Friday, August 29, 2008

i need a rest

Honestly, i'm in no mood for working. It's Friday. A lot of people are gone for their teambuilding. My mind is thinking of going back to to Putrajaya tonite..

Actually, a lot of stuff has been racing in my mind lately. My Uni applications.. my decision on my course.. my aching body due to the teambuilding yesterday.. my soon-resignation(?).. money.. my so-mundane life..

I feel so tired now I swear I could sleep for the whole day. I think I need it. I havent rest since my Redang trip last 2 weeks.. Everyday since were full of avtivities and the most I slept I get since I's back in Kulim was ~5 hours.. even the toally-unconscious 14-hour sleep after BTN was not enough to cover back. Ehh? terasa cm sleep addicted plak. LOL! Hence, my plan for the w'end is to SLEEP.

I hv to drive back again later this evening.. Well, at least I got Avril's concert to look forward to today. Hope I'll enjoy it :D

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Redang.. part 2

Thnx to my Card Reader, i dont need the cable (the cable wasnt compatible anyway) :D This time, I didnt take a lot of pics coz most of my xtvts are snorkelling and fishing. I just realized that I only have couple of pics with me in it! LOL!

1st thing i saw when i reached Redang Jetty was this.
Then Man's mum. huhuu.

This is how the new village looks like. This is the 3rd movement of the village. Right now it's in the middle of the island. Originally it was called as 'Water Village' due to the placement above water at the Jetty. Original settlement location.Most importantly, why i went there. To meet my frens..

Man & Me.. haa this is "adik Redang" for those who wanna know..

Ela, Mat & Me = interestingly we r 19, 33 and 25 by age.. believe it??

My 2nd 'home' there.. their boat

Fishes everywhere..

According to him, "scared of me drowning".. duhhh! Ckp jek la nk msk gambo.. kn senang.

View from Teluk Pandan.. I could just sit there and be lost for hours.. All the stresses are gone..
From first glance, u cant see the village from the Jetty. It's located about 3km from the beach. It's the midpoint between the Jetty and Berjaya Resort. I couldnt believe that there are actually cars, lorries on the island; even a road!.. hehee soo skeptical but of course, now i believe it since i've ride all meants of transportation there from motorbikes to lorries.

Maybe this is my ultimate place to relax in M'sia. I will definitely come again. Even now there are no more time, my target is to get diving licence in Oz next year so that all of us would be able to go diving (all 3 of them has diving licence) in my next trip :D

yoshh chayokk!

Going to miss this place, hope to c u guys again!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i'm backk!!!!

I'm back after ~2 weeks break!!!! well, not really a break but Out of Office more likely since i still hv to work. For those who didnt know or simply lazy to read my previous posts => I went to Redang for 5 days (16-20).. then to BTN Camp for 5 days (21-25).. Today is 26th..

Since i came straight to work from Putrajaya this morning, i'll post more updates and photos tomorrow (provided Olympus camera cable = Sony camera cable).. if not, hv to wait until next week..

'nuff said..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Believe it or not.. 3 more days to REDANG!! Yeezzaaa!!

beach hopping.. boatrides.. snorkelling.. photos.. food.. more snorkelling..

hmm i wonder if i can get along with Man's family well since i'll be staying at his house.. cuak jugak..

i hope it'll be fun even with this 1-who's-not-supposed-to-be-there around..

Monday, August 11, 2008


Some people seriously aNnoYs me..
This is why i hate contacting 'S'. Once it started, 'S' will cll or text all the time. Don't u understand that some people has work to do?? Don't u get it if i don't reply ur text, that means I AM BUSY? And pleaseee, don't start asking if u've done sth wrong everytime i didn't texted u back. Then, u will try to make me feel guilty by not doing do.

Come on! Common sense laa.. sighhh...

Thursday, August 07, 2008


i know i dont deserve to be mad. BUT i want to!!

i know this is way out of my control but Aargghh!! because of this unexpected camp.. i have to re-arrange my Redang trip into my verrrryyyy tight schedule.. dh la Redang itself has it's own monsun schedule. 7-day trip is now a 4-day trip. huwaaa!! why la MARA has to organized the BTN camp sooo early???

kechewaaa :(

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

gladness and hapiness =)

yeay! I felt really relieved after talking with him (aka "adik redang" like my hmates refer to) 'normally'. tak syiok sungguh ckp ngn org yg grumpy baru bgn tdo. No more hard feelings or guilt between us. Yosh! owh yeah.. we r close but now more to like bro-sis r'ship. oppss.. seems i have blurted out whom i was talking about in the previous entries. hahaha!

Ade ke smlm dok cite betapa ganasnyer cara dier tido, which reminds me of my cousin yg slalu pagi2 jek end up her feet on my face or my tummy if i slept with her. adoi memcm btul lah! But i cant really imagine how an adult would sleep like that. hurmmm..

Anyway, can't wait for another 16 days to Redang & another 23 days to Avril's concert!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Problem solved??

In a way i think my so called problem is solved. Looking at the bright sight, all the misunderstanding is cleared. But for some reason, i felt sad that we wont be as close as before..

Whatever it is, i know that i need to keep a distance. Better now than later.

Friday, August 01, 2008

somebody rudely hung up on me!

it's not my fault that i didnt realized u texted me
it's not my fault that i can't spent 2-hr-lunch today even it's Friday
it's not my fault that i'm super busy, i don't even went out for lunch
it's not my fault that i'm in my 'workaholic mode'

so who r u to be mad at me simply coz i dont want to drive u to a Mall?
don't be such a bi-atch.