Monday, May 30, 2011


starting to count the days..
: (

it's been a while w/o having the long period of absence, so i'm not sure how'll i cope...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

only waiting..

feels like my journey is about to come to its end.. since beginning it has always been dark. altho i had a glimpse of hope in the middle, it no longer appears.. 

waited for that my whole life and when it left, i no longer hv the strength to wait for the next glimpse..

no.. the truth is, that other glimpse doesn't exist for me.. i am bound for darkness, for the rest of my life...

i'm just waiting aimlessly... 
for the final end. 
for the final goodbye to all and everything.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

this is me..

if u've known me for quite a long time, or hv lived with me before.. u may/may not hv realized some of my habits.. some, i was and still am able to tolerate with others even if they're not like me.. NO OFFENSE.

i don't like leaving things in the sink
i usually (95% of the time) wash the stuff i use once i've finished using it. promptly. as to date, sometimes i do feel annoyed to those who didn't, especially those who left the sink piled up the whole day AND ure at home (no reason like u eat and then off to work or smwhere else).

i don't like leaving used stuff all over the place
for example: mug on the table, plate full of fruits leftover/peel off skins in front of the tv. seriously i don't understand how hard it is to throw and wash a plate and a peeler/knife. this is much worst that pilling up the sink. ure inviting pests into the house, for God sake!

i don't leave clothing to dry off for more than it needed
if u don't understand my statement = i don't leave my clothing on the line outside for more than ONE SUNNY DAY. i do understand that sometimes ure lazy to fold them, but do take them off the hanger and put them away temporarily so that others could utilize the rack as well. u don't need to hang ur clothes for 3 FREAKING SUNNY DAYS!

i don't use other people's stuff.. daily
ok, i understand that u like my stuff. but does that mean u can use them every time, every day?  i don't even use it in certain conditions and yet u simply use it w/o even asking. altho i didn't say anything (which what i usually do) don't u hv self consciousness over borrowing others' things which may be considered as hygienic stuff?

well.. that're all i could think of for now.. take a note, i don't mean to offense anybody. if i never said a word about these stuff, means it's still tolerable for me..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

failure to breathe...

Friday, May 06, 2011

Sape suro degil xikut drang ckp ape.... take a break, exercise, take a break, exercise!!

kalo cmni everyday... mmg bubye liyana la..

Monday, May 02, 2011

i wish i could turn back time to yesterdays' night and freeze there....
that's all i want..