Monday, August 20, 2007

Can somebody buy me a house??

Yesterday, I watched a slot of "Money & You" over in 8TV. Topic of the day was LOAN. Then, the host and some bankers talked about leveraging your assets. Honestly, I dont really get the concept of leveraging and re-financing your assets. It sounds to me that you are multiplying your loans (another word for "debt"). And my, the only asset I have is my car, which is the ONLY LOAN I have for now. Paying it monthly is ok, but sometimes it's a pain to have almost half of your salary is gone (should I say the 1st half of your pay??).

To think about it, I really wanna buy a house. Property is the best asset you could have (after land, of course). This is the ultimate dream to have a place of my own which I design myself.. layouts.. layouts.. but to do so, I need land. Nowadays, most Malaysians buy houses that are build by the developers. So we dont really have a say on the layout. Cant change much on that. Either you like it or not. Take it or leave it.

Wanna know y i longed for my own house right now? right at this moment?? Coz I'm thinking of all the cutleries, plates etc etc that i have at home. When will i ever be using it? When I am married? LOL! that would be ages from now!! By that time, I would be buying new ones. hehee I think I am becoming like my mum.. crazy about all those kitchenettes.. but I am too afraid to use at the place I'm living now. I dont think I can stand see other people using it the WRONG way. If u dont understand what I am saying, think about these.
1 -Why do u use a knife to open a can when u have the can opener? Thus u're damaging the sharp edge of the knife. The knifes that I BOUGHT?? Actually I bought all the KNIVES in the house. I'm not mengungkit ok, i bought it for everybody to use.

2-Why do u use (cheap undurable) plastic container to heat your food in the microwave when u know it could melt anytime? There are a lot of glass container in the kitchen that u could use.. Havent u heard that a lot of bad chemicals from plastic container react with your food when they're heated??

So readers, do u understand why I am afraid? I want my own house! *sigh*
the lack of updates are due to:

1-i'm too busy with work and training for the past & current months
2-i know no one read my blog, so what's the point??
3-nothing interesting happens to me