Thursday, July 30, 2009

ya Allah..
kurniakan lah kesabaran
serta permudahkn lah urusan kami..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

school and teacher..

i thought by not sleeping for more than a day, i would dozed off for a long time when i could.. boy, i was wrong.. slept around 6pm, then i woke up at 3am. that's is only a 9-hour sleep.. how come i didnt sleep for like 15 hours like before???? well. looking for smthg to do now.. coz i can't sleep anymore, hv class in 7 hours..

i'm now watching Ally talk show on TV3 online, he's talking about school kids and his 1st guest was a monitor in the class.. fren's remark on him is that he's a strict monitor but a very good fren. which reminds me of who i was during school. yup, i am that strict monitor, always bullying people by asking them to do stuff.. and of coz, i did that even when i'm not their monitor.. jahat.. jahat..

of coz, my fav teacher of all is my homeroom teacher.. altho some people said she's strict, but i find her nice. she's caring; since we're in full boarding school, all of us were away from home. maybe for me is that, she's the one person whom i could share all my thoughts with and would listen to me.. don't get it wrong here, i share everything fun with the people around me but being me, i do hv some moments which were personal..

hmm lagu sekolah... i only remmber for my MRSM but the only part i remember was, "ini bumi yg ku pijak.. ini langit yg ku junjung.. taiping bertuah, bersejarah..". that's pretty much it.. hohoo i only sang the school song llike 4 months out of 2 years being there. i'm the pianist for the school and i didn't hv the talent to play and sing.. i could only hum...

hmm.. rindu nyer zmn sekolah.. can i go back to the time where all i need to think about is studying?? leave alone the working problem, money problem and love situation.. aci? my my.. this is merely just a dream ne?..

something changes..
i don't want it to be that way.....

Sunday, July 26, 2009


how i wish he's here with me.....

i think i've done the most stupidest thing ever today. i don't know what's gotten to my mind. i got worried too much out of nothing and was carried away by it.. no wait, it's not out of nothing. it's legit for me to feel that way. my God! why am i so naive?? where was my sense of judgment??

i think i 've crossed that boundary of sanity, and i'm surprised that i'd even thought of doing what i thought of. at that moment, i felt so scared if what's been in my mind would be a fact. if what i dreamt of would be a reality. that would definitely put both of us in a very messy messy trouble. it's not the right time yet. we're not even in the right place..

well.. human is human. we got feelings and desires, rite? alhamdulillah it has concluded. i'm so relieved...

Saturday, July 25, 2009


i came to another crossroad in my life & i halted. no choice seemed favorable for me (& him) at that moment but i had to choose. i certainly won't go down the path that is not me, not who i am and the path that i couldn't endure the consequences. i have chosen my route, and i have no regret. i may need to change the course of my life, but life is not easy rite? even my life is a crazy and incomplete maze.. but thank God 'm not alone...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fate & Faith

Fate is something u've got to fight against..
But when u really can't go anymore,
it's all up to your faith to believe on....

Thursday, July 23, 2009


i want White Choc Macadamia Cake (Secret Recipe).... can somebody get it for me??

For some reason, this photo reminds me of those yummy food i had while i was in Toraja, Sulawesi.. and of coz the jambu which i hadn't had for awhile.. i want jambu with kicap!!
actually another thing which makes me wonder is that do i differ that much now and then (7 months ago) according to dear?

well well well.. heard from some other Malaysians in the lab that most of the undergrads in EE (electrical engineering) will be extending their semester here.. i wonder what the sponsors will say.. even the fella next to me in class just now was so scared of the course, altho it's only the 1st day.. she's graduating this semester so i think i know y.. but whatever it is, i need to aim higher this semester.

~chayok!! :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

state of mind..

i used to like being alone (still do) but i know being so is dangerous for me.. combination of being alone and nothing to do is even worst. why? coz i tend to think too much.. of everything.. when i'm in that state, i would feel down most of the time.

and the only person who i need the most, who could cheer me up is thousands miles away..


arini adalah hari paling membosankn dlm sejarah idup!! ader gap 5 jam in between classes and i got nothing to do.. bender yg ader nk buat pn dh buat.. so ape lg????

aaaaa tolongg!!! xpenah raser bosan pai tahap sebegini skali....

How easy do i get bored?

in general, it's quite easy..
to be specific, it depends...

i could easily get bored reading if after a page, i yawn.
i could easily get bored watching tv if in 10 secs, it's a crap or i don't even know what's on (in other word = advertisement).

i don't mind drinking the same thing over and over again,
nor i don't mind eating the same thing either,
or listening to the same music at any time,
maybe.. for the next 1 week (at most)..
hey, even Sudoku has its' time limit for me.

but then,
i could never get bored with my 2 'ngada2' cats.
i could never get bored by spending my time on the beach or anything nature.

and of course,
i could never get bored with my dear,
it's always interesting with him.. i wonder why....

[how easy do u get bored?]

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pisa Tower

Surprisingly the tower is quite small.. we only had 40 mins here so we didnt hv the chance to climb up..3 Rangers - Shaira, Ezrul & Me

Me & Shaira.. cm baik je ek? sebenonyer...... hanya Dear je yg tau hahaha!

Secret.. we took buses and trains for free in Italy. i mean all in Italy (Firenze, Venezia, Rome, Milano). hahahaha! shuushhh keep quiet..

Monday, July 20, 2009

Jetlag - night 2

another night for jetlag. Gosh, my body clock is so screwed. i slept at 5.30pm and woke up at 11pm.. then i cant sleep anymore..i dont even know i'm following which country clock! this is so weird coz i never had jetlag more than a day, even i was in US.. i wonder..

now.. what to do?.....

1- eat choc
2- do laundry and more laundy
3- eat Maggi (tp salah taktik, kembang dh..)
4- update blog (byk-byk)
5- click click on Facebook pai bosan
6- becucuk tanam kt Facebook pai xtau nk tanam ape dh..

and now due to 'staring' at the pc for too long.. i got a headache...

Congrats roomie!

Forgot to wish.. this has been long due..
Congrats to Julia & Jemang!!!
Selamat gak korg akhirnyer..
Jul, parents ko msti senang ati.. abis dh smer anak2 derang hehee~
* suke la ko nk gossip ngn mak aku pasni ek??

Boy, Jem, Jul & Me @ Jemang's reception in Shah Alam

Vatican City

i dont think i will post up a lot of my euro trip pics here.. too many.. so just bits & pieces..
here's at Vatican City... crowded place..

what i do...

i noticed that since finishing high-school... i either clean the house or cook when i'm bored or can't sleep... like now huhuuu~

new day, new semester..

it's Monday, 4.30am now.. i guess i'm having a jetlag. or maybe coz i slept too much today? i dont know what else to do, so i'll update the blog..

it's officially the 1st day of class for Semester 2, 2009. my first class of the week will be my microElectronics lab. i hope the fellas in there are seriously friendly. i hope i will like and score in all of my classes this semester. i need to raise up the bar from previous term. there's no room for slacking so u better step it up liyana!

now, what do i feel of the new semester? honestly i dont know. i just hope 1st lab will go well and my lab tutor is kind :D

on my way back to Kensington this morning, i saw this familiar surroundings and made me felt as if i've left sydney for such a long time ( a month to be exact). it's a lie if i say i didnt miss being here, but it's surely a relief coming back after the tiring 2 weeks of Euro Trip. it's time to get back to the student routine.

God, shower me with love and strength this semester so that i'll do well in my studies and able to handle my heart on missing Dear so much..

Saturday, July 18, 2009

in Transit

now i'm in Changi.. i got 2 hours b4 my flight to Sydney..

i was in troubled with my Wifi connection but i managed to get help from the IT guy. he came down to the terminal reception and fixed my wireless adaptor. well... all of this only AFTER dear was online!!! dang!! with 0 cell credit, there's nothing i could do now coz he's away at a relative's places *sigh* (pesanan abg IT tu: blajo baik2. hehee)

can't wait to get back to sydney, but dont want class to start..

here're few photos from my Euro trip... @ Venezia (Venize)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


at Colosseum in Rome. i will update when i get back to Sydney. it is chaos now..

Euro Trip update..

another quick update..

i'm in Berlin, Germany now and tomorrow will be off to Amsterdam, then Brussels, Luxembourgh and finally Paris. 4 days to go before getting my ass back to Sydney, yeay!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

where am i...

short update..

my 2-week break in Malaysia was gone in a flash.. i kept wondering why time flies soooo fast when i'm with my beloved one and move so slow when i'm away..

i'm now in my Euro trip.. weirdly, i dont feel that excited. don't ask me why coz i dunno.. please let these 2 weeks end fast so that i could get my ass back to Sydney asap!