Wednesday, April 23, 2008

this week is...

another pair of my friend is engaged over the w'end. Congrats to Farah Bash & Badik. Sorry I couldnt make it. I will definitely make myself available during your wedding. I promise! i went for a volunteer event at a high school in Sg. Kob and supposingly helping the PC Workshop (how to build a PC). u see, i have never build a PC before. Closest i've done is adding a hard disk and creating an image. which was a piece of cake with an automated script. LOL! so all i did was explaining whatever there were inside the PC 'sample'. Oh this is DDR, this is the harddisk bla bla bla. Then most of the questions are about on how to get a job in Intel. hehee. The students were nice although the morning session were more shy and reserved. Maybe being in Form 6 and in Economics major have got sth to do with it. so there goes my Friday. at least i wasnt trying to figure out what to do at work.

On saturday, me and my h'mates went for a dip in Sedim. I (see the word 'I') cooked fried spaghetti hahaha! basically fried noodle minus the noodle add the spaghetti. We reached there about 11am and we're starving! The river wasnt as cold as before but the current is a bit harsh. So we ate and laze around and ate summore. 3 hours of water dipping. Gosh i can do this everyweek!

Sunday was a PC Fair day. I managed to cleared my mission within an hour - buy blank DVDs & CDs and colling pad. I also subscribe to a year of RDigest and N'tional Geographic for RM250. what a bargain! Now i have to forget my plan to buy books for this months. huhuuu

Next came Monday. a tiring day. My department was having our teambuilding. Lunch at TGIF followed by the treasure hunt. All in all, being a committee member is tiring. I havent walk for almost 6 hours non-stop like this for a long time. luckily i'm wearing a shoe. if heels.. aiyahh! Back at work today, a bomb dropped. A change in mechanical component caused a major change in a design. It's a huge change in layout and requires a lot of time to fix it. Now i need to get everything done by next Tuesday (including the review). Thank God i managed to at least postponed some personal matter from next Monday to next Wednesday instead. Guess what i'm going to do for the w'end? yes! W.O.R.K. Oh~ Of course apart from a nature appreciation walk on Saturday morning that is.

This week is gonna be a h*ll of a week! Then off to S'pore!! yahoooo~~~

Sunday, April 13, 2008

where i would want to be..

i want to visit this kind of place as many time as possible..

of course, i would kill to have a cabin like this..

but the place i wanna stay the most is...

where i could watch the sunrise like this everyday..
what a bless..

Saturday, April 12, 2008

i think i'm nearing that time of the month so i'm feeling a bit sappy today.. i just finished watching Kmovie "Daddy Long Legs". the story was OK but i was a bit lost at the end.. thanks to Wikipedia, i finally understand it. the story is very touching indeed. it has a big twist towards the end. he is not as i thought he is. the movie reflects that love will find it ways when two people are meant for each other... i guess being alone gives a different feelings to watch this kind of movie. i felt like it's more of a tale to me, not a real life event. keep thinking that i will never be reached by this thing called l.o.v.e.. seems like it's true so far..

human is human. everybody wants to love and be loved..

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Two Calls

I received two surprising phone call last night. One from an old friend of mine and one from my new friend.

The first friend had just returned to M'sia shore after about 4 months (I think) of sailing. He's a Marine Engineer so he claimed himself as 'orang darat' (seaman) and me as 'orang darat' (land-people). He called me occasionally when he's on his base shore (Vietnam) but everytime he called when he's back, the first thing he'd ask is, "Wei bile nak blanjer aku?" (When r u going to treat me?). LOL! This Seaman, through out his time on the sea, all his accomodation and foods are free! His salary is hardly used and yet he stil bugs me to treat him! Well, he's be back for a month or so until he'll be called on duty again. Maybe I'll meet him in KL later. We pretty met maybe once a year. haha! Sapo suro jadik orang laut? :p

The latter is much more interesting. Sorry Seaman. Muahahaha! I first 'know' him when he responded to my ad in a penpal site. Thanks to Y!, our mean of communication has been online messaging. We chat everyweek. Since he's from outside the country, it's interesting. Plus, he's older than me so it's nice to chat and see what a more so-called 'adult' is thinking. Notice the ' ', he's not adult some of the time (Sorry ha!) LOL! Anyway, we're talking about surprises before and he surely did when I received the call at 1+am this morning! There was a call earlier but I thought it's for my housemate coz the caller hanged up when I picked it. But it rang again after that. Once I heard the unfamiliar voice, I know it's him! I think it's the slang and English. hahaha my friends here would not call and speak in English. Make sense? So we talked about an hour (surprised?) and it's refreshing to listen to the accent. Reminds me of my international friends in Purdue. He said he called to listen how my voice sounds like Funny guy.. So I ended up sleeping at 2.30am for 2 days in a row now. At least I still go to work at 7.30am. =D

i loved working yesterday. tonnes of work to be done.

and i love working today as well! i did some work on my project for the review meeting. then prepared my Toastmaster speech the whole morning. later i attended the Toastmaster meeting during lunch time. it's was quite a turnout. we had 16 members attendance versus 5 compare to last meeting. by the time the meeting ended, i had only 30mins to do anything before the teambuilding meeting started. i then had my review meeting back-to-back after that. i'm finally settled down after everything. and it's 5.30 already! time to pack my bag and ciao! i like! i like!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

multiple post today..

i went back to Putrajaya last w'end. Finally meet my sis face-to-face again after 4 years.. took leave from work on Monday and bought a bus ride home at 4.30pm from Pudu. mum dropped me off at Putrajaya erl at 2pm. Since it's way to early, I went to KL Central to look for this nice RM10 shoe Bib was wearing during the Girl's Nite Out in the Street. unfortunately after walking arnd, i failed to find the shop. LOL!

3.00pm. Took LRT. I was thinking where else to go since since i have more than an hour for my ride back. aha! i made a stop at Central Market. I havent been inside the market for ages. That place has changed! It's pretty organized. So i thought, i'll find something for my pen-pals here. this is the best place to get some souvenirs. i managed to get some nice softwood bookmarks. now i'm wondering if the bookmark will pass an embassy mail check for one of my penpal..

by that time, it's already 3.45pm. pretty much satisfied, i then walked to Pudu. not really sure which way to go, so ikut signboard jek la.. there were a lot of people and vehicles. my 10 mins walk was totally un-healthy. i think i breathed in too many smoke. *mental note: better to take the train next time.

here're the interior of the quite expensive toilet. hehee 50cent per entry but it's worth it for a public toilet. nice smell and ambience.

Cat matter part 2...

now that my other sis is back home, i can be more giddy.
i can choose with whom i want to sleep with.
on which bed i want to land on.
but for now lemme just try this spot.
mmm this is nice..
10 mins later...