Tuesday, June 29, 2010


i dunno why some people find it hard to believe that i could drink a whole bottle of milk at any time. of coz some people can only drink flavored milk but i dont really mind. as long as milk.

i hv friends who looked at me like i'm a weirdo for gulping 1 liter of milk for bfast. here, i love Dairy Farm White Milk and Oak's Choc/Vanilla/Strawberry/Coffee Milk

i even used to drink milo with milk every morning at work and milk at home on the w'ends so it wasnt a surprised when my bone density was found to be at 3.3 (below 1 = u dont hv enough calcium & ur bone is fragile; 2 = average M'sian).

and so far, none in my family ever had broken bone in our lives even in accidents (ask my bro who has the most so far lol). what ever people said, drink ur milk at least a cup a day!!

gimme tea or milk, i'll drink milk.
gimmer coffee or milk, i'll drink milk. 
gimme tea or coffee, i'll drink tea :p

Monday, June 28, 2010

ice skating

went for ice skating at the Philip and Cook St Center in front of the Cathedral today. the last time i went for skating was 1.5 yrs ago in Sunway Pyramid (where Dear 3G me in the lift full of people lol!) with my siblings and our cousins. this time it's for Winter Festival 2010. Honestly it was a bit down when i saw how small the rink was (despite it's being said as the biggest outdoor rink in the City. i doubt there is any smwhere else here). i think the one in Lafayette IN was twice the size. So with such a small place and a big crowd, i was a bit scared nervous about banging into others.

well, got into my size 6 skate (yea, size 6??) and skate away. managed to not fall until one of my friend who was in front of me fell, and i ran into him (coz i can't stop w/o holding on to smthg). then i felt the chill coz my hands were wet. after that, i fell again on my butt and hell, it's really painful (it's like a payback for me coz saying "padan muke" to Dear when he fell last week). 

it's totally different when u fell onto the meaty-part of ur butt. at least there are 'absorption' there. here, i land with the part close to my waist so i could hardly stand up when i fell. it hurt so bad that i just wanna stay still. being in the middle of the rink which obviously disrupted the flow, 2 guys came to my side. one of then pull my right arm and the other one asked for the left. i was holding my painful butt! i dont they know that coz he grabbed my left arm. even as they brought me to the side, i couldn't straighten up my body (which also means i couldnt looked up to see their faces). hence didnt know who helped me and no chance of saying thanks coz they're gone.

i just stood still for 5 mins before continue. after 35 mins of skating, pain behind my waist and red-purplish bruised knees, i was done. and after 7 hours, i feel like an old lady coz my whole body is still aching.

i wish Dear is here to massage me..

Sunday, June 27, 2010

pink footy

i still find it weird to see footy jersey in pink.. i saw the team Penrith Panthers played in the tv on friday..apparently it's for the Women in League for Breast Cancer.. but still.... how can that rough game associated with gentle pink???


my cousin went camping for the 1st time in his life. not sure for what but it's only a 2D 1N camp in Bentong, Pahang. My aunt's status after about 12hrs he left was "really miss my baby - afiqafiqafiq" hehehe. When i asked she said "xde kawan gaduh, merajuk, teman ke tandas, dll. hehehe asyik pggl dia aje, first time dia pergi." so sweet... 

well ya.. that is afiq. he's scared of dark, scared of being alone (even to toilet or his room), like to sulk, and lazy to do his hmwk. but everybody adores him.. that's afiq for u..
MakDik, my aunt & Afiq

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cintailah aku..

Di dalam hatimu
T’lah aku temukan
Erti kebahagian

Bersama dirimu
Aku merasa bererti

Sanggupkah dirimu
Untuk bertahan
Hingga waktu tak berjalan

Walau bintangku tak terang

Cintailah aku sepenuh hati

Tetaplah disini saling memiliki

Genggamlah tanganku dan peluklah diriku
Saatku jatuh nanti menangis sepi

Cintailah aku sepenuh hati...
my Ipod is officially DEAD : (

wakk.... lame je rse x ngade-ngade, manje-manje ngan awk....

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Bila kamu di sisiku hati rasa syahdu
Satu hari tak bertemu hati rasa rindu

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


after 5 yrs.. my Ipod Mini died... isk isk :(

it suddenly died after playing 1.5 song for me this morning. it's fine yesterday..

being an iPod, i cant open the batt or anything (w/o any 'surgery') so i had to let it off on its own. later, when i tried to turn it on, only this dead iPod pic come out on the screen.. after that, everytime i tried, only this horizontal line appears and fade away.. just like that..

I'll try again tmrw..

Saturday, June 19, 2010

i hope i wont fail any class this semester....

Friday, June 18, 2010


a friend once said,
"Smile is the only curved line that can make everything straight"

what worth more is when it's urs Dear...
uddani wak....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

i've been eating instant noodle for dinner for 2 days already.. and as days get depressed, i'm losing my appetite...

today's exam was a disaster.. nothing else to say..

i just wanna broke down..

i need u...
: (

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


terimalah hakikat.. dh malas nk stat bc notes yg tebal tu.. so mari kite update blog. bebyk...

ceritera 1: perihal meja yg xpenah jd tpt study
cmne nk gune kn?
penuh ngan brg2 yg xsepatutnyer..
tpi lagipn meja ni kecik je..
so kt mane sy study??
==> atas katil hahaha

ceritera 2: kaler-kaler
arini bile buat notes tetbe dpt idea kn,
ni la masenyer nk gune kaler pensel..
so inilah hasilnye..
apebende yg warna2 tu??
BiPolar and CMOS Fabrication Process.
haaa tau ape yg sy study tu??
itu la dier VLSI - Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit.
akhirnya dpt jugak kaler2 ni erk..

Monday, June 14, 2010


Reading Studying VLSI emphasizes how horrible I am at reading..

I could only focus for 10 mins before I am bored out of my head. It surprises me that I managed to read 1.5-inch thick of RF lecture notes but proved that nothing actually stayed in my head, hence the 'reading' (or maybe coz it's more like a last minute thing esp with the exercises?!?).

Then is this VLSI which consists of 95% of processes theory and sequences, and 5% calculation. I've read the 1-1/4 inch notes so far.. and now am left with this 1/4 inch 130-pages of supplementary note..

this is never-ending.


*should i rebus my notes and hope everything will pour out during the exam?? maybe that would work...

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Surprisingly, I was able to doze off before midnite yesterday and woke up at 5.30am (after snoozing and few alarms). Well.. dont really need the alarm since I was really worried about the exam itself, I cant sleep that well.

By the time it's done, the first thing I did when I get back was to eat. Starvation seems to exist after ure done with stress (of the exam), always. A box of milk was not sufficient for b'fast. Since I was planning to take a break fm study for a short while, I started cleaning the room and vacuumed the house after that. By 3pm, I was done.. What else to do? Laundry.. then another surprise, I was sleepy by 4.30pm. So here came my unusual day nap. Not really a nap coz I slept for 5 hours!! ditto!

The thing is, after now being awake for 3 hours, I'm yawning.. but with a slight headache as well..

* Mental note: do not sleep at daytime again.

It's almost 1am, dunno when I could really sleep. I need kisses from Dear a dose of Naruto before sleeping..

Friday, June 11, 2010

Simbiosis - Ella

Pagi yang indah ini (x indah pn if pepg kne g uni..)
Tersenyum sendiri (tringt ki iko)
Ciap miap burung di luar jendela
Seakan memanggil namamu

Jika ku punya mata
Nun di atas angkasa
Kan ku tengok dikau
Setiap ketika
Dimana saja kau berada

Walau dimana pun dikau berada
Berjalan atas bumi yang tua (i wish we're on the same land)
Akan ku turut serta bagaikan udara
Simbiosis diantara kita

AKu tak pandai mengarang puisi (awk pndai gak ke?)
Tidak ku pandai memadah berseni (awk b'seni..)
Satu kalimah yang ku seikhlas tahu
Hanyalah ku cinta padamu (of coz iko..)

*Although u r far.. I wish I'm by ur side..
I wish u wish of me..
At these time.. How I wish..
U r here..

Monday, June 07, 2010

Cinta Yang Sempurna – 6ixth Sense feat. Noe (Letto)

Terbawa aku dalam rasa
Yang selama ini terlupa
Ooohhh Ooooh
Mungkinkah ini cinta…

Hatiku cuba
Tuk mencari
Kemana aku telah pergi
Ooohh Oooh
Mungkin ini semua mimpi

Hanya ilusi
Cinta yang menipu
Keindahan yang semu
Semua hanya palsu
Keindahan semu
Semua hanya palsu

Bawa aku…
Kepada MU
Keindahan yang tak semu
Peluk aku
Jangan pernah
Kau biarkan
Ku terlupa pada Mu

Kasih tempat mengadu
Takkan ada cinta yang bisa sempurna
Selain kepadaMu


Dear... thanks for that lecture, and the encouragement.. altho it's painful, but i guess i need that..
well.. another 4.5 days before my 1st final paper.. having short-term focus disorder.. read read read for 30 mins.. then i cant read anymore.. take a 20 min break... then read summore.. when i look, i'm stil at the 1st lecture notes.. stil have another 11 to go.. within 2.5 days (4.5 days - eat sleep walk) == M.A.T.I....

As another blogger post:-
i need to focus.. help me focus.

*side note: i'm surprised that she went to that extend to make me miserable..

Sunday, June 06, 2010

i thought u know how it feel when others called u that.. but i cant believe it, when ure the one saying that to others now...

nape semua org pn nk sakit kn ati aku....

Saturday, June 05, 2010

let me be

satu-satu bende dtg...

serabut.. tension..
rse mcm nk......

wak.. kalo sy buat bnde yg sy tulis tu bley ke....?...


i realized i forgot didnt say anything about the upcoming final exam (i wish final exam will forgot herself lol).. 7 days to be exact...

here's mine:-
June 12th (Sat) - Radio-Freq Integrated Circuit
June 16th (Wed) - VLSI
June 26th 21st (Mon) - Project Management

smer org heppiii and wish me the best!!!

dear said i'm stressing out....
mmg la! sape x stress kalo 70-80% of the grade tu kt final exam je??
korg stress kn? kn?


i am in my 4x4m room..
wearing long sleeves shirt AND a fleece sweater..
plus socks..
AND a heater blowing a foot away from me..

yet. i am shivering...
how come???

Thursday, June 03, 2010

this is for..

this is for my Dear Nasri...
awk suke kn? kn? kn?
hehehehe :p
iko.... mo...

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


dr last week nk pegi cucuk duit utk bayo sewa... tpi dh seminggu dh..

x cucuk2 lg...

bile laa nk rajin erk?

: (

just a quick update. my life is chaos now..

finished the PM stuff on Sunday and submitted VLSI assignment on Monday.. that is after a full string of bad luck (Will tell that later).. feel like today is still the continuation of that.. i still hv another assgmt due.. supposed to be today but the prof has extended it to thursday.. so i WILL, repeat I WILL finish it tomorrow... i better be.. i'm almost drowning in frustration..

now i hate Cadence.