Tuesday, March 31, 2009


today marked the 3rd month of me knowing him.. it's a wonder how everything is fast-paced for us.. but it felt like we've known each other for ages.. so much that we've shared, yet so much more to be explored...

Monday, March 30, 2009

telur goreng dan kicap..

huhuu.. tak sangka telur goreng & kicap sgt best.. dlu kt Mesia x pandang pn..

exam.. after 3 years.

i'm depressed and unsatisfied with myself.. why the heck the one that i studied doesn't come out in the exam?? huhuu! i actually left 1 question blank coz i don't know the answer at all. guessing and getting it wrong will simple penalized, so better let it be..

well, need to let my depression subside. i need to prepare my lab and quizzes for tomorrow and wednesday.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

in the Zone, yappari!

the Mood: Studying mode
the Time: 10.35pm
where I'm at: my room
temperature: 20 degrees
what I'm wearing: track pants, bj kelawar + kain batik (sejuk sehh~)
what I'm thinking: slimming down is nice but it's digging a hole in my pocket when i need to get new clothing.. kapert!
what I'm feeling: motivated to study.. thnx to him!
what I'm wondering: has he reached his site yet? is he okay??

with that, back to studying liyana!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Downtown Sydney..

OMG! I hvn't eaten pancakes for like ages! 3 years actually ever since i came back from US.

Banana sth-sth, Macadamia Nut and Buttermilk Pancake..
Mine! Macadamia Nuts!! shessh but i can't finished it.. really filling..Central
Town Hall
Queen Victoria Building (QVB)

Darling Harbour

Coogee beach - revisited

The weather was windy and chilly.. So not many swimmers around, just surfers..

Friday, March 27, 2009


Your love is the greatest gift of all..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


There are only 2 words to describe how I felt today ==> extremely TiReD!!

But at least I didn't need to walk back home today. I took the campus shuttle , but because of that I needed to wait for 9.30pm shuttle since my class ended at 9pm. Reached home at 10 feeling exhausted (yet still hv the energy to blog.. heee). Plus, it's raining so shuttle was the best option I had, rather than waiting for the rain to clear out (* Mental note: Need to get an umbrella!!). I might not be at home yet at this hour if I do that..

Worst.. I had my laptop in my bag & the hard-cover textbook!! Arrghhh!! I wonder why I didn't realized how heavy my backpack was when I walked to school at 8.30am this morning..

hmmm can I cope if every Wednesday is like this???.......

dear.. miss u.. a lot...


This is our complete Eid family photo in 2008 after 6 years.. I left for US in 2002, shairah for Melbourne in 2004 & boy for Makassar in 2007. Then there will be no more for complete Eid for 2009 & 2010 as both me and shaira will be in Sydney during the celebration..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kolek MIA..

Memula nmpk tak Kolek ni??

Skrg nmpk x dier kt ner??
This was my view during lunch with my sis today at the lawn in front of Electrical Engineering Telco building

This was the view yesterday. Eating alone while waiting for my lecture over at Central Block Theater

That my friend, is the library

Sunday, March 22, 2009


This post is on event happened couple of weeks back..

Entry 1: Tahlil & Kenduri Doa Selamat on March 2nd, '09, Putrajaya

The crowd downstairs

Cute cupcakes.. Delicious, altho very sweet~

Tariq - sorila i tgglkn u this time. hehe xleh la nk study skali like in Purdue dulu.
Kanak2 riang (ein & erick) yg pantang dpt camera.. segala aksi ader.. Ein, xnk dtg visit akak ker?
Thanks all for coming. Sorry can't upload pics of everybody here. Didnt take a lot of pics.. Bdak2 ni yg amik smer photo using my phonecam.

Entry 2: Alison Road

My house here is a 2-floor house. Here's the spinning stairs.. Dangerous eh??

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

beaches and campus..

Coogee beach - stil haven't got the chance to swim yet. Marg said it's a bad idea to swim after 6pm.. it's sharks' feeding time.. huuu~

One day in campus.. this is what i had for lunch.. i hv no idea what's the name but it's veggie alrite (there r pumpkin, nuts & leafy thingy).
This is where i normally sit for lunches.. great place for music and people-watching :)

Faces during farewell in KLIA march 8th, '09
With bib & aya

with Ein

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

UNSW - Lower campus

View around campus at night time..
International Square, Lower Campus

I will post up daytime photo later.. still hasn't got the chance to snap them..

Monday, March 09, 2009

campus & all..

first of all.. I'm currently in Sydney and had survived my 1st day of class.

on campus - UNSW is definitely bigger than Purdue. They hv a system where all building on campus is named with their grid location exactly on the campus map. however, i hv yet to memorized it.. hehee luckily my classes are all at the approximate distance of each other (except 1 which is at the other end of the campus). will post up photos later. 1st day is not the right day to be snapping photo away..

on classes - i hv this feeling that it'll be tough here.. i would say 75% of the classes are of Asians, be it Tutorial or lecture.. i would need to give it all out to understand the topics in my Engineering Decision class. Statistics has never been my fav subject, plus it's kinda hard to understand what the professor is saying.. non-Aussie, non-American and non-british.. i wonder where he is from..

on house - it's pretty spacious for 2 of us. the location is a bit weird as this is the only house unit within this apartment area.. but hey, it's cozy..

on me being here - my 1st day was kelam-kabut.. it's a bit confusing for me on what to wear.. i wore long sleeves shirt today and i was sweating while walking to class. then it's freezing in the lecture hall. then using the shoulder bag is not a good idea if ure bringing lecture notes, notebook, drinking water and hdd to class. My shoulder is in pain. I guess it'll backpack all the way!

all in all, i now feel the friendliness like i was in US.. no more rude people, yezza!

p/s: i miss u...

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Right now I wonder how the heck I'm going to stand living with my sister for the next 2 yrs..

Get a grip girl!

at the strike of midnite, i hv 33 more hours left to be in M'sia.. time is running out so fast. when i realized, it's too late.. A fren i met earlier said i should enjoy as it's relaxing to be a student. I hv more time for myself. Not much to worry about other than studies.. Well, i hope my state of mind can adapt fast on my soon change of lifestyle.. I need to get a grip..

Friday, March 06, 2009

from Kuantan with love.. part 2

What did we do in Kuantan??
Travellers: Me, Shairah, Ezrul & Azahar.
Date: 2nd & 3rd of March, '09
Objectives: Last trip b4 Oz & ....

1st Day - reachd kuantan at 2am. Checkd in and went to Teluk Cempedak (TC) for supper. We're starving! Surprisignly i didnt know TC has 24-hrs McD and KFC. Went back to the hotel at 4am. Tdo mati..

I woke up at 9am. Papa called at 7.30am asking what're our plan for the day. I simply said i dont know, need to ask Ezrul.. So after all the hassle of waking up the guys and getting ready, we're off to Tg.Lumput for lunch. What we had?? Satar, Otak-otak and kepok lekor. Yummy! Hvnt ate satar for a long time... they're nice, but from my point of view, nothing can beat Otak-otak in Ayer Baloi, Satar in Saujana, Terengganu and kepok lekor of course in Kuala Terengganu! I was a bit sceptical that we would finish them all, but we did. hahahaa! Talk about starvation.

Next place, we went checking out Tg.Sepat since Nasri said it's quite a nice place to visit. The beach was quite further up North from Kuantan but he was right. This beach was better. Less people, and lower waves.
Tembok Masjid pn leh jd port amek gambo
Meet up with Nasri and spent some time with him.. hehee luckily his evening meeting was actually a false alarm, so he spent more time with me. I should thank his friend for faking it. LOL!
Anak-anak dugong yg syiok mandi laut. Hehee. derang majuk sbb tak dtg amek gambo derang..That night, we went for a movie, watching Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li. Then, i got to spend more time, only both of us.. Went to Cherating beach.. For some reason, I hv no memory of how the beach was. But the beach was really calm with no one else around, yet with his presence i felt secure.
2nd Day - Went to resume our trip around 1pm. Started the day with bowling (mmg xde bende lain leh lepak) and moved to East Cost Mall for lunch and more lepak-ing. Went for dinner at Tg.Lumpur for some seafood.. Went to TC (again) since Ezrul was meeting up with his fellow band students there.. Again, i got the chance to meet him, but it was a quick one. Quick, grateful yet saddening..

We finally departed from Kuantan, heading home around 2am.. it's home sweet home around 5am..