Thursday, September 25, 2014

My 1st Run, ever..

So, i'm no longer a virgin in running.

My 1st run was supposed to be the SP Half Marathon 2014 (12km Fun Run) but the run clashed with my dear cousin's wedding. Hence, 2XU Compression Run 2014 became the one.

When the organizer released the route, I had many thoughts. Why did I choose this run?? It's hilly. It's at the Botanical Garden, Bird Park and Parliment area. Only then the name "Competitive" 10km Run makes sense.

I blamed all of this on my friend, Nadiah, who forced me to register for 10km instead of 5km. I was nervous. Nadiah is a seasoned runner, so this should be easy for her. She even ran half marathons, for Godness sake!

The event was scheduled at 21st September, 2014 (Sunday). I actually ran without much of a preparation. I had my cousin's wedding in Melaka on the 12th & 13th, then to Tioman on 15th-18th, another cousin's wedding in Kelantan on the 19th. So, the fact that I 'skipped' exercising for more than a week didn't help me to calm my nerve down.

Anyway, getting there on that day was nerve recking. Flag off for 10km run was at 6am, and i reached there around 5.40am due to the roadblocks. There were hundreds of people (there were close to 2000 runner as Nad's bib is 4:1123)

The host announced that whomever aiming for prizes need to be in the 1st wave (Wave? huh??). Well, I don't need to. My aim was to finish the run under 2hours. There are medals for all finisher :)

At flag off, I bid Nad farewell. We'll be meeting again after each of us has finished our run. I saw a glimpse of her at the 1km mark, then she's gone. Surprisingly, I managed to run all the way past the 1km, altho slowly. I could hardly run during my crossfit run although it's just a 600m around the block!

The route was clearly marked at every km. So i set my self to go by 1km distance with an average pace of 10min/km. Here's what i talked to my self at every mark hahaha:-

1km- Wow! I maanged to run that far w/o walking?!?

2km- Darn, already started to climb for the hill. I'm walking already.
3km- ure good, liyana. ure meeting the 10min/km pace. Keep it up!
4km- 3/5 of the race more, then ure done!
5km- OMG! I would hv finished if i signed for 5km run instead of this!! ~47min @5km.
6km- how come ure very far away from the 5km mark?!? i hate these hills -_-'
7km- 3km more to go! to eat the gel or not? eat laa.. yummy, green apple flavor is quite nice..
8km- 2km to go. all the way downhill, but seriously i cannot run anymore.
9km- i can see the entry of Botanical Garden. it's the last km! I should really thanked Nad for this.

10km/Finish- run for the last 200m hahahahahaha! i crossed the line, grinning :)

i finally finish my first run!! And i don't feel like dying.

Of course, Nad out run me. It's a huge difference for an 18min gap.

Overall, i'm really proud of myself! 

Tq Nadiah for pushing me. Tq Crossfit. That one particular WOD: 3.2km-row-1.6km-row-0.8km-row 0.4km: was really awful.

Race Information
Date: 21 September 2014 (Sunday)
Venue: Taman Botani Perdana
Organizer: Pink Apple

Clearly visible distance marker
Water station at every 2.5km-3km


Nothing really : )

Can't wait for my next run: BSN Putrajaya Night Run on 11th Oct, 2014.