Thursday, November 20, 2014

2014 MAKNA Founder's Night Run

Race Information
Date: 1st November 2014 (Saturday)
Venue: Putrajaya Watersports Complex
Organiser: MAKNA (Majlis Kanser Nasional)

Not much of an expectation. Why? Coz it's only 5km and I had other things to worry more at that moment (== my Kinabalu trip about a week after the run). Being only 5km, there was no timing required for this category. My brother registered for the 10km easy run.

The starting and ending point were pretty new for me as I only know that runs in Putrajaya usually started in front of the PoJ (Palace of Justice). I had my trust to my brother, the rider as he said he already surveyed the place few days before.

We reached there at 7.45pm, just in time for some warm up before my brother's 10km 8.20pm flag off. My flag off was at 8.40pm. There were a lot of booths around the area (i.e food, cancer clinic, Brooks etc) which were set up for the daytime and the night run event itself.

The starting line we a bit of a walk towards the end of the booths. Not that i mind as it also serve as a sort of warm up before the actual run. It wasn't a big crowd but i could see waves of pink everywhere! hehehe

From my perspective, everything was OK since this is a charity run. But there are few hiccups that can be improved next year; the PA system setup and the distance marker.

Honestly, the distance from the runners meeting point to the release point was really far. What made it worst is that the PA system was only at the release point. i still saw a lot of 10km runners (based on their bib colors) just talking and waiting behind the gate when their category has been released long time ago. The person in charge there (2person) just use their voices calling out runner and they just stand at the gate in front of the meeting point. I dont see any effort walking around the crowd.

Any way, the 5km event was run in sequence. Starting with the Cancer Survivors and school kids. Then the FancyFool group (riding bicycles, with wheelchairs, dressing up etc) and finally the runners. 

Nothing much to complain on the run itself. The group was well spread, no congestion. Just lack of distance marker. I could only see 1 marker marking 2km. So i roughly use the water station as my marker. The route was scenic (as i never run for fun in putrajaya) and the finishing line is different than of 15km and 10km.

Medal was given at the finishing line, and then straight to the goody bag collection. NOTHING IN BETWEEN. Then, I walked to the finishing line for the 10-km runners for my brother (same location at the finishing line). I was quite surprise that between the finishing line and the goody bag collection this time, there were plenty of stuff (read = FOOD & DRINKS). How can it be so contradicting for the 5km runners?

There were MILO, 100PLUS and Nestle Fitness cereal gv aways. By the time we reach the goodybag counter, we're pretty much full hahahaha. The 10/15km runners had extra a box of cereal in their bag, as well as a pack of extra food. Well, the box of cereal that my brother had was already spoilt. At home, I could see that there is a small hole near the bottom of the box. rezeki semut la tu..

All in all, it's 10km next time!

  • A lot of things to look around prior to the run. There was a carnival going on but by 8.30pm pretty much almost all closed.
  • Snacks and drink provided post-run
  • U still get a medal regardless of your finishing time and it's pretty.
  • PA system was not sufficient enough at the meeting/release point.
  • NO DISTANCE MARKER. i used the water station to roughly estimate where i am.