Thursday, June 18, 2009

a note..

my bro's ym a moment ago..

good luck both of u
kangen (rindu) banget sama kakak2ku~

suddenly i feel so far away...

tomorrow is my final day exam. somehow it felt sad that the semester is really about to end..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


in the news today, only 2% of Malaysians donate their blood. I am in the other 98%. I've been to blood donation drive but never had the gut to donate.. always there to accompany my friends. i don't know y, i think i hv plenty of blood to give out but i hv this itsy-bitsy tiny little problem.. i can't stand my own blood.. heck, i can't even survive the blood test in my Biology lab in high school. i feel a surge of nausea whenever i see my blood. altho in desperate time, i could; but i consider donating blood as non-desperate measure.

i remember the first time i went to a blood drive. i was accompanying a friend in Subang Medical Center (SMC). i think it's back in 2004. we're supposed to go out but my friend told me that he need to go to Subang to do something. i was okay so i followed. i only knew what he meant by 'something' when we arrive at SMC.

in the waiting room, there were a lot of people.. one of them, was the father of the little girl whom the blood plea was made for.. he had this video cam, recording messages for his remembrance. when he came to us, i was speechless coz everyone else in the room was waiting for their turn to donate.. all i could say when he thanked me for coming was, "i'm here to accompanying him.." (pointing to him next to me) but the father asked me anyway for a note of two for his daughter.

unfortunate for the little girl, she died 2 days later..

well... i'm still not ready to draw some blood out. dunno when i will..

99 truths about me. think u know me??

1. Last beverage: soya + milk
2. Last phone call: dear
3. Last text message: dear
4. Last song you listened to: x mungkin kau sayang-alyah (saper ni? Hotfm)
5. Last time you cried: last thursday hehee

6. Dated someone twice: nope
7. Been cheated on: yes
8. Kissed someone & regretted it: no & no
9. Lost someone special: hmm not really kot?
10. Been depressed: sometimes
11. Been drunk and threw up: i don't drink

12. blue
13. black
14. white

15. Made a new friend: yes
16. Fallen out of love: nope
17. Laughed until you cried: yup
18. Met someone who changed you: definitely! thanx!!
19. Found out who your true friends were: yupp!
20. Found out someone was talking about you: dont care
21. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: nope
22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: 97% in Facebook
23. How many kids do you want?: 3 or 4 or 5 maybe?
24. Do you have any pets: yezza! 2 cats yg mengada2
25. Do you want to change your name: nope
26. What did you do for your last birthday: celebrate with my cousin, Afiq
27. What time did you wake up today: 11 am
28. What were you doing at midnight: ym with dear :)
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for: to finish my Masters!!!
30. Last time you saw your Mother: b4 i left Malaysia for Sydney in March '09
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: to have more TIME with him
32. What are you listening to right now : dj kt Hotfm ni
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: nope
34. What's getting on your nerves right now: the freaking cold weather!!
35. Most visited webpage: facebook
36. Whats your real name: nur liyana
37. Nicknames: liyana, lee,, kelly, kell, yana, nur (byk nyer!)
38. Relationship Status: in a relationship
39. Zodiac sign: stubborn Capricorn
40. Male or female: Female
41. Primary school: SR SS19 Subang & SR Sultan Sulaiman 1, K.Trg
42. Secondary school: SMKA Sheikh Abd Malek, K.Trg & MRSM Taiping
43. College/university: Purdue University & U of New South Wales
44. Hair color: black
45. Long or short: short
46. Height: 160 cm
47. Do you have a crush on someone? : not now
48: What do you like about yourself?: people said my smile
49. Piercings: yup
51. Righty or lefty: Righty

52. First surgery: None ever
53. First piercing: djh 3 kot kt muor (caused my sis to ran away frm the shop)
54. First best friend: Chan Yean Koon aka. kunyit
55. First sport you joined: lumba lari
56. First vacation: i was made in UK hehe. if not counted, can't remember
58. First pair of trainers: if from my own money, in US 2002

59. Eating: nope
60. Drinking: nope
61. I'm about to: continue studying
62. Listening to: 11 January by Gigi @ Hotfm
63. Waiting on: my final exam on friday..

64. What kids?: boys & girls
65. Get Married?: between 28 to 30?? this have to ask him
66. Career: engineer of course

67. Lips or eyes: lips
68. Hugs or kisses: both!
69. Shorter or taller: taller
70. Older or Younger: older
71. Romantic or spontaneous: both
72. Nice stomach or nice arms: arms
73. Sensitive or loud: loud
74. Hook-up or relationship: relationship
75. Trouble maker or hesitant: trouble-maker

76. Kissed a stranger: definitely no! gile ape?!?
77. Drank hard liquor: nope
78. Lost glasses/contacts: ya!!glasses in Makkah. Lost while 'wrestling' to kiss Hajr Aswad
79. Sex on first date: nope!
80. Broken someone's heart: yes (& sorry..)
82. Been arrested: i'm too kind
83. Turned someone down: yes
84. Cried when someone died: of course
85. Fallen for a friend?: big YES. Fm stranger to fren to bf :)

86. Yourself: 99% of the time
87. Miracles: yes
88. Love at first sight: used to
89. Heaven: yes
90. Santa Claus: no
91. Kiss on the first date: no
92. Angels: yup

94. Had more than 1 girlfriend/boyfriend at a time: no
95. Did you sing today?: a bit
96. Ever cheated on somebody?: no
97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go?: March 2nd, '09
98. If you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be?: Dec 31st, '09
99. Are you afraid of falling in love?: no, just afraid to be hurt
100. Posting this as 100 truths?: no. there're only 99 leh..

Monday, June 15, 2009

maner ekk??

ader soklan di sini.. sape tau kt maner leh dpt telur ikan yg bulat2 beso ibu jari tu?? last time i ate was like more than 10 yrs ago.. dlm asam pedas kt johor dlu... di manakah????

someone i once knew

just now.. i saw someone who once appeared in my life. the name first strike me. then when i see the face, i know it's that person. everything that was at the back of my mind reappears, and i remember that short period of time 7 yrs ago..

this reminds me how hopeless i was in trusting people.. but well, that's 7 yrs ago rite? i'm not the same person anymore.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

1 more!

2 down, 1 to go.. i could rest a bit since my last paper is next friday. tomorrow am going to tag along with shaira and the girls to Taroongga Zoo. then will head to the Rock for the Market before going to Darling Harbor for its' 21st Anniversary. finally will head again to the Rock for Vivid :) Jalan2 Sydney.. if only he's here...

btw, today's exam.. i hope i won't fail..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

one fate..

esok exam.. lusa pn exam.. tp.. exam sorg2...
sbb org smer pi jauh2..

* but thanks dear for teman-ing

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

shivering cold~

OMG! this is not good.. weather forecast for tomorrow (wednesday) is as high as 13-degree and could get as low as 6-degree. noo!! feel like living in a freezer even when i'm in the house..

Monday, June 08, 2009

KFC anyone?

*Note: I can't get away from my blog

I claimed that I would not want to eat KFC when i get back to Malaysia. but hell, i'm going to!! Why?? Thanks to the KFC Fiery
Crunch of coz. There's no way u can get that hot-chick here. I'm going to enjoy my spicy food when i get home, definitely. well.. unless i get teary eyes hahaha!

Sunday, June 07, 2009


x bley tdo... it's 2.30am, my eyes r falling asleep but not my brain.. sheessh!!!

i think i'm dear-sick huhuu~ awak.. nk balik.......

Saturday, June 06, 2009

my star in the sky

as of today, it's 2 weeks before going back home. i've never been so eager to go back, even while i was in US. but that is easily explained, all thanx to Dear xoxoxo. tomorrow i'll start my study plan. gotta meet my best fren, mr library.

btw, found my new interest == chocolate, and lots of them. And M&Ms'. seems i can't stop eating those. won't be a surprise if I could quickly gain my 3kg back hahaha!

oh ya, there won't be a lot of updates i guess. especially nearing my finals. so hold on readers :)

Friday, June 05, 2009

Semester 1, '09

teaching period for semester 1 2009 has finally ended for me!! yeay!! no more classes, no more assignments. only finals... today & tomorrow is resting day b4 i (supposedly) start studying, hahaha!

anyway, i really need to go well in the finals or i'm screwed.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

long dayyy...

Today is Tuesday.. I had a long day behind me.. altho I only have my presentation, I actually waited for 2 hours before it's my turn coz my labmates suddenly wanted to alternate our turn so that we wont have the same project consequently. After finishing the presentation, I came back home and started doing my other report..

Now is still Tuesday.. my GSOE9712 assign was submitted yesterday, my DSP lab presentation was finally done, as well as my Photonics lab report.. I now only have my Fiber Optics Project write up due tomorrow.. I've pretty much done almost everything except now i'm stuck at the calculation part... need to ask others tomorrow at class..

I fell so tired that i can barely open my eyes now..