared by 4 people. roughly about 12x12 but i'm sooo lucky that i have the whole space on my own! The not-good-thing is that it's next to the main walkway of the floor. Everybody can see what u were doing. LOL! White countertop with blue-light green stripe wall.. pretty dull for me.. Of course, my wall 'deco' was up at no time. Now i'm in single cube at KM3 and i can put anything i want here.. No one really bothers. Humans walking arnd here are people with cubicle the same row as me.

Acronyms - Wow! GPTW, BKM, APAC, TDE, TMG, ATTD. I wondered how the heck am i going to remember all of these. Thnx a lot to my x-buddy to introduce me to Intel Acronyms Library (now we use Intelpedia) to 'get to know' those extensively used acronyms.. especially in the meeting.. My 1st staff meeting, i ended up copying down all those terms in confusion..

Old vs new gen - I still think the most happening team i had was my 1st team - MCPD (Modular Comm Pltfm Div). Not much difference btwn the so-called old people and new people. Both are young at heart ; )

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

multiple ehh??

i just realized.. i've been writing multiple entries since yesterday. does it means fasting days == multiple entries?? it makes it obvious that i'm bored at work LOL! anyway, here's another one and it's only 9.23am in the morning. oh gosh! how the heck can i survive another 7 hours???

I havent contacted any of my intern people for more than a year. Last contact was when one of them SMS me for Raya open house last year but i neither replied or went. but on my way back last Monday night, i suddenly remembered them and sent Ramadhan greeting SMS to 2 of them, my senior engineer (SE) and my supervisor (SV). i didnt expect my SV to reply or anything coz i know he normally switched off his work phone out of office time. my SE did response and i was really shocked to see that he still remember that i am working in Kedah! well, he didnt texted me back again coz I only texted him later after i've arrived in Ipoh (an hour later) and i guessed he went for Tarawikh already.

So yesterday, suddenly my SV called!! he said, he was picking up Shah Alam (a sub-con which I knew during my intern) to do some house work on Monday evening and he asked him whether he remembered me and he said Yes! Oddly, he was reminded of me. hehee. Coincidently later, I texted him the same night but he was on his way to the mosque already. Hence the phone call yesterday. hahaha! Pity him, he's pretty stressful with his current project.. Aihh.. i'm pretty stressful myself with current events happening around me..

A phone call from my intern supervisor made me re-think what i wanna do for my Masters.. do I want to proceed with Electronics or switch totally to Power.. i know if i switch to power, i wont regret it but i'm afraid that i'll find difficulties when i want to search for jobs later. i have a Masters but i dont hv any related experience.. it'll be like starting from square 1 back. If i stay in current field, it might be a bit ease but I know somewhere along the line, the regression will appear.. i've always wanna go into construction and consulting.. so now how???

Avril The Best Damn Asia Tour 2008

Here are some pics of the concert. Most of the things i took were videos.. Interestingly, Avril succeed in 'silencing' the certain'censored' words in her lyrics.. heheee

What u see after the concert was massive amount of trashes everywhere.. Malaysians are still low in civic mind..

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

updates for the week..

1- today is 2nd day of fasting & 1st day of work.. as usual == MondayTuesday blues

2- Avril's concert was so-so. I dont feel any "Wow" factor there. Maybe due to the fact that i'm sitting far away from the stage (not in front of it which cost RM300+). Will post up pics later.

3- my car suddenly died yesterday at my aunt's place when i was getting ready to drive back to Kulim. not sure why i didnt think of jump-starting the car on my own. i actually waited for my dad to come.. hmmm

4- Days of X sulking = 3 days.. [Updates = He's not sulking anymore, I think.. called him last night and it woke him up from sleep. He talked as usual..].

and i wonder..

I hv been absent-minded and out of focus lately. I think I think too much of unnecessary things that my brain simply goes haywire : (

Somebody told me that I've been forgotten. Btul2 reminds me of old Malay saying, "Habis madu, sepah dibuang". Of course it hurts but i cant change the fact that that person, X, has left the biggest ever mark in my life. And by doing so, erasing that person out of my mind requires extreme measurements which i dont think i am capable of. For now, i cant talk to X since X is shutting everybody off (mood swings laa) even the parents and surrounding friends. Actually, i could give X a call, but i just dont dare to. Kang kene sembur tak pasal2.. I felt guilty coz I was the last person to speak with X on Saturday before the sudden mood swing. Makes me wonder whether I am the reason behind.

Then again, I am shocked why I am giving too much thought on this.. maybe i'm holding too much on X.. i need to release my own grasp.. Please someone rescue me..