Thursday, December 18, 2008

MIA huh?

apoligize me for being MIA again. I'm in no mood of working and typing lately, hence the less communcation with other beings..

today is thursday and tomorrow is friday. my last working day for the year 2008. next week i'll be kicking off my 2-week break.

as i mention earlier, i'm stil in the lazy mode. i'll compile and update later..

Monday, December 01, 2008

A-must experience for someone who have a government-servant parents is the frequent move from a place to another. Ask around and u'll see that at least their family had move once before due to their parents' posting. For my case, it is my father (my mum would then followed him up). Wanna know how many time have we moved? The answer is 6.

My dad has been a gov servant for 25 years. Yes, the same duration as my age. I was born couple of months after my parents came back home from Porthmouth, England where my dad got his degree from. During that time, there was only a handful of Malaysian scholars overseas and being one, jobs were laid out in front of them before they graduated. So, right after he's back, he landed a job in JKR (Dpmt of Works) and has been there til now.

I can't remember much about moving 6 times, mostly I guess coz I was little when we moved, hence did little part of packing and re-organizing. The 1st place we stayed was in Tmn Permata, KL. We then moved to Subang Jaya, Selangor where my parents bought a house there. At 4, we moved to Seremban, Negeri Sembilan and I went for pre-school there and of course, my sis were born there.

Later on, the whole family moved back to Subang when my dad was stationed to TUDM Subang so lucky for me, I started my fresh Standard 1 there. We stayed in Subang for about 4 years when my dad is relocated again to Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu. I was a bit reluctant coz it's almost end of school year for me and I didnt want to just move school but i had to tag along no matter what. I was enrolled to SRSS1 in KT at the end of Year 4. We stayed for a while here although we actually lived in 2 different houses during that duration.

Next stop was Kota Bharu, Kelantan. At this time, I was in Form 2 and I opted for the school's dorm since my parents said it's better for me to just stay. I finished my Form 3 here and later changed school to MJSC Taiping (my family were in Kelantan all the while). After I'm done with my SPM, we moved to the location where we currently are - Putrajaya. So far, we've been here for 8 years. Yup, we're among the first settlers in Putrajaya when the town were opened. I think my dad will probably stay here until his retirement. He still has 5 years to go. Of course, Putrajaya is the place where my mum loves to stay the most (the most dreadful was Kelantan). So she wont mind sticking here as long as it permits. But I know in the end, we would all move back to Subang.. not sure when..

Among all the places I've been, Terengganu is the best. I dont really know why, but it has got to be the place with abundant precious memories I have. I picked up the language and I got tonnnesss of friends. Ask me about going anywhere in Kuala Terengganu, I can show u the way. Even Terengganu-nians thought I'm local when I talked to them! LOL!

Anyway, I will definitely miss Terengganu and of course Malaysia when I'm away for the next 2 years..