Friday, November 28, 2008

Suddenly I find myself hooked up to this song.. Jiwang karat la plak..

Spoon-Rindu Serindu Rindunya
Berikanlah jawapan
Huraikanlah simpulan
Biar tenang jiwaku
Setelah kasih lama berlalu

Tidak mungkin kulupa
Perjanjian kita
Di bawah rumpun bambu
Di kala bulan sedang beradu oh..oh..

Mengapa terjadi perpisahan ini
Di kala asmara melebar sayapnya
Mengapa kau pergi di saat begini
Di kala hatiku terlukis namamu

Kalau memang tiada jodoh
Apa lagi nak ku heboh
Aku malu pada teman
Pada semua
Rindu ... rindu serindu rindunya
Namun engkau tak mengerti oh...oh
Pilu ... pilu sepilu pilunya
Namun engkau tak perduli

Malu ... semalu malunya
Namun apa daya orang tak sudi
Mahu ... semahu mahunya
Namun apa daya orang dah benci

Berikanlah jawapan
Huraikanlah simpulan
Biar tenang jiwaku
Aku malu

Bad & Good

this has been long due..

I've been sick for the past week. It's a bit weird coz i normally be sick for a day or two without the need of any medication. So after getting cough & cold and evening fever, i went to see the doctor. U see, I'm a bit lazy to go to the doc so i went to the pharmacy to buy the medicine instead. So, I ended up getting scolded by the nice Dr. Tee (@ Ng Polyclinic) and received 5 types of medication.. huhuu. Oh yeah, my temperature at that time was 38.8 degree-Celcius (mind that normal body temperature is 37 degree).. nice..

Next, I'm carless for a week now.. dunno when i'll get my car back. To make the story short, I banged into other people's car and i'm getting my insurance to pay both of the cars *sigh*. Gone my NCB so I will need to pay RM2000 for my insurance renewal next year..

One happy thing happened earlier is that I got my English req waived by UNSW and I already got the unconditional offer letter! yezza! Now left to send my resign. letter, get my med check up and submit to MARA to get the sponsorship letter. Quite jealous wth my sis since she already got her Oz PR! She's officially an Oz Oi! Oi! Oi! I'm determined to get mine after I finished my 2-year Masters there!! Cha-yok!

Holiday season is nearing and I've got sooooo many things planned.. hehee.. Coming up soon --> trip to Taiping (this week), Kelantan (Dec), Singapore (Dec) and Indonesia (Dec)!! Then off to Oz in Feb!!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What have i done..

1- Mangrove Tree Planting @ Sg Sembilang , Juru

Before 'membanting tulang', we exercised first..
Our 'field'.. See those baby trees there? Now that's the mangrove tree.
Ein passing the tree through the 'human chain'.
Me on the job.

2- JKR Putrajaya Family Day @ Genting. Just our loafing pics..
The longest & fastest cable car in the South East Asia.. 3.4km going from the bottom of the hill, all the way to Highland Hotel.