Friday, May 28, 2010


Dear's at site. he has DOSH spot check today.. i really hope everything goes well, especially 'that' thing.. i miss him.....

mm I'm in a computer lab at Uni. seems like that is where i've been this whole week (except wednesday). I was a bit reluctant to come today, but i thought if i didn't then what would i do at home? i would definitely not touch my book, or if i do, maybe just flipping through...

so, after sleeping for 5 hours (yes. this week has been 3 hours, or 5 hours. not more than 6), i woke up at 9am.. then get my ass in front of the PC since 10.30am.. been here for the past 8 hours!! what did i achieve?? welll..

- PM discussion summary
- start up PM final report
- look thru VLSI research assgnmt and try to find some related articles

sket je kn?? sometimes i feel like i'm almost done with the assgnmt.. but most of the time i know i haven't yet. and i feel really exhausted.. For now I still have the PM report due on Sunday, VLSI on Monday and RF on Tuesday.

PM :- about 50% coz i hv to wait til the discussion period is over. then report n evaluation.
VLSI :- most horrible at the moment. only did 10% (i think).. maybe 7%..
RF :- i dont ever want to think of that for now.. i hv about 20% which attempting to finish that 20% took me 4 days. stil fail...

what am i doing now? fb-ing and blogging.. i dont think i can think anymore after 8 hours.. i'm waiting for 6.30 so that i could go to Mechanical Lab to print.. then shuttle to go back at 7.30pm....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


just got back from an impromptu swim at UniPool. my first swim after... well.. when was my last swim??.. i think it was with Huda and Hui last Dec at Coogee rick pool. not really a swim, just dipping. so the actual swim was closest with Dear in Desaru in July last yr!

so what do i feel?? of coz aching in my whole body. naahhhh! just the arms. i could hardly lift them to change my shirt just now.

the pool entrance was quite expensive if ure the casual visitor. it's AUD4.50 for student (with gym entrance) or AUD40 for 10 entrance. and the pool... well.. not as awesome as Purdue's pool. UNSW doesn't have a diving pool AND A JACUZZI. but of coz they have the typical Olympic size pool. but since i was there for the last hour before it closed, i don't have to share the lane.

all in all, i don't think i'll be having trouble sleeping tonight. i hope i can wake up early tomorrow.

p/s: wak.. panik jap bile tetbe dier off lampu pool tu utk bitau time out..

jeles x bile....

(this post is in Malay coz i think i express it better in my language than English)

korg tension x bile korg dpt assgnmt, tgk2 korg dpt x% je? pstu tgk kwn korg dpt x+X%?? mesti korg rse xtension sgt kn?

tpi korg giler jeles x bile kwn korg tu la yg seminggu sblum bende tu due, sibuk dtg kt korg tnyer cmne nk buat.. yg mane satu equation nk gune.. mesti korg xjeles kn?

tpi korg jeles x bile korg dh spend ms 2+ minggu utk buat assgnmt tu smpai ari2 ngadap bende tu dkt 10 jam (ok, maybe 8-9jam) tpi dier xsmpai seminggu pn dh bleh siap? mesti yg ni pn korg xjeles kn??

aku xjeles, tpi aku sakit ati.

wlpn dear ckp tu hakikat sbb kire kwn tu dier de input aku+ input dier sdiri, mmg ah dier dpt extra X% tu. aku stil tension gak. bengang. rse nyampah tgk muke dier. tpi...

bile dier dtg kt aku tnyer cmne nk buat assgnmt no2, aku bitau jugak... huuu~

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


during this cold cold night, i can't help myself of thinking how awesome it'd be if i'm currently at the beach back home.. if u ask, what's the most memorable vacation i ever had, i would say our family vacation to Kapas Island over the cost of Terengganu. why would i remember that the most?? simply bcoz that was my first ever vacation to an island.

i was 8 or 10, and i already fall in love with the sea when i first board the boat. u see, before that, out family vacation was always somewhere near the forest. like waterfall, national park, so island was pretty new to me. so til now, i love water more and more and more. further more, Sydney has a lot of beautiful beaches nearby.

back to Kapas. we went to the Island for family day for Papa's office. all of us stayed at Mak Cik Gemuk's Chalet. i think at that time, very few chalets exist on the island. Pretty basic chalet but it's good for me. Stayed outdoor most of the time. Imagine, 3 o'clock in the afternoon and it's really hot. me, my sis, my bro and few frens were running around playing hide and seek. of coz, the sea was off-limit without adults (kitorg baik sgt, ikut kate hehee).

since that day, i've been to all except one island (Gem Island) off the coast- Perhentian, Kapas & Redang. can't wait to go back there with Dear..

nk baliiikkkkk!!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

now and then..

i was watching a movie "Setem" for the 3rd time-or-so when my mind wonder.. i am forcing myself not to go and watch a series on tv3 online until next w'end.. by that time, i would know how much i can watch without exceeding my broadband limit.

now i recall.. 5 years ago, i wouldnt have the chance to see it for free other than dloading it. now all tv station in M'sia has their online catch-up where i would be able to watch series under that tv license. with that, i won't feel that far away.. i could watch just like i'm at home.

well.. to think of it, 10 yrs ago there is no webcam or smthg like that. 'small' mobile phone is pretty much a brand new thing. lucky those are common nowadays. i can 'see' dear almost everyday when i want to :)

indian food??

i want:



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i wish...

with this chill weather, i wish i'm here...
xsabo nk balik...
Redang Island

14 hours in Uni....

been at uni today from 9+am to 11+pm (after being kicked out of the lab by the uni guard).. reached home at 12.15am.. on the way back, my shoulder hurt like hell,. i felt like dropping my bag and just leave it there (not even dragging it). still painful til now.

and it's 2.30am, i can barely open my eyes anymore..

so g'nite..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


mm.. i wonder how that person know i'm not that happy being here.. had mixed feelings today.. it's fine in the beginning but i don't feel so good anymore..

attending Lela's graduation reminds me of my commencement in Purdue. altho it's in a smaller scale here.. i don't mind that, just that it hit me that i will only have mine in a year time.. which means there is stil that period of time to be here. one long year...

"In graduation 40 years ago, there are no computer engineering graduates here. It has only started in Purdue (USA). closest we hv is electrical engineer.-UNSW"


Monday, May 17, 2010

my drug~

Dear's smell has been refreshed, yeay!

sleeping time

yesterday, i slept at 3am. then i woke up at almost 3pm!! haven't had that much sleep since like.... for a very long time. as long as i remember, i've always gotten up by 1pm the most. regardless of what time i slept. 2-3am is the common time.

well.. i have more of that if i want in less than 2 months.. time for hibernation during winter break. before that, time to struggle.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


tonight.. i googled "how to know if an egg is boiled" hahaha! see? how long didnt i boil an egg, i sorta forgot.. well, actually not to forgot.. coz i'm always under the impression that when an egg is boiled, it should float coz of the air pocket in it.. but i cant seemed to get it verified.. so.. i just boiled it for 20 mins hehee

tmrw, i'll (try to) be on diet. my whole day meal will be tomatoes with avocado spread and lettuce sandwich. let's see whether i'll be starving or not by the time i finish my class... i'll bring chocolate to munch along :p

Saturday, May 15, 2010

new new new

got a new fleece for me today!! AUD10!! Cheap rite?? Coz...

It's Kid's Size 14 hahahaha!

xsangka bley muat erk?

apart from food stuff, i bought a LED torchlight (tetibe rse penting kne ader huhu) and a silicone turner (for cooking).

well.. no more buying ANYTHING for this month anymore. I'm left with only $xx for the rest of the month...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


final exam schedule is out! all i can say is it's much better than my first 2 semesters. at least i won't hv 2 back-to-back exams anymore. but it's over longer span of time.. this semester, it's 3 papers within 10 days (with 3/4 days in between). in other words, i'll be free after the 21st June. after that, it's Winter break for 3 weeks..

mm.. i sorta feel like freaking out a bit.. coz i have yet to start any studying. how can i do that with stil tonnes of assgnments to do, and the project to think of.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i want to sleep

i want to sleep.. but no matter how tired i am, i can't.. unless when it's after 2am.. it's 1.30am and i was really sleepy and hungry in class earlier.. but when i get home??? of coz i can't sleep... if i tried sleeping before 2, i'll end up tossing on the bed and thinking of .......

i want to sleep early coz i want to wake up early.. i set my alarm at 8 altho i know that is definitely not achievable. coz.. i WILL snooze the alarm.. til 9.30am.. then just switch it off, and later will wake up at 10+.. just like this morning...

i want to sleep.

Monday, May 10, 2010


i was reading up blogs update when i came to this post about people who smoked in lifts. there is only one word to describe them --> STUPID.

i originally had a very low level of resistance towards cig. smoke. that was until i started my internship in xXx. imagine.. surrounded by let say, 96% of engineers and architects in the construction site who were MALE (only 2 females engineers on-site) AND 95% of sub-contractors who were again MALE.. and they ALL SMOKED.

btul, xtipu.

agak xphm bile drang bg jwpn mmg trend, style org kje construction.. mmm dgr erti kata len, drang menambah risiko tpt keje dgn risiko mati awal merokok la kn??? maybe... Dear, nsib awk dh benti.. kalo x.....

well.. since i'm the only female who had no other female to kawan, of coz i followd my mentor everywhere (including loafing & him flirting around hehehe. during Jumaat Prayer was the most boring time sbb i had to have lunch alone and 3 hours on my own. nk buat ape???).

during the 3months of (awesome) intern period, i had to endure my mentors' 24hours almost 13hours of smoking, also other engineers esp after brunch and lunch (nk wat cmne, dh mmg mkn ngan drang), and jd cm despatch girl utk beli rokok & chwg gum kt site (upah air tin ok).. smoking xtvt can be anywhere - tangga, dlm kontena yg panas xhingat, bilik reception yg xgune lg dan memane lg ah.

lame2 pai rse cm bau rokok Dunhill my mentor tu wangi plak (ke sbb bcmpur ngan bau perfume dier??). isshhh wangi pn, stil kills.

anyway, another incident i could never ever forget was when me, mama and tokmak went smwhere. can't recalled where. we're in the lift when a guy with a lit up cig came in. of coz the whole damn lift was filled with the smell. few seconds later, tokmak started coughing and almost sound like chocking. buduh btul la mamat tu. my mum trus sound, "xreti bahasa ke dlm lif pn nk merokok". luckily the lift stopped, it was our floor.

the main point is DO NOT EVER SMOKE in SMALL ENCLOSED AREA. if u want, get into ur car and kill urself ALONE there.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

stil me..

i guess the person that really sees me the longest would be my h'mate in Kulim, Nisa.. she's seen me since I was out of college, into work.. leaving.. and going to school again.. altho no doubt that may colleagues were also the witnesses, but i'll exclude them since they never really commented on my changes (hehehe).. then it' Dear, who knows even the slightest change in me..

do i change that much?? mm....

Feb 2006
before back to M'sia

Oct / Aug 2008
since returning Home, mmg asyk mkn je..
lebey2 lg dok Kulim..

Dec 2008

Oct 2009 (during Eid)

not much diff rite??
well.. maybe a slight change in 2008..


uddani iko....

Saturday, May 08, 2010


From Utusan Malaysia online:
Kenali Pasangan Menerusi Makanan

Bila pasangan anda seorang yang amat suka makan ayam goreng, ayam kuah opor dan berbagai masakan dari ayam, maka dia adalah jenis orang yang selalu bersikap realistik . Dia juga seorang yang berfikiran logik dan boleh mempertimbangkan sesuatu perkara dengan rasional. Pasangan jenis ini amat jarang melibatkan perasaan dalam menilai sesuatu perkara.

True!! sbb i like chicken altho xslalu mkn (since i dont really eat meat other than chicken & fish)...

Mmm ingt nk carik yg related ngan Dear, tpi dier xtulis lak...

Friday, May 07, 2010


di suatu petang..
nmpk perut x??

dekat sket....
tu.. nmpk x??

ag dekat..
uisshhh xsedo pn..
tdo mati btul Atam ni..
Atam Mok btul ah..


i think my meals today are not that common from what i usually had. well, nothing has been common since i'm in poor state. had tuna and cheese grilled sandwich for bfast and murtabak maggi for dinner. but ibet, in 4 hours i'll get angry again... what to eat.. what to eat..

*fi, susah giler k nk msak gune hotplate. nk tebalikkn lg la seksa.. tu cm hancuss je murtabak ni..

hot? cold?

today's weather is pretty weird for me.. it's 3+pm now and i can see outside, it's blue sky with a lot of sunshine. and it' warm.. but i'm now in my room, with a heater.... how crazy is that? it's hot out of the house, but it's really chill in here.....

p.s: should hv a thermometer to see what's the temp in here..

it's Friday, ya'll!

today is already Friday. for some, it's w'end already.. same goes with me.. but i hv a long list of things to do..

so far, this week has been great (esp with Dear, muaahhh). altho i usually dreaded when he had to go for his weekly on-site routine (== dead-telco reception), this time i didn't feel that; even to the fact that he had to go in an extra day that usual. i hope i'll stay this way for the remaining of the week.

i know it's what he does.. but i couldn't stop thinking how he'll be after he finished. coz i've seen how flat-out he was after his previous similar-4-day trip in Pekan.. i don't even think my massage had any effect relieving his headache. cian kt awk..

mm i still can't stop smiling thinking of u..

i ♥ u Dear.. so much.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I don't wish to be everything to everyone,
but I would like to be something to someone..

kontok-kontok (as Sabah-an says)...

pergghhh! arini cm pecah rekod gak aa.. today i the 4th day i ate cekodok everyday.. since i bought the flour last friday (craving nyer psl) til today.. i managed to finish half of it... what kind? easy pnyer.. onion, onion & potato or onion & prawn or all in hehehe.

i dunno why.. but since i'm running out of things to chew (like biscuits), i made these cekodok.. coz it's chewy and crunchy at the edges.. am going to buy corn later in the week to make corn-cekodok. mm sebut corn.. dh lame x mkn bubur jagung....

Monday, May 03, 2010


for the past couple of days, my web browsers are acting weird.. they (Google Chrome, Mozilla, IE) are fine in daytime, but when night falls.. they kept crashing.. pelik.. and coz of that, i cant play my fb games coz everytime i try to load, it'll end up with "Shockwave Crash". i even tried reinstall the plugin, but it didnt work. tried reinstall Chrome, didnt work either...

ke.. i need to restart my lappy?? hahaha well.. tmrw maybe.. coz if i restart now, i'll loose our ym converation huhuhu~

now on the weather.. i really dont understand why the anchorwoman in the news said, "Winter is finally here!" yea right! it' summer in daytime, and only winter-like at night time. the temp even have the range between 27 to 14 degrees. i'm so ready to go back home and endure the always warm temp. coz even with that heat, i could always blast off the fan..

argghhh!! it's monday already : (

Sunday, May 02, 2010


i want Mad Mushroom Cheese Pizza.... no place has ever made that simple yet tasty pizza..

i'm hungry.....

Saturday, May 01, 2010



The stars lean down to kiss you
And I lie awake and miss you
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere

‘Cause I’ll doze off safe and soundly
But I’ll miss your arms around me
I’d send a postcard to you, dear
‘Cause I wish you were here

I’ll watch the night turn light-blue
But it’s not the same without you
Because it takes two to whisper quietly

The silence isn’t so bad
‘Til I look at my hands and feel sad
‘Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly

I’ll find repose in new ways
Though I haven’t slept in two days
‘Cause cold nostalgia
Chills me to the bone

But drenched in vanilla twilight
I’ll sit on the front porch all night
Waist-deep in thought because
When I think of you I don’t feel so alone

* the last sentence is not true.. coz i miss u badly when i think of u...
i hope u miss me too..