Sunday, February 21, 2016

Travelog Australia 2015: Dinner, in Search of more Graffiti Art Lane - Union Lane & Hosier Lane and a visit to the Crown.

Date: June 26th, 2015

After the dinner, we met up again and walked around CBD since Nad and Eki hadn't really tour around the city yet. Being in Australia, the mall already closed by that time so we went to look for the Graffiti Art Street. The map showed 2 Art Lane so we went the most further one first, at Union Lane. This is literally a lane, a long one in between the block. It was pretty dark but there were certain place with lighting. 

After some photos, we went to Hosier Lane. Contrary to Union, this lanes were well lit and there're a lot of people as well although it was close to 10.30pm.

Our next destination was the must visit location for Melbourne, the Federation Square a.k.a Fed Sq. It was a calm place, i think due to the fact that it's working night. It's known to be a bustling place at night with multiple art performances which is usually the case on w'ends.

 Our final destination for Melbourne was the Crown Casino by the Yarra River. Well, as before in 2004, our passports were requested before entering the casino. 11 yrs have passed, it's still the same situation LOL. Do we really looked under-aged??

Well, Crown is bigger than the casinos I visited in Vegas (maybe i didnt visit the bigger ones there haha). It was pretty packed with people despite  the hour and timing. We walked around and saw a "SET YOURSELF A LIMIT & DO NOT EXCEED IT" signpost all over the place hehehe. This time, I didnt spend a cent even after walking around for about an hour.

By the time we returned to the CDB, it's midnight. We parted away so that Nad could get back home and we headed to Coles to do some food shopping.

Monday, February 01, 2016


In solitude, I found peace. Not loneliness.
Lonely is when I am in a crowd, with no one to talk to.
But alone, with no one else is around, is purely heaven.
When I can reflect, forgive and forget..