Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year to all!

hehee i noticed that i haven't updated my blog for quite some time. too much holiday, then too much work need to be done. but i cant procastinate too long, or soon all the ideas i have to write will 'evaporate'.

anyway, first and foremost, HaPpY NeW yEaR to everybody. hope 2008 will be more joyous and happiness than years before.

next, celebrating new year means i'm getting older LOL! me & afiq, my cousin celebrated our bday in advance last tuesday. afiq was born in Jan 2nd, and me on Jan 5th. there are way too many 'Jannies' in the family (my bro is 21st, then my dad 31st). well, afiq is now 8yrs old and gosh, i'm more than 3x older than him! =) ahh, happy b-day to hayrenn too who was born the same day as me.

third update, my sis in RMIT, Oz has finally graduated, with Honors. huhuu. honestly better than me. then i think, ahh not fair that Purdue only has A(4.0), B(3.0), C(2.0) etc and other uni has A, B+, B, B- and such. 0.5 point grade does make a big difference in our GPA, u know! here's a pic. my sis & her, only they both graduated without having to repeat any papers.. ConGrats SiS! Blk nnt jgn lupe blanjer, dh jadik org Maxis.. kayo kayo!

now... the picture above reminds me of this one.. me & my rummie! seriously la Jul, ko mmg sebijik cm rumet adik aku tu. chubbie2, kecik2, ko pon slalu pakai spec.. huhuu..
talking about commencement, RMIT held their event totally different than Purdue. it's a grand celebration there, even they have a live telecast in their national TV! a parade was held a day before the ceremony. the parade is all around Melbourne where all graduates will march along with some bands. the next day, the ceremony was held in Telstra Dome (a huge stadium) contra to our Elliot Hall. U sat way too far dear in the stadium. the only way to see the cert passing is via screens placed all over the stadium.

another difference is the cert is actually 'exposed'. my cert was handed inside a Purdue bind. and aha! their cert is way bigger. twice the size! of course, they dont have rope to distinguish wheter ure an honors or not.

last but not the least, belated MerrY XmaS to all as well.

well, that's the updates so far. i better continue my work now. ciao!