Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I lied on one of the promises I made earlier. I didnt update my blog but I did concentrate on my training! Now.. lemme see if i got anything interesting happened in between the S'pore trip and now.. OF COURSE THERE IS!!! and this is the most excited thing ever happened so far. owh before that, lemme update on the rest of the non-so-excited news..

One.. I lost my E90 Communicator on the bus trip back to KL. *uck whoever took it. Due to that, I got my latest gadget. Sony E K530i.. pretty much back to basic.. bleh la.. i like the metal-rusty color it has..

Nice music and awesome laser show is what I got!

Last but not the least.. I met my best buddy from my primary school, Nazri!!! Ok, not really met face to face. just SMS and cell call. I was really surprised when he added me in FB! I've been searching for u, man! finally, i got to meet u back after 13 YEARS!! hehheee turned out he was also looking for me, which led him finding me in FB. FB, I OWE U A LOT!! Ahh, I'm so excited to meet him soon. So unfortunate that now he's in KL but I'm in Kulim.. huhuuu. both of us are not satisfied until we meet face to face. LOL! taleh la nk buli dier lagi. he's not that small anymore ; ) whatever it is, he is definitely one person from my school years that I could never forget. Xpe, hopefully we'll meet soon.
~Walking back on the memory lanes...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i promise

.. i will update my blog tomorrow

.. i will try to 'focus' on my statistical training tomorrow

that's all i can promise for now. better make realistic promises than empty ones..

Friday, May 09, 2008


there is a thief in the office..

Day 1: 6-pack.. drink out 1..
Day 2: took 1.. 5 left..
Day 3: drink another 1.. 4 left..
Day 4: took 1.. 3 left..
Day 8: drank 2.. 1 left..
Day 11: 0 left!! huh?!?!

finally a short break!

Q: Is this a cathedral?? Think again.
A: It's a restaurant cum bar cum mall in S'pore

frankly speaking, i want to update my blog but i'm lazy to type. but if i dont do it now, everything will simply stack up to a point i just dont update at all.. so here's a pinch of everything (almost)..

the 'interview' was OK. altho i think i screwed up a question or two, i think it's so-so. the whole process was short and simple. no current affairs related questions were being asked. everything is about ur study choice. owh yeah, they asked about ur salary too. LOL!

after that, back to work for 2 days. then off to Johor/S'pore. Met up with my high school friend whom I went raya-ing last year. We took the bus to S'pore the next day. Nothing much to say other than I'm impressed with the cleanliness and had no fear of going into public loos. hehee. What can u complained about this on a no-chewing-gum country??

Btw, I'm soo proud of myself. Managed to go for trip without actually spending a lot on shopping. Other than a S$20 souvenirs (ok maybe that's a lot), the rest of the budget was spent on the transportation, entrance tickets, lunch and WATER! Me and my friend literally dug in about 3L of water the whole day! This trip could be regarded as the 2nd trip which I walked the most (stil can't beat HK and Macau). Let the photos speaks..

Check out this cool Fountain of Water Pearl in the Suntec City Mall, S'pore. It really does looks like pearls showering down..

Duriann!!! This is the Esplanade.
Like Sydney Opera House, I think. But the interior is open to public to admire all forms of art.

I need a ride! oh my, poyo plak rasa. cm police traffic pon ader. LOL!!

Now.. we're now at the Merlion.. next is.. lemme check the map..

Sentosa Island of course~

Believe it or not, this is only a day trip. Must go again!