Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy Bday Papa!

Yosh.. so today is the last day in January.
means less than 11 months to go before i am 25 ( shoot!)
means today is 31st
Means it's my dad B-day!!!!
(oh ya, also means tomorrow is a public holiday for Thaipusam)

HaPpy 49th B-DaY!!
Wow! U didn't look that old!! hehehe

Friday, January 19, 2007


it's 2.35pm on one friday evening. i am waiting for kimberly to appear from her 1:1 with our boss, CH. realizing i hv no idea what to tell him, i have these wild butterflies flying around in my stomach. the purpose of this 1:1 is to discuss the Individual Development Plan (IDP) for 2007. also for Focal review for those permanent employee ( not for Graduate Trainees). honestly, i dont know where my direction is. seems like my knowledge is almost near to zero in this computer area. everything is new and one of the way to learn is by reading, which i suck at. *sigh*. i stil have the fear of damaging the system everytime i want to try something. the most recent, i broke one of the dimm connectors on one of my boards. due to that, i lost some connections on my memory test. wah lao! i know each board coz like hundreds of dollars.. (i got two). so i wonder how much will the rework cost. CH might be angry coz when i first receive it, he told everyone to be careful with their product coz they're all EXPENSIVE! but CS is sooo cool, saying it's normal. he broke a lot of the connectors before.

now.. what will i say when Ch ask me, " So what kind of development do u think u need? how well do u think ur knowledge in this area is? Do u think u can manage the projects fro this year?" Dang!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Relationship arouNd Me

Hahaha yeah. This topic again! But this entry is a view from another aspect of relationship. I’ve spent some time on analyzing the relationship of people around me. Not of my family that is. I found that it’s rather ‘complicated’. I’m not sure whether the relationship itself IS complicated or the people involved in the relationship MADE IT complicated.

I’ve known this couple. I wont say their relationship is shaky or whatsoever. But the bf is now off for training for this long period of time. Everything was heaven when they are close, but seems like there is this ‘crack’ in their wall when they’re apart. I guess it’s because they have never been separated. Yet, I couldn’t identify weather it’s the girl or guy’s fault. Looks like both did something wrong. The guy kept repeating this particular BAD event, which the girl has warned him before. And since then, the girl has reluctantly to communicate with him. Be it via phone, SMS or face-to-face. But the girl also did some things wrong (Maybe from my perspective, not hers). It’s NOT a fling, I have to stress. It’s more like ‘passing the time’. Sometimes, she spent some times with her bf’s best friend. Anything fishy going on? I have this question in my mind. Since he’s always hanging out with this girl, will the guy ever have a girlfriend? (who am I to ‘jaga tepi kain org??’)

Then this girl, all her meeting with this guy is hidden from her bf’s knowledge. Either she turned off her phone to avoid the call, or just refused to answer. If the calls are answered, the excuse will be hanging out with the girls.. What’s wrong with telling the bf? He already knows sometimes u hang out with his friends. It’s not a sin IF you tell him.

Another couple I know. Another long distance relationship. They’re lovey-dovey and all. Everything done will be told to each other. The surface, at least. Like the first couple, same scenario happened. The lying.. plus, this girl also have been hanging out with this guy. It’s sort of, ‘melayan’. The guy does know that this girl is in another relationship, but hmm…

I don’t understand. I know when u r married. As a wife, u need to tell ur husband where, with whom and how long ure going. Of course, that is ur duty when ure married. But ure not even officially attached yet (in terms of the religion). If u want to lie, might as well don’t start reporting each and everything u do in ur life, for God sake! I thought trust is the main element here. If you trust each other, u won’t be doing anything suspicious and the ‘white lies’ wont happen. U won’t do anything that u don’t want ur partner to do to u. What u give is what u get. Everybody knows that.

Well.. I am unwillingly dragged into the situation as well. Then again, who am I to say anything?? I’m not even in a single relationship as they are… I guess that is what pro-s do.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Computer labs microcosm of our species' most irritating habits

I found this post in today's Purdue Exponent. it's so true even i wasnt an avid computer lab user towards the end of my college life.. it's worth reading and agreeable.. :)

"My computer came down with Ibreakbecauseicaneitis, a real computer virus, a few weeks ago during the pinnacle of my semester workload. Despite stroking, pleading, and as a last resort, cinnamon toast with chamomile tea, my computer's health did not improve so I was forced to eat the toast myself and think of an alternate plan to get my papers done. Angry and already sleep deprived, I stormed to a computer lab on campus and set up camp for the long haul.

Little did I know that Purdue's computer labs were a perfect microcosm of our species' most irritating habits. Talking, wheezing, spying, you name it, it's there. Why computer labs, I cannot truthfully answer you; my only theory is that my computer's virus had mutated, traveled with me to the lab, and infected everyone else with something that made them as annoying as George Bush is when he tries to make a speech but can't pronounce the words. Maybe it was the combination of desperation plus sleep deprivation, but suddenly every annoyance I'd found in computer labs magnified to an obsession that can only be released by warning you, my fellow comrades in computer lab suffering, of the most common grievances that I have with the computer lab users.

First of all, it is just the No. 1 law of Doom (half brother to Fate) that you sit next to the only mouth breather in the entire room. Huffing and puffing like he just ran a marathon, his rattling breath will be audible even if your Ipod is turned on. If you are already having a bad day, said mouth breather will have bad breath, and because of the basic law of computer lab physics, their bacteria infested panting will somehow bounce off of their screen, hit the desk, spring up to the ceiling, jet back down into your computer area, gain strength by the laser censor on the mouse, and then angle up to your nose. He will stay the entire you are there, too, because he is playing online video games and has nothing more important to do than rot in front of the computer screen, playing fellow rotting mouth breathers.

Although I've never actually seen a huge sign in the labs that says "NO TALKING- this means you!" with an angry Uncle Sam pointing simultaneously at all of us, it seems like it is an unspoken courtesy to not talk, or to at least talk very quietly, while in the computer lab. There is always, however, at least one person in attendance that missed this memo on etiquette and talks so loudly you wonder if he has earplugs in. This person will, without fail, see someone he knows and pose a conversation with them that is so absurd that the harder you try to ignore it, the louder and more absurd the conversation becomes.

Speaking of loud, obnoxious people, did you just hear Kelly Clarkson blast through the room? Don't worry, she's not singing live in the computer lab, thank god, it's just a cell phone ring, but the worst is yet to come. I'll save you the trouble of turning around and glaring at the perpetrator answering the call by telling you it's a lost cause. The pink shirted girl who answered it will be too busy rehashing into her pink cell phone about her latest episode of partying and getting "wasted" to her friend (presumably also wearing pink), who - unlike everyone else in the room - is incredibly curious what her experience of getting "wasted" was like, because surely she's never experienced anything like it. She will slap pink fingernail-painted hands on the desk in mirth while everyone else turns pink in the face, trying to control their desire to shove her pink phone up her Pink (by Victoria Secret) sweatpants.

After Pink hangs up, you will almost certainly hear two small, weedy guys across the way, giggling with their noses pressed in univariate calculus books and loudly talking in Italian or Chinese or !Kung. Being a nosy person, this is exceptionally irritating to me because, not understanding those languages, I cannot unwittingly spy on their conversation.
After I finished all my papers on that fateful weekend, I sighed in relief knowing that I would finally stop pulling my hair out, strand by strand. I clicked Print, gathered my stuff and headed to the printer, hoping to leave, only to find that Loud Talker, Pink Cell Phone Girl, Mouth Breather, and Weedy Foreign Guys were all in line in front of me at the printer, were all printing a semester's worth of PowerPoint notes, and were all printing with just one slide to a page instead of six. I sighed, sat back down to wait and pulled out my cell phone to call someone and loudly tell them all about my weekend."

By Anne Reznicek. Sophomore in the College of Liberal Arts. Publication Date: 12/08/06

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Just waiting for the clock to hit 5.30pm. so here are some random pictures..

this bank note was taken in Macau Museum of Maritime. Actually it goes under the Hungry Ghost Festival. The Chinese wil burn food, money and some other stuff for the spirits. See the marking "HELL BANK NOTE". Does this imply that the hungry ghosts r all bad ghost that have the opportunity to 'roam' the earth during this month?? wohoo!! see the currency as well! who doesnt want it?? $50 millions!

Is this possible??

Friday, January 05, 2007


Just got off from phone with my mum. 33 minutes and 33 secs. Half of the time is about 'relationship' stuff. huhuhu man.. i'm not really in favor of such b-day lecture. am i ready enough to think of it? of course, at this age, it is appropriate to have a relationship (some people hv kids at this age) but entah la.. i dont think i am ready for such big committment like marriage. lol i can commit for relationship, but for marriage, i have to think first. get real, i am not even in a single relationship! so i never thought of marriage seriously.

Had some conversation last night with Niha. I felt kind of weird to discuss about this topic with others (about MY non-existance r'ship). But to think of it, if i calculated right, among all of my girlfriends, maybe only 4-5 of us is not in a raltionship. of course i dunno if they do but didnt disclose it to others. So i assume, 4-5 of us really have some huge pressure on us. can we handle it? i think we could but i wonder for how long..

so, to not make things worst, i better stop here. To Hayrenn and other who were born at Jan 5th, HapPy BDay All!!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

GooD bYe My DeskTop

The IT people came today to collect my desktop since i was given a laptop last month. no more big screen and faster CPU.. mMmmMMmm plus the internet is really slow due to the earthquake in Taiwan.

oh yeah, talked to Bryan just now. he'll be leaving for Thailand tonight. Have fun and be safe, Bryan. Make sure u come back healthy and bouncing! :)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Me and one of my teammates were talking about buildings in HK in the lab. HOw pretty they are at night. Then somehow, came out the topic of Intel buildings. mmm.. the most non-interesting building of all.. plus, it's the same square white building with blue Intel logo all around the world. haiyaa! so boringggg.. i mean, u could have the white and blue color, cant u just have different shape??

i mean, i understand about the standardization. but well, now i hv to streotype that Intel = square white building. *sigh* what do u think??

Back to Work

Wow! After almost 2 weeks of holidays, I am back at work.

“ Kelly, have fun at work! “. Yeah, thanks Bryan. Just what I need. I am afraid, THAT will be kind of hard. Ure enjoying ur break in Thailand now, for God sake!

Anyway, I successfully drove my way back to Kulim. It was raining half the way. While driving, I realize how lucky I actually was to live in Kulim! Haha might sound weird. But, I have to admit I do have a lo-stress life ( the stress still exist. But not that much ).

Think about it:-
1. No need to think of traffic jams. Work time or holiday time! I am always opposite of huge traffic to and fro KL!
2. Can wake up 20 mins before work, but can still make it on time.
3. Can live for a week with only RM10!
4. Total freedom hehe.

Of course, there are cons:-
1. Not much of social life.
2. No close distance entertainments.

Oh ya! Pic above is taken during my trip down to Hk to visit Bryan.