Saturday, May 14, 2016

Travelog Australia 2015: Ayer Rocks and the Outback Pioneer Lodge, NT

Date: June 30th, 2015

We reached Ayer Rock in the broad daylight, the 1st one during this trip so far. We had leisure time checking in and cooking for our iftar in the common kitchen.

The journey took us about 5hrs including a pit stop at a Camel Farm. We didnt really do anything there other then taking photos. We're able to come up close to Road Train here. I've seen a lot of these along Stuart Hway and they mostly carries livestocks, cows to be specific. They're a very long train - make sense that it's a train since it's actually a combination of a 3 contenna size coaches.

Anyway, we checked in to the Outback Pioneer Lodge dorm. If i'm not mistaken, there're 40 of us in a room but it was spacious and segmentized into 4-in a cube. However, there're only ur bed, a place to hang few stuff and a night light. That's it. U have to just put ur bags anywhere conveniently. I've read that this acco is one of the most expensive acco in Australia.

The whole resort at Uluru is huge and quite nice but because you pretty much have to stay there, they charge ridiculously high. I could see Uluru from the viewing point behind the resort. Very close yet far. 

After walking around, we started to prepare for iftar. The kitchen was spacious. There were 4sets of 4-stoves so there're plenty of space for everybody to share. 
We cooked there but end up eating in the van instead hahaha. They're not enough seating area...

We settled down early that day...

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