Wednesday, June 27, 2007

today i felt cam depressed jek.. coming in the morning, i got a headache but it soothed out later. came to work with this weird feeling. i dont want to meet people. i dont want any civilization around me. i want to be alone. alto that wouldnt help me much to be un-depressed. i just need a break. it'd really be nice if i'm alone laying somewhere enjoying the serene atmosphere. maybe at a waterfall or some isolated beach. that would be awesome to fix my messy mind.

it's not a good thing when i have too much thing running around my mind. if it's bad, i'd keep it to myself. my wall of ego-ism is way too thick and i've lost the key to open the gate to talk about it.

but to think again, i would enjoy a company.. no conversation is need. just being there is enough..

Friday, June 22, 2007


i have no idea what to write. tomorrow i have my primary school gath at the Curve.. it's a mini one so we'll see how many poeple show up..

goshh.. i felt dreadful.. dunno why.. just is.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

i saw a death today ( well yesterday).
me and nisa went for dinner after work.
it's drizzling and after some dinner, it's already 9.30pm.
so i ran to the car.
upon opening the door, i saw a frog hopping towards the road.
of course, i greet it (LOL! i used to talk with frogs while i was in K. Trg).
but being a frog, it hopped away towards the road.
suddenly a motorbike speed off pass it and the froggie stopped.
i gasped and thought it should just continue hopping across instead.
then suddenly, a SUV drove off and crushed it. Errkkk?! Ewwwwww!!
i was speechless but felt sorry for it..
it's a weird feeling..

Monday, June 11, 2007

What Do U Do When..

- Someone say her life is miserable?
- Someone say she is fine but u know she is lying?
- Someone dear to u is avoiding u?
- You saw someone close to u is in pain?
- You know ur fren is hiding something from u?
- You like someone, but that person dont like u?
- You are miserable.
- You feel like a loser and the world is against u.
- You are in pain.

I Would..
+ Ask her why is that so.. and just listen..
+ Ask again and assure her that i am here for her.. people lie for a reason.
+ Ask her why and ask for forgiveness even if it isnt my fault.
+ As before. be a good listener.
+ Dont push her to tell. she will when she's ready.
+ Be sad for a while. Suck it up and move on.
+ Be alone and think y.
+ refer above. normally this is only a short term thing.
+ Nothing. Think about it for awhile. then the pain just gradually dissapear.

*i'm this 'species' that dont open up to people easily. frens r for fun. i dont feel like a good thing to burden frens with ur trouble. it's mine to deal with. enuff said, my EGO is high.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just finished loafing around the house for the 3-day break.. so what i did? sleep, eat, watch Japan series, sleep eat, watch japan series.. i've been sleeping after Subuh for the past 3 days.. hehee..y? coz Streamyx is way better btwn the time 2-6am. uhuhuh no buffering to watch series online ; )

So tomorrow is back to work! and the starting of WLE (work late everynight) *sigh*