Saturday, February 16, 2008

i watched a Taiwan talk show "the Big Bang Show" this evening (every Sunday, 6.30pm @ 8tv). it's a show where they invite 3 couples and have celebrity guests guessing which girl couple with whom. then, there'll be a sort of mini pop-quiz for each couple to test them. as normal Taiwan talk show (like Guess Guess Guess), the atmosphere is very lively with all those crazy musics and crazy (2 gals +1 older guy) hosts. but today's show was a twist.

there were 3 questions given and each girl/guy in a couple is separated by a board. the 1st question was for the girl. "Does your best fren objects ur r'ship?". girls: 2 said NO and 1 said YES; and all guys answered correctly (it's comparing).

2nd question was, "If u were called for military service ( i think Taiwan has this compulsory military service for guys like Singapore), would u have a change of heart?". Surprisingly, one of the girl answered YES and her boy said NO!!!! The hosts maintained to remain their reaction to this particular couple and proceed to disclose other 2 couple answers. when the time come, the host asked the guy what did the girl do to think that she would stay with him.

"She told me once that we'd be together forever. For her, I've changed to a better man. There were one time I almost made a wrong choice in my life and she brought me back. Even my frens admit that. There is no other girl in the world like her." OMG!!! Now, u would never imagine a guy to say that in a national TV! plus, u see this guy has a band. his dressing is like this tough guy. so imagine when u heard him said that. ALL the girls (the hosts & the celebrity guests) were crying and sniffing during the whole guy explanation. aaa i can't help it too *isk*isk*

when the board in between was taken away, he was really shocked to see that his girl answered "YES". poor guy, he was really sad. When the hosts asked the girl, why. She said, " My parents would never approved of us. I'm scared to be alone. I'd break up b4 he enters the service and maybe get back together when he's done with it". My god! this is a freakin' b****h!!

the guy couldnt help and cried. he actually CRIED! no voice, of course. but there were real tears. even the guys from the other 2 couples looked shocked frm that girl respond. then the guy host said he will talk to the girl's parents if this situation ever occurs.. they're meants for each other and this should not be the reason why they should be separated. the girl said that now she knows what the guy felt, she would never left him.. well, u SHOULDN'T answered YES in the first place. idiot! argghhh geram geram!

anyway, the last question was (for guys) "If ur gf got pregnant, would u marry her?" and (for girl) " If u r pregnant, would u keep the baby?". When the 1st question was asked, all guys immediately put up a YES. Seeing that, the guy host asked the ladies the 2nd question. all of them responded NO. Quite a surprise for me. huuhuuu easily abortion was the answer :(

common reasons for the girls were monetary status and age. there are arnd 19-22 yrs old. but one of the girl answered that she didn't wanna get married. why, u said? coz she came from a single parent family and she never want to have that life. she watched her mom took care of her and her younger sister alone. she watched her mum begging and loaning money to buy food for them. so she never trust marriage. again, we cried and i thought. this is the most obvious effect of broken marriage. the one impacted most are innocent children. the guy host ended up the show by giving some advices to all couples, saying that marriage is a very big responsibility. if u didnt give a full commitment and get in rush, it'd crush and hurt others esp ur young ones.

well, that's for now. sorry if it's too long. this is what i feel now..

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

i have finally finished my projects.. thank God! so here i am, in between projects again. the most boring times.. i have totally nothing to do. it's too short to be doing other things like non-work related mini projects.. i have only 1 more day left for break. then after the CNY break, i will be starting on a new Nehalem-based project.

here are some updates.. went to Cameron for some fresh air (absolutely need that).. then to Farahee & Rizal's wedding (ConGrats guys!).. then.. back to work.. all the way in January.

hmm.. i'm getting lazy by days to update my blog. first i have tonnes of thing i wanna write. but then, i'm too lazy to type. so everything's left unsaid.. but there sure is 1 thing i wanna talk about today ==> What I Hate the Most about (Vehicle) Drivers.. Malaysian Drivers, to be spot on.

Imagine.. ure in rush to get to a destination and unfortunately ure driving behind a bus. the road is only single lane. as ure driving towards a cross(junction?), u can see from the bend a far that there is a long queue waiting for the light to turn green up front. but u think, Thank God, u wanna turn left there and the single lane will soon be splitted into 2 (one for going straight/right and another to turn left). *Note that in Malaysia we drive on the left side of the road. which means, u dont need to wait for anything to turn left. yeay! no long queue.

"Ekkkk!!" WRONG!! As ure approaching about 5 meters to the left turn, the bus which keeps signalling to turn to the left in front of u just suddenly STOP and changes its signal to the RIGHT!!!! worst of all, it took the whole damn lane! wtf?!?!?! remember, the bus can't moved anymore coz the lane next to u was a very long queue from behind. So there u go, stucked there for the whole next 1 minute. owh, 1 minute, u said. but that's a hell lot of time to be wasted if ure rushing. as u can guess, the bus "menyelit" into the lane when it turned green. talk about cutting lanes. pity us "good" drivers being streotyped as "bad" Malaysian Drivers..