Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Awk dh nk tgglkn msia dh erk, pejam celik x sedar lak :(" - I've thought of this longer than u do..

Thursday, January 22, 2009

it's official

it's official that my flight to Sydney will depart on march 7th, 2009 arond 10+pm.. right now all that i'm thinking is that i'll miss him. just talking on the phone is not the same as meeting face-to-face. huhuu~

but looking forward to UNSW and Toastmasters in Sydney, yezza!!!

Stay by Estrella

Sound straight from the twilight
Has me up all night
I can't fall asleep 'cause I keep thinking of you
And I saw a shadow outside my window and it's you.

All my sorrows flew away
Hush, keep quiet, hear me say
I don't ever want you to go
Please stay
With the moonlight dancing free
And there's no one but you and me
There's no reason to go astray
Please stay.

Making up a story
It's the way you're looking at me
If you think that this is funny, it's just you.

Try and think about it,
If you're heart is closed don't lock it,
Keep your keys back in your pocket,
Think this through.

Please stay with me
Just stay with me
and I will take you to Foreverland
Just stay


I wish he could stay, but that's just me being selfish~

someone to talk to

what i need in my life is someone who would listen to me. i hv spent all my life listening to others and keep everything to myself. let it be anything happy, sad, troublesome or secret. people trusts me with their stories but with whom should i trust mine?

i found someone to talk to and we really talked (we could talk for more than 6 hrs straight). but now when i think of it, i think that i've told too much to him. altho it felt like the weight on my shoulder has been lifted, but this dear person might have been worried by everything i have told him. i told him of my joyful experience, as well as all my dissatisfaction of things around me. things that i've kept so long. i don't like telling bad about others but i simply don't know why i told him from A to Z. all in all, it's still great to be able to talk with someone matured.

so if ure reading this, thank you a lot! u really r an impressive listener and precious person to me :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


First of all,
hapPy Bday Boy!
January 20th, 2009
Ure officially 20 yrs old now
(weLcome to the 20s') ;)

HappY AnniVerSary to
Mama & Papa.
January 21st, 2009
It's 30 yrs of blessed marriage with chaotic kids!
Love u both! Muahhxx!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

South Sulawesi trip

Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi

Port Rotterdam, Makassar, South Sulawesi

talking tim3..

Almost a week later from my previous post..

Lemme see what happened within this past week. Apart from being car-less, there is a new info for those taking the bus back to home town for Chinese NY. FYI All north-bound travel will depart from Hentian Duta and East-bound in Terminal Putra for travel between Jan 19th - Feb 2nd. I was quite pissed when i learnt that I was at the wrong station yesterday. All bus station should have put up the notice weeks earlier rather than have their passengers to know on the spot.

I was lucky i went to the counter since my friend with me also wanted to buy his tic back. Since it's 15 mins to 6pm and it's rush hour, I bought the next bus to Kulim = 11pm. For some reason, i was kinda glad coz i got extra 5 hours to be with him :D. We dont know when else we could meet after this since i'll be flying off to Sydney very soon and he's caught in his work. Surprisingly, 10 hours are not enough for us even we hang-out together the night b4. I guess I'm too chatty lar.. hehee

Well, that's all for now! Only 4 weeks to go b4 it's the end of my working life. For now at least..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

the Ball is rolling..

I felt like a ball in the staff meeting today.. U see, i'm supposed to work on my Failure Analyss (FA) projects which are currently pending customer review. Then, another CAD couldnt cope with the schedule for his proj (Test Card A), so he handed over his proj to me since i was the previous owner. Now I got 3 jobs on hand.

The main topic for the last 10 mins of the meeting today was coverage for Chinese NY holiday on week5. Another critical project (Test Card B) is dued on that week, but the design could only be finalized by end of this week(3). Layout work will start on week4 and to be finished on week5.

There r 2 person working on week5 (me & another trainee) so this critical board need my coverage. So does the Test Card A. Then left my FA which can be done early next week (4). My boss was checking our schedule and moving it around. haha honestly, only me get to move around.

End up, I hand over my TC A to another colleague who will finish it after the Chinese NY and I'll be working on both FAs and TC B for the next couple of weeks..

A colleague once said, "Layout Engineers go wherever the 'fire' is...". How true it is. Someone commented, "Liyana, u need to split into 2". Even my boss said, "Can u do part time in Australia??". LOL!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Too many things happened..

As of Friday, i dont hv any grandparents in Muar anymore..
I guess raya from now on will be long stays in Pontian and a short visit to Muar..

I dont even hv my car now. Got into another accident on my way back to KL @ ~4am. I hit a Nissan, which hit a trailer earlier before. The whole thing took a very long time to settle due to the death of the trailer driver. The cars cant be towed away until the remain was released by police forensic and sent to hospital. After waiting for almost 2 hours, we asked the inspector whether it's ok for us to leave first since we're supposed to start the burial prep and leave for Johor in the morning. Fortunately enough, he was really considerate and asked us to go back and only submit the report on Sunday.

The reporting itself yesterday took longer time. Last time, it's sufficient enough to just lodge it at the counter, but this time there is a session with the inspector for detailed report. I dont think he got a lot of info for the trailer's accident since i ran into the Nissan couple of minutes after it hit the trailer.

Man.. I hate being carless!! Now i cant go back to KL anytime i want to : (

Thanx N for the wonderful support. i really need it :)

Friday, January 09, 2009


I change my FB status to this yesterday - Nur is working.. working.. soon working is out of the picture~.

This is what my boss said during our team lunch just now - Wah Liyana.. ure working working now ahh?

I replied - Ya lor.. what else to do now..

*sigh* this is what u get once u hv ur boss in your friends list. LOL!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Toastmasters Kulim --> Sydney

My 1st day of coming to work at full hour (8-5.30) since my 2-week holiday. I'll be having my 5th CC speech in my Toastmasters meeting tonight. Strangely, I do feel nervous as I have taken a rest for a very long time since my 4th speech.

I was reading an article from Los Angeles Times (,0,3452770,full.story) when i noticed one thing.

What is Toastmaster? I would normally say it's a club to improve public speaking and getting into leadership. Then it hit me when I remembered Distinguished ToastMaster (DTM) KK Chew said. It's about the PEOPLE.

I have to raise my arm agreeing 100%. It really is about the people. I know this first hand. My close circle of friends are fellow Toastmaster for our home base Intel Kulim. We have guests even saying they're surprised on how close we are. You just have to come and see to believe it.

Knowing I'm coming closer to my end chapter here, I'm looking forward to a new beginning in UNSW, New South Wales Aussie soon. I really hope I would be able to find the same if not better circle of friends, not merely acquaintances.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

It's that time of year again. Time for FOCAL (performance review).. I'm too lazy to do the write-ups and due today!...

Apart frm that.. I seems to be counting days.. You seriously need to get a grip girl! Aihhh cepat laaa~~
Here is the pic on the card I mention in my previous post. hehee

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Bday wishes..

So yesterday was my bday (m'sia is jan 6th now).. here r some wishes I received & my comments..

papa - Happy birthday.. born around 2.30pm. Getting matured already.. not old. you're 26thth already. ha.. ha.. ==> pergh, is this really my dad??

mama - happy bday (animation jumping with cakes). u're 26!

sis - morning2.. Happy birthday yg ke 26 yek. apekah wish anda? :) Semoga happy2 selalu => she's been wishing me with a lot of hints..

boy - laugh ur hear out.. dance in d rain.. cherish d moments.. ignore d pain.. life, love, learn, forgive n forget.. life is too short to live wit regret! may ur dreans cm true.. happy 26th besday sis! (^^,)/

The most funniest one [with a mystery man in it ; ) ] is in the card my aunt gave me.. will take a picture and post it tomorrow.


p/s: There is 1 thing i want for my bday....

Monday, January 05, 2009

new year.. new year..

at 2.23pm today, it'll be the 26th year of me being in this world.

people are still talking about new year resolution and stuff, so i guess mine will be new year resolution (if i hv) and bday wish.

My resolution? hurmm.. to excel my studies, of course..
My wish? this one is a secret la.. heheheee

I will post up some pics of my recent Sulawesi trip later.. need to upload first..