Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift..

today is about random things..

i can't reaaly think much now... so this time, everything is random...
Below is the most vain staircase in my Uni.
coz when u reach the top stairs, there is a big glass-wall (in other word = mirror)...
so u could see urself and fix anything needed to be fixed hehehe!
next, is new usage of my hairband..
hahaha to prevent my choc nuts from rolling all over the place..
finally, one of the iftar food i had last time.. mihun soup. SPICY!!!
see how red the sauce is... i like!

Monday, September 28, 2009


today, i wanna talk about food. specifically, what to eat/drink and what not to eat/drink..

being a Malay, there are certain type of food and drinks ure encouraged and discouraged to consume during certain time period of your life (i think chinese and indians as well). honestly, i don't really know which of those. i may only am aware of statements like nenas is tajam, kelapa is sejuk. but i know there are a lot more, especially if u ask the older-older generations.

of coz i believe there are (scientifically proved and not) advantages by following the guidelines, but .... being me, as long as it's safe, i normally just eat and drink whatever i want to, at any time (while i can).. i think in the future when i'm pregnant or in 'berpantang', i would definitely need a list in my purse. there is no way i could remember all the dos' and donts'..

or maybe i should just practice being in the safe side?? only drink plain water and eat rice with ikan goreng....... persoalannyer then.. larat ker nk telan?? or.. i could just ask my hubby to take care of all the food?? hehehehe
*right now, i wanna eat bubur b'lauk (porridge with tonnes of stuffs u throw in)!!!!
MARA.. di manakah allowance ku??? xlarat ari2 mkn biskut ngan cereal je ni.....

Sunday, September 27, 2009


waak!!!! sy dpt mkn ini, yeay!what is this, u say?
this is the best way to eat mango and pineapple.
with sweet soy (a.k.a kicap).
but i didnt hv sweet soy sauce, so had to improvise kicap masin + gula.
baik badak dr kuda kn??


i saw this at the main entrance lift in electrical engineering & telco building last week.. hehee~

Sun shining bright but with cold cold wind....

it's September27th. it's supposed to be Spring, but it feels like Winter. The heater is on in the room but i'm sneezing and having a cold. And i'm supposed to be on duty at the Info Booth for Mfest at the Harbor in the evening.. cpt la allowance msk, i need to buy Panadol & Tylenol...

Wrong timing, mate!

Friday, September 25, 2009


today i got my lazy day (altho i'm kinda stuck on what should i do..), then tomorrow am going to Tumbaloong Park to pick up my shirt for Mfest and sunday is Mfest day! i hope that'd keep me off my mind from thinking of him too much..

i've decided to have cendol, pisang goreng (fried bananas), Ramly Burger and a lot more!!!!!

* tomorrow i'll be getting my allowance, hope it's the correct amount AND includes the 2 months backdated ones as well...*sigh*


gloomy w'end ahead. it's a fact and there's no way i'd be happy when he's not around..

my roomie will hv classes on fri sat and will be staying at frens' during that time for the rest of the semester, dear would be out every w'ends as usual.

i really am left alone, aren't i?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

what of today

Sydney had DUST STORM today.. but it's gone now, only the harsh wind left. Weather forecast said the storm will come back on Saturday... looks like jerebu (haze) minus the smoke-smell..

I have finished my lab for next week. So i could have a head on the next lab. This shows how much i love digital circuit than of analog. uurghhhh!! i ended up finishing it after i got back from class at 10pm without realizing it's almost 1am when i'm done. talk about ke'ghalik'an..

now i'm going to bed. i hope i'll dream of my Dear coz i miss him badly....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


skali tgk jam.. kol 7.30pm.. pusing2 mkn roti.. g toilet.. bc2 sket lab.. tulis2 sket...

tgk jam baru 8.15pm.. shoot! br 45min ke? so sambung tulis2 sket.. men game.. becucuk tanam kt facebook.. tgk2 gambo...

tgk ag jam, baru 9.14pm!!!! aaarrghhh!!!! mati kesangapan cmni...............


it's week 9

it's week 9 of class. yesterday, the design task for 2 of my classes have been posted. both are due in week 13, along with another technical report from my other class.. i'm starting to feel scared and full of pressure, whether i'm capable to finish them within the time limit.. apart from that, i have 2 quizzes next week and bi-weekly lab reports..

somebody asked me just now, 'dh start akademik ker? rajin nyer... ni 3rd day raye ni'. Dang! i already had lab during my 2nd raya and a class just now..

Monday, September 21, 2009

EiD Mubarak!~

due to extreme lethargic-ness, the owner of the blog couldnt update her blog that well (a.k.a long entries)..
just a short note: (jgn ingt cini xde bunga api) hehee

Hope ur Raya has been bleesed and fun!
i'll be back soon~

Saturday, September 19, 2009

30th Ramadhan

now is 4.44am, saturday morning.. karang ader gotong-royong kol 11.30 at Hall. i'm supposed to go to uni to finish my lab with Minjal and Tripati, but i guess i hv to go after finished cleaning. maybe at 2.30pm. the lab closes at 6 on w'ends..

i dont hv the mood to stay at hall for iftar.. so maybe i could just wonder around at uni til 7 or 8.. maybe i would find a spot to cry my heart out... i already miss him...

Friday, September 18, 2009

the sun is not shining at me altho it's bright nowadays.. i frown most of the time, and sometimes smiles reluctantly.. for some reason, i felt that there are walls closing in on me..

nothing seems to be on my side right now.. felt that i've come to another halt in my journey.. it does feel that i've been here before but looks like i've to climb higher to get out of this hole.. it's hard to pretend that everything's fine, but i guess i did well coz no one ask..

wish he's here..

Aku ingin engkau slalu, hadir dan temani aku..
Disetiap langkah, yg meyakiniku,
Kau tercipta untukku,
Sepanjang hidupku...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

it's going to be a cloudy and stormy week ahead.... i wish i could find a place to retreat.....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

nothing much to say

finidhed my exam about an hour ago.

Conclusion: it sucks. correction.... I sucked. period.


I hv an exam tomorrow.

my update is i got to eat sardines with kobis msk lemak for sahur.. it'd be perfect if there's sambal ikan bilis and egg (demand plak erk?)

more update later~

Sunday, September 13, 2009

this is bad....

tomorrow dh stat kelas balik! huwaaaa!!!

and my selsema is getting bad. i've been sneazing whole day, and dgn bijaknyer without realizing it, i was filling in the saf during tarawikh directly at the flow of the air-cond. nice...

i just ate Chlorpheniramine Maeate pill (or in other words, ubat selsema) but i wonder if it works... last time in Desaru it didn't. then the label says that i might get sleepy soon hehehe~ can i sleep when i've already slept for 2 hours before iftar?

wak, sy berjaya tido ptg jugak arini hahaha

of food.. and feeling uncomfortable..

i think my stomach will explode of i eat like this everyday (lucky it's only during w'ends now)..
*tgk wak, sy mkn byk2 pn makin susut gak. cmner ni?

apart from that, i'hv been having runny and itchy nose since last night. it got worsen when i woke up early in the morning (due to the cold, i guess). then comes the headache and the sudden heat engulfing my body (agak musykil dgn ini)..

am i getting a fever?? given the condition when i get sick, i better not! i hv an exam next week and i need to study...

Saturday, September 12, 2009


it's 2.37am now. i'm waiting for 3.15am when the Qiamulail is supposed to start later on. once after all this time back, i managed to sleep even at 11.30pm. but yea, i was wide awake at 2am..

honestly, i dunno what to expect. my last Qiam was like ages ago, i believe it's in MRSM years. like 9 yrs back.. per schedule, the Qiam is supposed to be at 3.15 to 4am, then sahur and later Subuh at 4.45am. this is rather a short Qiam i would say. i used to go for 3 hours Qiam (== 2 hours of sleeping at the back of the praying hall) during my sekolah agama years hehehe.

funny thing, me and my rumie were getting ready to sleep at 11pm when suddenly an announcement was made and somebody knocked on the door. turned out that there was a b-day and farewell 'makan-makan' going on. so we rushed downstairs, ate 2 slices of cakes (caramel cheese and choc moist) and head back to sleep.

adeii.. I ATE A LOT TODAY!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


amal tanpa ilmu itu jahil,
ilmu tanpa amal itu bodoh.

it's true isn't it? although to me, dua-dua pn xde guna. manusia sentiasa boleh membuat pilihan samada mereka ingin dikategorikn sebagai salah satu drpd 2 kategori ni, atau pn tidak sama skali. sedar atau tidak, seseorang itu sentiasa dlm proses mencari ilmu.

so bila rasa ader ilmu tu, xsalah kite beramal dgn cara yg paling mudah iaitu dgn berkongsi. jgn pikir yg ilmu kita ada itu mungkin xseberapa sbb kite sdiri xtau tahap ilmu sesorg insan yg lain. kite mungkin ingt seseorg itu sgt bijak, tp ketahuilah tiada manusia yg tahu segala-galanya.

bahkan, for me. lg byk yg sy tau, rasa mcm lg byk yg sy xtau. and lebih2 lg sy berada di sebuah institusi pengajian, sy dpt lihat betapa byknya pilihan yg pelajar2 ada. ya, sy mungkin mengetahui serba-serbi mengenai engineering tp bgaimana agaknya tahap pengetahuan sy di dlm ekonomi, IT dan lain2 lagi??

i'm not that smart aren't i?? are u?

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


tuesday is almost gone
== means i will only have 5 days from my midsem break left
== means i've gone thru my 2bdays without doing anything much productive
== means i hvn't start studying for my Advance Power Electronics exam next week!!!!! Noooooo!!!

therefore, tomorrow u gotta get ur ass up to the library Liyana. NO EXCUSES!!

* Iftar --> Chicken Rice
Later --> Fried Macarony, then more rice...
whoa! like u said Dear, suddenly i got a lot of food :)

Tarawikh note*

a mistake due to my limited knowledge on the Tarawikh.

turned out that the common surah in my previous entry is al-Qadr. the surah is being recited as sunnah.

it's weird for me since ever since i know, the masjid i went to always recite the whole juzuk per day during Tarawikh.. this is the alternative to recite short surah instead. During the 1st to 15th night, al-Ikhlas will be recited during the 2nd rakaat. and then al-Qadr for every 2nd rakaat during the period of 16th - 30th of Ramadhan..

Sunday, September 06, 2009


luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u luv u


Saturday, September 05, 2009

iftar today

lupe nk citer... i went to iftar at the Hall like the usual w'ends.. today's meal was sponsored by Petronas Australia (thanks!!)..

the 1st round of food was the 'kuih-muih' - kurma, popia goreng, samosa, bengkang, kuih tako and some fruits. after maghrib prayer, it's briani with chicken curry, with salads and popadum as sides. after trawih, it's bubur kacang with durian and fruits (strawberries, grapes and oranges). even the drinks were of many options - apple & mango, apple & berries, multivitamin juice, tea and milk tea.i have to say today was very filling and i ate like crazy. the serving was huge and it's kinda sad coz i couldnt finished the briani. it's too much. plus, i was helping in serving out, so after while, i dont feel hungry anymore... i only got to eat after the others has finished. the hall was packed so there're people eating outside under the tent. we'll see tomorrow...

owh and i got to do my 1st tarawih prayer (shame on me, only start doing it after half of Ramadhan is gone!!).. i only did 8 rakaat and for some reason the imam recite the same surah at every 1st rakaat of 2... i find it puzzling coz i never been to prayers like that.. anyways, it doesnt really matter.. i guess i will only be able to go to tarawih with different Juzuk recital in Malaysia after i graduate..

good bye......

tonight is my last night at this house. starting tomorrow, i'll be officially staying in Malaysian Hall. moving there mean i'll loose the privacy of staying alone in a one-bedroom, which i had the liberty of for the pass 3 years..

but by doing so, i'll get to know a new friend and lots more since it is the Malaysian Hall. i'll hv to be used to not playing my music out loud all the time, turning the lights on til 4am when i couldn't sleep, not wearing anything i want in the room, not being online for 24/7 and crying anytime i feel like it...

life will be filled with sharing of everything, doing weekly chores at the hall like cleaning and keeping any kind of sound down. but well, it''s a choice i've taken. so i hv got to face it whether i want it or not.....
noooo!!!!! lagu raya dh kuor kt radio..........


i wonder what i'm thinking... hehehe
r we lost?? Venice is such a maze....

Thursday, September 03, 2009

U've finished ur course!!

Congratulation my Dear for finally passing your exams & ur SHO course!! muaahhhh!
pasni xyah sakit kepala nk study lg :)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Zon masa berbeza bagi generasi Z

this article is rather intersting.. and i hv to admit, a bit true for me at some portion.. hehehe

Malaysia Festival, Sydney

For those who'll be in Sydney area end of this month, do come to the Annual Malaysia Festival 2009. It'll be held on Sunday, 27th September 2009 at Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour. This is my 1st year here and i wouldn't miss it! time to go and see all those M'sians things.. and eat all those M'sians food...

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

My Family & I

buat-buat bodoh

ingatkn dh blajo tinggi-tinggi ni, jd pandai.. reti bahasa. xkn bahasa melayu pn x paham2 kot?? ke saje je buat x reti? dh dasar x betimbang rasa kn....
slalu tgk Buletin Utama online, mesti akan fwd bile smp part2 iklan tu.. tp arini tegerak ati plak tgk... de iklan Merdeka yg byk.. de tazkirah.. aduuihhhh kuih-kuih raya pn dh kuor pulak... mau tat nenas yg bulat2 tu... mau popia serunding yg kecik-kecik tu jugak.. mercun pn dh ader. naakkkk!!! nasib laa blom ader iklan raya lg.. syahduu....

on a side note, 1st time tgk iklan merokok yg AGAK real kt tv mesia.. dh lame pk, sbb kt Oz ni iklan smoking dier tunjuk effect direct jek (wlpn lagu dier bengong xkene).. and of coz lg real and scary compare to mesia punyer.. patut buat je cmtu, bior tekejut sket.. aku sdiri pn tekedu tgk 1st time dlu.. dh la elok tgh mkn.. nasib dh biaser tgk CSI... kalo tak, bwuwweekkk!


I'm too late in wishing this.. Sydney is already Sept 1st but Mesia is still August 31st..
So Malaysia,
Happy 52th Independence Day
Merdekakah jiwa ku?