Saturday, July 05, 2014

YEHA Guesthouse (Terminal Branch), Jeju City, South Korea

Date of Stay: 25th-26th February, 2014.

My cousin and I stayed at this hostel during our trip to South Korea (SoKor) last February. 

Being that it was an estimated-high-expense-trip after searching on the Net, I realized the highest amount that we would be spending was on our Acco. Since both of us prefer staying in a private room WITH ensuite bathroom, we had to find the best place within our budget. After few trip together, we KNOW that we usually leave our stuff around the room during our trip so sharing a dorm with strangers was out of the story. Plus it'd be easier to take showers and perform prayers in our own room.

YEHA Guesthouse comes with a high rate review for thousands. I have friends that had stayed here before. The main reason for me to choose this hostel was for its location. It's only a 5mins walk from the main bus terminal.

Booking was made at YEHA guesthouse website. Of course, there are options for private room or dorm type. We opt for the Twin Room (2 single bed with ensuite bathroom). Do note that there are 2 BRANCHES of the guesthouse in Jeju City. Another one is at the Jeju City Hall. This is the Terminal branch.

The room costed KRW60,000 per night. Upon booking, a KRW10,000 deposit is required which I paid using my debitCard. U can use any Visa/Mastercard for the transaction (and that means international card as well). The balance was to be paid during check-in. 

We checked in around 4pm and the staff showed us around. We dropped our bag and had our meal first before going out. 

  • Kitchen (with utensils for MUSLIM)
  • Computers (with internet)
  • Fridge (free flow of rice, kimchi and radish)
  • Washing machine (free detergent)
  • Very friendly staffs

  • Wifi in the room 
  • Acond and heated floor
  • TV, hairdryer
  • Ensuite bathroom: hot shower, shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste
  • NO TOWEL provided

  • Again, bring a towel.
  • Bring your own extension cord. They usually provide 1 international adapter so it's really useful to have your own country extension. We all know how gadget dependent people are nowadays.
  • Hostel is located next to the mainroad and only 5mins walk to the bus station.
Hostel Info:
Address: 561-17, Samdo 1-dong, Jeju-si.
How to get there: Take the number 100 bus at gate no.2 of the 1st floor, Jeju airport and get off at Hankook hospital (next to Jeju bus terminal). Take the alley just next to "Kumho Pharmacy " near by the bus stop, "Hankook Hospital". Walk one block and turn right. You'll see it on your right. Just look for the hostel signage.

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