Saturday, April 04, 2015

Wrap Up of 2014

It's already April 2015, marking the entry of Q2 and also the 4th month of abandoning my blog hahaha! I am seriously busy. Busy with work, run & trips :)

This entry is to recap the most important moment for my 2014..

There one and only thing that turn my life around is

I am not paid to write this nor force to. I am writing solely based on my experience.

When I decided to join this program, my mind was set just to try to loose some weight. I thought that I'll be more discipline in eating and exercising when I enrolled in a PAID program. 
Who wants to WASTE their $$$, right?
And RM300 was a big amount to spend for a 6-week program.
But the point is, I REGISTERED. And I was alone.

Fret not, it doesn't matter if ure alone. I have no friends on day 1 but after 6 weeks, I got frens for life :)
Because of this program, I managed to loose 12kg. Much more importantly, thru eating right and exercising. U could said 12kg is not a big of difference, but I'll just let the pictures show. The most important gain from the program was to know what u eat and understand the concept of eating healthy.
With my frens, I was introduced to Crossfit, hiking and running. 

Crossfit was definitely a new thing to me. I can now do deadlifts, squats, rowing etc. Things I never thought I would do.

I liked hiking on-and-off. Now I love it. A year ago, I never dreamt of climbing a mountain, but I did! Kinabalu was a long stretch but I conquered it with the encouragements from the people I call frens.

I seriously hate running coz everytime I ran, my feet hurt (but now I know it's due to wrong shoe type). I STILL HATE it but running has become an addiction. It comes with colorful shirts, bibs & medals hahaha!

I'm not climbing any mountain this year but I plan to repeat my Mulu Pinnacle trip and reach the top. I guess this year I'll focus on running and losing more weight.
With my yo-yo diet, it'll no doubt take longer time LOL!
I still have 10kg to go (back to what 2011 was)!

Special thanks to my fit-for-life friends & family. 
U guys are my motivation:
Nad, K.Emma, Schu, Amy, K.Amy, Coach, K.Rini, Boy, Eki