Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Something is damn wrong wimme.
I dont mind him calling 6am in the morning.
I dont mind him calling me in the middle of the meeting.
I dont mind him calling me in the middle of my hectic work.

We know not to bother each other during work time,
but seems like neither of us mind when we sometimes do.

For some reason,
He always called or texted whenever I was thinking of him.
He even said the same thing with me.
Chemistry? Coincidence?

This is not supposed to happen.. Erk.. Help?!?!

Falkirk Wheel, Scotland

You must be wondering wth is Falkirk Wheel.. I came about it this morning in my email. I never thought that this kind of invention exist. So if u r interested to know, read on here ( This will deifnitely be one of the places I must go if ever reached Europe.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

people & life

u'll always be in my life
even if i'm not in ur life
coz ure in my memory
people comes and leaves.. some people left a big mark in u, be it joyness or sadness. no matter what it is, the journey should never end as no one knows what future brings. let everything be a lesson to be learnt..

Monday, July 28, 2008

hol! hol!

Soooo Happy!!

My boss has approved my leave for next month! ahaha byk giler amik cuti ok! So Redang! here i come again! but this time i bet it'll be a totally new experience since i'll be staying in a homestay.. spt kater Man, "Nanti rajing-rajing ahh masuk dapur sket." Cisss i kinda expected that already. Kene la 'bersopan' nk dok umah org nih. LOL!

I will be returning back on Wednesday, then the same week on Friday will be off to Avril's concert! yeezzaa!! Seronok dh pk nk poye2 but keje melambak tak siap2 lg.. sheeshh!

Focus! Focus!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fir Tree

If you were born between Jan 01 to Jan 11, then u hv a Fir tree characteristic.

Fir tree (Mysterious) -- extraordinary taste, handles stress well, loves anything beautiful, stubborn, tends to care for those close to them, hard to trust others, yet a social butterfly, likes idleness and laziness after long demanding hours at work, rather modest, talented, unselfish, many friends, very reliable. Extremely intelligent. Loves life.

hmm i would say 90% true for me..

flying in my mind

I wasn't able to go online from home since there is a stolen cable case in the area. It's been roughly about 2 weeks. Which also means i havent been chatting with my buddy in Russia for the same period. So what did i do to kill my time? SMS-ing. LOL! It feels quite weird earlier coz i'm used to sit in front of my lappy after the news but i think it's healthy for my eyes too. I've been staring at comp screen for more than 8hrs daily at work, my eyes really need a break.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I hv a question here..
Y is it that there is always someone who said he likes me
and he's someone i'm not supposed to like???
He's nothing in my (especially my mum's) "basic criteria" list..
And worst thing is, he asked me why I chuckled and give "no comment" response whenever he mentioned about marriage or being lovey-dovey. Dang!
He's too young to even think about marriage, OK!
Wrong.. wrong.. *sigh*
~but i cant run from the fact that he's sweet. hahah! masalah masalah..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Picture of Us

This is the first picture of us taken together after 6 years.
We never have enough 'corum' since i left for US in 2002,
my sis to Melbourne in 2003 and
my bro to Indonesia since 2007.
Hopefully this year's Eid will be fun with everyone around!


Monday, July 21, 2008

Redang.. part 1

Some pics from my recent Redang trip with Melinda and my bro..
July 10th - 12th, 2008.
We stayed at a resort I came 3 years ago witha bunch a friends:
Mozana Beach Chalet, Teluk Kalong.
Overall, this was the best Redang trip ever! Thumbs up!
I will definitely come again :)

The beach in front of our chalet.

Low tide revealed a path towards the sea
Me & Melinda
Redang Reef Resort @ Long Beach. See the water? How can u say 'No'??

This welcomed me every single second on the island.

Beautiful sunset

With one of the guide, Zali. Melinda was currently driving the boat.
Thnx to MELINDA & BOY for coming along.
Thousand of gratitude to our new friends - Zali, Ella, Pok, Pizan and Man. We won't forget the karaoke, the camp fire, the flood, the fishing and of course the huge eels & kerapus(!)
Lenkali mari lagi!

Friday, July 04, 2008

I just realized that if you studied in Japan before or u watched a lot of Jmovie/Jdrama/anime or simply coz u r a Japanese, u will ALWAYS refer to Japan as Nihon.

Toastmaster anyone??

Editor's Note = Whatever written here is of my belief. You do not need to agree with everything i'm saying here..

Embarassed, yet flattered. Today's Toastmaster meeting was very refreshing. After hearing the sharing by Distinguished ToastMaster (DTM) Rajagopal, my mind is enlighten on how I can deliver a powerful and effective speech. He is a brilliant speaker who uses a lot of body language and vocal variety. Everybody was laughing all through his speech.

Now, what has this related to "embarrassed, yet flattered? At the starting of his speech, Mr Raja told us that he didnt want us to take notes. He wanted to see our faces during the speech. So he was talking about how important English is, and there have been people who's academically achieved 18A1 in SPM but couldnt speak English at all. This remark left me thinking, how the heck can this person passed her oral exam?

So i wrote down the question to Jessie who was sitting next to me since I dont want Mr Raja to see me talking. But then Jessie asked me sth. Naturally i had to talk to her back. When i returned my gaze towards Mr Raja, he addressed a question to me!! Erk?!? I have no idea what he was talking about, let it be what he was asking me!!

"Owh never mind. She didnt hear what i was saying. She was having a private talk with her friend". Arrgghh!!! malu siott!! I lost my glance for a minute, there i was on the spot light. *sigh*
So after that, I decided to fully focused to him.

I have a habit, of playing with the pen and jotting things down while listening to a talk. Since Mr Raja already told us not to take any notes, I decide to write down indiscreetly, not to make it obvious. Or maybe, just write without looking down. But argh! He noticed it!

"Now u dont need to write down anything. I have everything printed out for u. it's a 6-page powerpoint slides I will give u after my speech.", he said WHILE LOOKING AT ME! Kantoi lagikk!! Why does he kept looking at me?? I do noticed that I'm like this permanent point he looked at while delivering his speech. Determined not be embarrassed again, i put down my pen and laid back to the chair. Hah! No more aiming at me!

At the end of the meeting, I waited for everybody to go back to get some extra notes from Mr Raja. He was talking to Jessie about her speech before talking to me. So i was talking and talking to him but as Jessie was about to leave, she suddenly asked him another question.

Mr Raja then commented about someone, " She got the best facial expression around the room. I liked watching her, such a friendly face". Of course, i looked at Jessie (coz Jessie asked sth and supposedly he was answering her) and smiled to her. Surprised, Jessie ask me, "who?" and i said, "You". "I'm talking about u", Mr Raja said. I was really shocked since he was referring to me all the while. Here I was, reluctant to talk to him due to the earlier incidents, and i cant forget when a senior once told me that i was too serious while listening to her talk.

Now i know why he kept looking at me most of the time during his speech! Owh I'm flattered and stil in a good mood up to now! hehee =)

At the end of the day, a lot of good things happened since i joined Toastmaster. I learnt a lot of the Dos and Donts of public speaking and i will definitely continue to be a member even after i left Intel. After all, the best investment is investment in yourself. I aim to conquer my public speaking fear! yezza!!

p/s: It's funny how i never heard of Toastmaster while i was in the States..
Holla me to request any info..

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

fish, anyone?

skali nampak, best tak? heheheee i had this in 'Eighteen' @ Kristal Point, Penang. Don't think "owh, it small!" " looks expensive!" (a bit la.. cost u about RM12).. but once u eat it. wallaa!! awesome!! however, i can't seem to remember the name of this dish= fish-something-something. On top of the fish is sth taste like spaghetti sauce, and underneath it is the mashed potato. Believe it or not, this is fulfilling. Thanks to the mashed potato. I could hardly eat the dessert once i finished this.. =)


the Net is freakin' slow this past couple of days.. it's not even w'ends so traffic shouldnt be that bad. anyway, i cant wait for next week!

Heading back to Kuantan for our annual family gathering on my father's side.. well we held it normally during Eid but this year is exception since all of us are attending abg Ika's wedding in Kuantan. So this will be our 1st time gathering with complete 5 family members after 6 years! whoa! This will also be the 1st time for the others to meet my sis back after 4 years. heheee.

then comes next week. after working for 2 days, off to Terengganu or specifically Redang!! yezzaaa!! seronok!! cant wait for the sea and sunshine!

so wait for next week for the updates!